Rhea Hayworth’s Footsutra

The Footsutra is a text on foot fetishes, eroticism, and sexual fulfillment. Explore, view, and read foot fetish positions, techniques, and origins. Fetishes are extremely powerful. With the right playbook, you can take your pleasure to the next level. This is that playbook.

Originally, the Footsutra started as a project between boy and girl but developed into exploration and experimentation of foot fetish methods, positions, and styles. In essence, the Footsutra examines never-before-seen positions, submissions, skills, and designs used across 21 years of study about how girls best utilize their feet in sexual encounters, especially if the boy presents with a foot fetish. Furthermore, the Footsutra discusses positions catering to foreplay and intercourse with a current position list of 14, with over 20 techniques. Also, more positions and techniques are scheduled for release.

The Footsutra’s Vision

Our vision is to help those with a foot fetish increase their quality of life and increase the power of their orgasms, fantasies, and actual sexual play (e.g., couples).

Why should you listen to me?

Your time is valuable, and I understand that. I have over 21 years of experience in the art of feet, studying feet, and learning the art of pleasure in foot fetishism. Over the years, imagination, experience, sexual play, partners (including my current partner), and more helped me take my sexual and foot-play to new heights. I know there are many guides out there on feet and fetishes, but they lack the experience. They are simply people writing an article for a magazine or blog and then move on. I have studied feet, fetishes, best sexual practices, and more for over 21 years. It will help if you put that trust in me, rather than reading those silly articles you see on the web.

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