Pyramid Position

Pyramid Position

Pyramid position into Execution Sentence position

The Pyramid makes it easy to transition into the Execution Sentence if the boy proves difficult or squirms too much. In the Execution Sentence, the boy is still bound by the wrists or bound by whatever other means are currently being accessed.

The girl has to scoot back, further back onto the boy’s neck, and press the top of her thighs into his shoulders. This enables hanging potential, with the possibility to make the boy blackout due to disobedience. The pressure exerted by the girl’s legs can potentially put intense pressure on the boy’s neck, causing him to see colors and faint.

Furthermore, the girl can demand that the boy stop squirming or resisting. If he does obey, transition back into the Pyramid so the boy can once again feel her feet on his face.

Execution Sentence position into Pyramid position

The transition from the Execution Sentence into the Pyramid is achieved when the girl’s demands have been met. The Execution Sentence is utilized only when the boy is resisting or squirming or trying to escape too much.

For example, once the boy stops squirming or resisting, he can have her feet back on his face. Remember, in the Execution Sentence, her feet do not directly touch the boy’s face. Her feet are only within the boy’s line-of-sight. The girl can also move her feet around and tease the boy while restricting his breathing via hanging.

The transition back into the Pyramid utilizes compliance. The boy is rewarded with her feet again in his face once an agreement has been achieved. In other words, the boy receives rewards of her feet and scent when he stops resisting.

Pyramid position into Sole Buster position

With a bit of fancy maneuvering, the girl can get the boy into the more humiliating Sole Buster position. From the traditional Pyramid position (in the pictures above), the girl rolls over 180 degrees, so now the boy is on top, and the girl is underneath. All the while maintaining her feet in his face, mouth, or within his field of vision. While it is best practice to always keep her feet in contact with him during the transition, sometimes it is not always possible.

Once she flips the boy over, she then raises and pushes the boy’s legs up with her. This enters the Sole Buster position and then grants access to Sole Buster techniques and control.

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