Eden Position

Eden Position

First move in the Guillotine Arc

To get into the Eden position, start in the position above. This position is also known as the Guillotine. More information and in-depth analysis and techniques for the Guillotine can be found in the Positions section.

Illustrations #2 and #3
Another front view of the Guillotine position, with the boy on his hands and knees, and the girl on top of him with her feet in his face.
Front view of the Guillotine start position in the Guillotine Arc setup technique.
A side view of the Guillotine position, where the boy is down on his hands and knees and the girl rides him backwards to plant her feet into his face.
A side view of the Guillotine start position to enter the Eden position.

Second move in the Guillotine Arc

The boy then rises up onto his knees. Use the images below for guidance on the second position. Remember, get into the position above first, and then get into the 2nd part below. This is also known as the Praying Mantis position. This can also be found in the Positions section.

However, during the Guillotine transition to the Praying Mantis, alternative transitions may occur that still result in the Eden finale. For example, if the boy struggles or resists, perhaps the boy needs to be worn down to execute the Guillotine Arc.

Illustrations #4 and #5

Third move in the Guillotine Arc

From step two, now the boy starts to get onto his feet. The best practice is for the boy to remain hunched over. Standing too quickly causes the position to fail.

In this third position, the girl may begin erotic techniques by grabbing the boy’s penis, or teasing and pleasing him in other methods.

Illustrations #6 and #7

Final move in the Guillotine Arc

Once the Eden position completes, erotic techniques may begin. Erotic techniques are discussed in the next section. Some girls may choose to start erotic techniques in the step above. The final step is to enter Eden.

More on that is described in some of the other positions (see Sand Trap and/or Execution Sentence). The Guillotine Arc helps a couple get into the Eden position, as this position alone is difficult to start in the cold. While hard, it is certainly not impossible. As previously stated, Eden is in a high-risk, high-reward position.

Illustrations #8 and #9

Setup Technique #2: Arcadia

This specific setup technique attempts to eliminate the transitions (Guillotine to Praying Mantis to Eden) and directly go straight into the Eden position. The Arcadia setup technique for the Eden position attempts to enter the position without transition. This is achieved through Arcadia. For Arcadia, the girl uses a similar strategy seen in the Execution Sentence position, where the girl forces the boy to bend over but still stand (like the boy bent down to pick up something dropped).

Likewise, the girl can use this strategy, in that she “dropped” something and asks the boy to pick it up in contrast to the girl’s act inflicting injury through a kick or punch to the boy’s guy or chest that forces him to hunch over or bend over, in either pain or discomfort. In turn, regardless of the method used to have the boy bend over, this gives the girl access to the setup technique and a potential gateway into Eden.

Setup Technique #3: Heaven’s Arc

The Heaven’s Arc setup technique is performed through maledom and the boy taking control. For any maledom technique, please ensure that the boy has the strength necessary to perform the technique without injury. See the Terms & Conditions for more information.

For this setup technique, the boy stands in front of the girl, facing one another. Next, the boy forces the girl’s legs apart and the boy bends all the way down and goes through them. This places the girl on his back, like a horse, but riding in the opposite direction. Finally, the boy stands more erect and hooks his arms around the back of her legs (either on her thighs or creases of her knees). When he stands, her body arcs forward like she is falling, and her feet arch up and into the boy’s face.

Setup Technique #4: Launchpad

The Launchpad maledom setup technique has the boy force the Eden position on the girl.

In this setup technique, the boy walks forward and grabs the girl, throwing her over his shoulder (like a sack of potatoes). The boy slaps her butt and teases her. If the girl still wears socks and/or shoes, the boy takes them off while she is fling over his shoulder.

With the girl perched over his shoulder, He grabs the leg closest to him and moves her leg over his head. Next, he bends down a bit and drops her downward so that she mounts his back in reverse. He swings her legs underneath his arms and slams her feet into his face.

Erotic Technique #1: Wanderer

The Wanderer is a femdom erotic technique in the Eden position. The Wanderer technique is a way for the girl to drive the direction, speed, walking, running, and overall control of her Eden boy. In essence, the girl instructs the boy what to do next and how to act. Pending flexibility and control, the girl can move her feet, which may signal a direction.

