Footsutra – the Kamasutra of Foot Fetishism


Originally created in 2005 and kept secret until now, the Footsutra is the Kamasutra of foot fetishism. Much like how the Kamasutra shows sex positions, the Footsutra shows sex and foreplay positions that apply to a foot fetish. Individuals and couples learn these positions and the methods for getting into and executing the positions.

Fetishes are extremely powerful. And foot fetishes are the most common fetish worldwide. The sex positions in the Footsutra have been studied for over a decade and fine-tuned to provide the best guidance and pleasure possible.

The Footsutra Founders

Footsutra Creator Vanesa “Assenav” Perez

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
Nessy, a Footsutra creator and site Admin, showing her feet, soles, and toes in the pose with a smirk.

Nessy helped create the Footsutra many years ago. She was dominant and strong for her age (see the Fuckboy Ascension position). Experimentation and random sex play and wrestling helped create the many foot fetish positions you see in our Footsutra.

Nessy’s feet were long in length and shorter in width compared to the average girl foot at the time. She forced foot positions and used the element of surprise to her advantage when engaging in sex play.

Footsutra Creator Rhea Hayworth

An image of the admin and founder of the Footsutra
An image of one of the Footsutra creators.

I was the one with the foot fetish whose face Nessy slammed her feet into. The Guillotine was the first position recorded in the Footsutra. I was crawling on the floor and Nessy hopped on the wrong way and her feet were in my face. An accident. But it turned into something more. I sketched and wrote the Footsutra into five journals that still exist today.

All-in-all, the Footsutra was created through experimentation. Experimenting with your partner is everything. Without this, relationships fail. Understand each other.

What are Foot Fetish Setup Techniques?

Setup Techniques logo image
Setup Techniques Logo

The setup techniques are specific movements that may be forced (such as kicking a boy to make him bend over), tricks and deception (such as games that put a boy into position unknowingly), taunts and commands, maneuvers, and preparations that force or heavily suggest entrance into a Footsutra position. Also, setup techniques are unique to each position in the Footsutra.

What are Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques?

Erotic techniques logo
Erotic Techniques Logo

The erotic techniques are specific actions (such as stroking, oral sex, penetration), taunts or commands (such as dirty talk, humiliating statements), BDSM (such as binds, handcuffs, or rope), maneuvers, and other potential methods that force orgasm in any Footsutra position. Erotic techniques are unique to each position in the Footsutra.

Benefits of the Footsutra

Let’s face it, everyone watches porn. But did you know that porn ruins, disrupts, and decreases sex drives for couples? Rather than watching porn, enhance your sex drive with experience, learning, and exploration. Do not ruin sex and fetish drive with porn. Enhance it with the Footsutra! Here are just a few of the benefits of using foot fetish positions and techniques with your partner:

  • Last longer and increase time spent in the bedroom.
  • Learn the best positions and techniques for foot play.
  • Learn how to be dominant, or learn to be more submissive to increase pleasure.
  • Enhance your relationship through learning and experience.
  • And much more!

Why should you listen to us?

Your time is valuable and we understand that. We have 15 years of experience in the art of feet, studying sex, and learning the art of pleasure in foot fetishism. Over the years, these positions and techniques underwent fine-tuned like a well-oiled foot. We know there are many guides out there on feet and fetishes, but they lack the experience. They are simply people writing an article for a magazine or blog and then move on. It helps if you put that trust in us, rather than reading those silly articles you see on the web.

All images and content with the Footsutra have copyright and DMCA protection. Please contact me should you find any of our content and images on the web without our written permission.