Welcome to the Footsutra…

We provide the best sex education for foot fetishists and non-foot fetishists to increase confidence, pleasure, and understanding of how foot fetishes work and operate in a sexual setting. Here you will learn foot fetish positions, techniques, and more to help increase your sexual experience.

The Eclipse foot fetish sex position with the girl on her back and her legs all the way up to allow her feet in the boy's face during penetration and intercourse
The Eclipse foot fetish position.
An aerial view of the Kingdom's Arch foot fetish position with the girl arched over the boy who lies on his back and one of her soles on his chest and her other on his face.
The Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position.
A front view of the Mechanism erotic technique found in the Huntress Trap position where the girl brings the boy's legs up and hooks them under her arms to completely pin him.
The “Mechanism” erotic technique in the Huntress Trap foot fetish position.
An aerial view of the Sand Trap foot fetish position with the girl planting her soles in the boy's face and ready to stroke and tease him with her mouth
The Sand Trap foot fetish position.
The Footsutra Logo
Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra

The Footsutra

Pictured here: Nessy, a co-founder of the Footsutra. The Footsutra was founded by the Admin and Nessy.

The Footsutra is the all-in-one guide to foot fetishism. Just like the Kamasutra, we feel the world needs to see these positions.

Created in 2006 during our high school years, the Footsutra is only now being shared with the world.

A co-founder of the foot fetish position guide, the Footsutra
Co-founder of the Footsutra.

The Footsutra was originally handwritten and sketched into five leather-bound journals that still exist today. They are filled with sketched notes, text, and drawings of the most secretive foot fetish practices, positions, and techniques.

Positions were entered into the Footsutra if they fulfilled any of the following:

  • Nessy’s feet in the Admin’s face or mouth
  • Nessy’s feet around the Admin’s penis
  • Special circumstances

Upon discovery, we carefully studied each position. As we did, we discovered techniques for achieving powerful orgasms and getting into each position successfully. These were named erotic techniques and setup techniques, respectfully.

What are setup techniques and erotic techniques?

Erotic techniques

The erotic techniques are specific actions (such as stroking, oral sex, penetration), taunts or commands (such as dirty talk, humiliating statements), BDSM (such as binds, handcuffs, or rope), maneuvers, and other potential methods that force orgasm in any Footsutra position. Erotic techniques are unique to each position in the Footsutra.

Setup techniques

The setup techniques are specific movements that may be forced (such as kicking a boy to make him bend over), tricks and deception (such as games that put a boy into position unknowingly), taunts and commands, maneuvers, and preparations that force or heavily suggest entrance into a Footsutra position. Setup techniques are unique to each position in the Footsutra.


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Eve shows off her upper body with bare breasts while staring into the camera ready to play
Eve shows off her physique and is ready for Footsutra.

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Eve, the sex doll, sits in a chair cross-legged while barefoot and staring into the camera
Eve takes off her shades to size you up while you stare at her sexy feet.

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Find your own setup and erotic techniques!

Eve on her knees in panties and a bra while staring into the camera with her feet showing behind her
Eve kneels ready to perform a Footsutra position.

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A picture of Eve the sex doll's foot.
These feet are ready to play in each Footsutra position.

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How many positions are in the Footsutra?

Across all five leather-bound journals, there are over 100 different positions ranging from teasing, foreplay, and actual penetration and intercourse. There are only 19 posted currently on the website.

Benefits of the Footsutra

Let’s face it, everyone watches porn. But did you know that porn ruins, disrupts, and decreases sex drives for couples? Rather than watching porn, enhance your sex drive with experience, learning, and exploration. Do not ruin sex and fetish drive with porn. Enhance it with the Footsutra! Here are just a few of the benefits of using foot fetish positions and techniques with your partner:

  • Last longer and increase time spent in the bedroom.
  • Learn the best positions and techniques for foot play.
  • Learn how to be dominant, or learn to be more submissive to increase pleasure.
  • Enhance your relationship through learning and experience.
  • And much more!

Why should you listen to us?

Your time is valuable and we understand that. We have 15 years of experience in the art of feet, studying sex, and learning the art of pleasure in foot fetishism. Over the years, these positions and techniques were fine-tuned like a well-oiled foot. We know there are many guides out there on feet and fetishes, but they lack the experience. They are simply people writing an article for a magazine or blog and then move on. It helps if you put that trust in us, rather than reading those silly articles you see on the web.

All images and content with the Footsutra are copyrighted and under DMCA protection. Please contact me should you find any of my content and images being used without my written permission.

Rhea Hayworth (15)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.