There is no legend or guide as to what each movement means in Eden. The girl determines what action means. However, for each action or movement the girl makes, the boy should answer with an action on his own determined by the girl. A smack with the foot on the right side of his face -> boy turns right.

In other words, a girl from one relationship, and a girl from a completely different relationship may have different directions for their boy to follow. If one girl smacks her foot on the right side of the boy’s face, this could mean turn right. However, in another relationship, a girl smacks her foot on the right side of his face means stay still.

Erotic Technique #2: Booster Pack

The Booster Pack erotic technique is where the boy strokes himself to orgasm while the girl is locked into the Eden position. Her feet continuously slam and slap onto his face. The boy worships them, licking and sucking and smelling all portions of her feet that he can. All the while, stroking himself. Furthermore, he may also walk, jump and move around to enhance the power of the position and the release of his orgasm into the space in front of him.

Humiliation and Dominance Factors

Both humiliation and dominance play vital roles in the Eden foot fetish position. Learning how to dominate when hanging upside on a boy may be challenging.


An image of five stars in a row with all five stars highlighted, indicating five out of five stars

Humiliation Level:

The highest humiliation level associated with Eden occurs for a few reasons. First, once achieved, this position requires the Guillotine Arc (for example, Nessy’s Guillotine, into Praying Mantis, and finally into Eden). The more transitions that present, the higher the humiliation level. An increased number of transitions means the girl gains more control.

In other words, if the girl successfully transitions from one Guillotine to another, she elicits more control. This control is due, in part, to her feet. The boy wants her feet and desires them beyond comprehension. A great way to show that control is to make it clear that the girl is in charge. Rather, her feet are in charge.

The more her feet sit in his face, the more her soles cover his face and connect with his face, the more times she slaps or makes demands, the more humiliation that presents.

In this standing version of the Guillotine, the girl will begin issues commands, such as walk this way, run that way, go up the stairs, and issue such orders from foot slaps. For example, a foot slap on the right side of the face means turns right.

Furthermore, the main objective remains to use the boy’s cock like a cannon, continuously stroking while he obeys your commands and obeys your feet until orgasm.


An image of five stars in a row with all five stars highlighted, indicating five out of five stars

Dominance Level:

The more transitions needed to achieve the Eden elicits more control, and as a result, shows more dominance over the boy. The more transitions, the more humiliated he becomes, and the more dominant the girl becomes. As humiliation and dominant factors rise, so do the boy’s pleasure and erection. It is possible for the boy to orgasm in any Guillotine position or variant due to stroking his penis in any position.

Foot Fetish Traits

Three important traits exist across all the Footsutra positions: strength, confidence, and trust.


Strength plays a vital role in Eden, if not more than any other position in Project Footsutra. If the boy is unable to support the girl, this position is not possible. If the boy second-guesses himself or is unsure if he can support her weight, this position should NOT be attempted.

Risk of danger exists with this position if the boy collapses or if the girl drops due to the lack of strength in the boy. In essence, we highly recommend that both the Fuckboy Ascension and Princess Ascension be completed, including squats and walking around with one another in each position, before this position taking place.


Honestly, all three virtues play vital roles in this position. For confidence, this applies to both the boy and the girl. The boy must have confidence in his ability to hold the girl in the position.

In contrast, the girl must hold confidence that she will maintain the position when the boy stands. The Guillotine Arc helps prepare both the boy and girl for this position. The Guillotine Arc is the process of using previous Footsutra positions to transition into more difficult Footsutra positions.

For example, the best practice to get into this position starts with the Guillotine. Next, the Guillotine transitions into the Praying Mantis, and then finally from the Praying Mantis into Eden. Thus, the Guillotine Arc consists of three positions with two transitions.

Furthermore, the Guillotine Arc provides a way for the boy and girl to test the three virtues, including confidence. As the Guillotine Arc is practiced, repeated, and mastered, the confidence level rises significantly in both the boy and the girl. Lastly, it may be beneficial not to hold the Eden position for very long, especially when the Eden position is achieved for the first time.


