The Footsutra: Foot Fetish Positions, Techniques, and Articles

Welcome to the Home of Foot Fetish Positions

The Footsutra is a text on foot fetish positions, foot fetish techniques, and foot fetish articles. Think of the Footsutra as the Kamasutra for foot fetishism. Explore, view, and read foot fetish positions, techniques, and articles. While many different fetishes exist, a foot fetish is the most common fetish worldwide.

The Footsutra discusses and shows positions that increase the pleasure received from foot fetishism. However, the Footsutra is not just for those with a foot fetish, but perhaps for those who have a partner with a foot fetish. For example, if you have a partner, husband, wife, etc., who has a foot fetish, the Footsutra will help enhance your sex life as evidenced by new positions and techniques to use against him/her.

History of the Footsutra Foot Fetish Positions

I have studied fetishes for a long time ever since I realized I had one. When I was in third grade, I remember staring at my friend Allison’s feet. I got distracted by her feet that my teacher had to clap her hands a few times to get my attention. I was almost late turning in an assignment. We also had to recite a poem from memory in front of the class. I got a poor grade because Allison was kicking her feet around with her sandals off. Too distracted to get an “A” I guess.

Once puberty hit, I knew the fetish I had: a foot fetish. My fetish has fascinated me. Opened doors. New experiences. A new sex life. I learned that fetishes evolve. We CAN learn to control them and take our pleasure to exponential levels. Enter the Footsutra.

The Sole Buster Position, ©THE FOOTSUTRA, All Rights Reserved
The Sole Buster ©2019-2021 THE FOOTSUTRA
The Guillotine Foot Fetish Position, ©THE FOOTSUTRA, All Rights Reserved
The Guillotine ©2019-2021 THE FOOTSUTRA
The Hydra Position, ©THE FOOTSUTRA, All Rights Reserved
The Hydra ©2019-2021 THE FOOTSUTRA

I first started the Footsutra during high school with a girl named Nessy. The Footsutra started out as a game and a joke but turned into countless hand-written journals of foot fetish positions, techniques, guides, and lifestyles. However, being in handwritten journals sitting in my closet does not help the world. Therefore, I created this website. There are still over 100 positions and techniques to post.

Society’s view on foot fetishes and foot fetish positions

Foot fetishes get a bad rep. Called gross, disgusting, and worse; sometimes called derogatory and disgusting names. When someone gets upset about a fetish, I honestly laugh these days.

A common example is a celebrity getting upset that her feet are posted on a fetish website. Or something similar. I roll my eyes.

Your feet are in the picture? Yeah, that’s probably on a foot fetish website. Your biceps and muscles in the picture? Probably on a muscle fetish website. Lifting and carrying someone? Probably on a lift and carry fetish website. Blowing up a balloon? Probably on a balloon fetish website. Seeing how long you can hold your breath in a video? Probably on a breathplay website. Clearly, every action, body part, or movement can be fetishized. I can go on and on. My point is this: getting upset about a fetish these days is completely insane and makes you look like a fucking moron.

The common response I hear is, what am I suppose to do? Blur my feet out? Crop my feet out so they do not get posted? No, idiots. Using logic like that would mean you would have to blur out entire photos and actions. You are supposed to accept the fact that fetishes are here to stay. Fetishes cannot be stopped. If someone wants to waste time blurring all of their feet out of their pics, go for it. It changes nothing.

What is a fetish anyway? What is a foot fetish?

A fetish is defined as receiving sexual excitation, arousal, and release from objects or parts of the body that are not meant to initiate a sexual response. A fetish also results from a specific action performed that does not involve sex. For example, an attraction or likeness to feet is considered a fetish since feet are not normally supposed to arouse someone sexually. Alternatively, breasts do not represent a fetish since they initiate a sexual response in an individual.

How foot fetish positions are structured

The Footsutra also discusses foot fetish setup techniques and foot fetish erotic techniques. Each position’s techniques are unique.

Each position located on the top menu discusses the position description, setup, and erotic techniques, traits, the virtues of foot fetishism, humiliation, dominance, best sexual practices, settings, guidelines, and transitions.

The positions contain very detailed information.

Footsutra’s Vision

My vision is to help those with a foot fetish increase their quality of life and increase the power of their orgasms, fantasies, and actual sexual play (e.g., couples). The Footsutra helps individuals who may have a partner with a foot fetish, in addition to helping the individual with a foot fetish himself/herself.

Why should you listen to me?

Your time is valuable, and I understand that. I have over 21 years of experience in the art of feet, studying feet, and learning the art of pleasure in foot fetishism. Over the years, imagination, experience, sexual play, partners (including my current partner), and more helped me take my sexual and foot-play to new heights. I know there are many guides out there on feet and fetishes, but they lack the experience. They are simply people writing an article for a magazine or blog and then move on. It will help if you put that trust in me, rather than reading those silly articles you see on the web.

All images and content with the Footsutra are copyrighted. Please contact me should you find any of my content and images being used without my written permission.