Huntress Trap Position

Huntress Trap Position

Settings and Locations

Since this position can be performed with clothes on, the settings are potentially limitless. For example, Total Shroud can be utilized in parks and/or other public places. Sometimes, the best pleasure is utilized from the humiliation of others, or the boy feeling the humiliation of her feet.

Furthermore, if naked, this position is best utilized in the home environment for obvious law-related reasons. The Total Shroud can be used in any room in the home, such as the kitchen, bedroom, or even the bathroom or bathtub, pending space.

Huntress Trap position into Pyramid position

The Huntress Trap position transitions easily into the Pyramid. Once in the position pictured above, the girl can easily spin around and uses her legs to hike the boy up onto all fours.

However, it may be easier to hike the boy’s knees up, so that he is on his knees with his face still connecting with the floor. Once there, she places her legs underneath and places her soles into his face.

Essentially, this position has the boy’s butt in the air, while his face rests into the soles of her feet. This is the Pyramid. For further information about the Pyramid, visit the page detailing it in the Footsutra blog.

Huntress Trap position into Execution Sentence position

Also, the Huntress Trap position transitions easily into the Execution Sentence. Simply, all the girl needs to do is swing her body around and wrap her legs around his head in the traditional Execution Sentence style.

Furthermore, the girl can reach forward, and keep the boy’s wrists cross and pinned to his back. Doing so elicits a combined attack using the Execution Sentence and the Pyramid and further enhances the control of the girl and the dominance of the boy.

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