The Trust virtue is of the utmost importance in Eden. If the girl does not trust the boy enough to attempt a position like this, then clearly, this will impact pleasure and go against the code of the Footsutra.

If a girl, or perhaps a boy, shows fear, and this fear controls him or her to the point that the position is not attempted, trust has not been established between the boy and girl. Above all else, this is a Trust position and is not recommended to attempt with a one-night-stand or someone of similar status that you do not know very well.

Eden Additional Principles

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable experiences in this position is if both the boy and girl are naked. The girl can then wrap her arms around his waist and control his penis. She can squeeze his penis, rub it, stroke it, and play with his testicles, all while controlling his actions and movements with her feet.

Best Practices

Personally, ejaculating in this position is pretty fun because the girl treats the penis like a cannon, shooting cum as he walks around. There is much potential in this potential from when the boy becomes aroused, gets erect, and then ejaculates. Eden’s ejaculatory period, or that time seconds before cumming where the most pleasure is felt, is a euphoric sensation.

Another fun ability with this position is having the girl control her boy’s actions using her feet. For example, a smack on the face with one foot can indicate the boy to turn left, while a slap on the face with the other foot would make him turn left.

Furthermore, pressing one or both feet onto his face can mean a walk or run. Telling him to take a deep breath can mean stop moving, and stand still while inhaling her scent. Moving her feet away from the man’s face could mean that the boy did not follow instructions and will be punished by not getting what he desires most, feet.

Another feature of this position, in my opinion, is the ability to perform daily tasks, such as chores, cooking, etc., while being in this position. The boy can still walk around and perform various chores, all while having the girl’s feet covering his face, making him smell and inhale the scent of them deeply, or licking, sucking, and/or kissing them. This is one of the more playful variants of the Guillotine due to this ability.

Settings and Locations

There is no set restriction for this position. The setting can be described as everywhere or all of the above. In other words, due to the ease of movement (walking, running, etc.) that can be performed in this position, Eden can occur in any setting across any location.

For example, Eden can be utilized in the bedroom, living room, stairs, kitchen, basement, patio, outside, public, and more. There is no limit to settings in this position that cannot achieve. Furthermore, with this position, the settings change constantly due to walking from one end of the room into another.

Further Guidance

Safety is one of the main guidelines in Eden. It is vitally important that the boy be able to support her weight; otherwise, disaster occurs. The Praying Mantis may be the only achievable position for a couple, depending on various limitations mentioned earlier in the article. However, the boy can still move while on his knees, turn in various directions, or remain stationary. Please be sure that the boy can support the weight and his partner in this standing position.

Transitions into other Footsutra positions

Transitions represent some of the most important practice in the Footsutra. The ability to transition from one position into another flawlessly greatly increases dominance and pleasure. Furthermore, transitions help a girl further enhance and increase her dominance; while at the same time increasing the humiliation of the boy. Using swift and successful transitions into and out of other positions makes a boy feel controlled and dominated. Below are some methods to transition into other foot fetish positions.

Eden position into Sand Trap position

Many different transitions are possible in Eden. The Eden makes it easy to transition into the Sand Trap. For example, in Eden, the boy can climb onto the bed, a couch, or another surface with easy transitions into the other Guillotine variants. Furthermore, the boy can climb onto the bed and transition straight back into Nessy’s Guillotine position, where it all started.

Eden position into Praying Mantis position

The Praying Mantis position usually represents the transition method into the Eden position. However, the reverse works as well. The boy lowers himself back down onto his knees which then begins the Praying Mantis again. This transition depends on the boy, unless the girl punches/hits him in the back of his knees. That makes him buckle.

If the boy needs rest, the Praying Mantis can be used as such before raising back up onto his knees to resume Eden.

Eden position into Sole Buster position

Believe it or not, the Eden also transitions well into the Sole Buster position. If the girl possesses enough strength, she executes one of the setup technique in the Sole Buster, called the Foot Driver. Executing a setup technique from another Footsutra is literally the definition of mastery of the Footsutra.

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