The Pyramid technique with the boy on his knees and bent over, hands behind his back and the girl riding him backwards with her feet in his face

Foot Pyramid

Learn the Pyramid foot fetish position…

The Pyramid foot fetish position forces the boy’s butt into the air while forced to worship. This position allows for higher levels of humiliation and control from the girl.

From The Footsutra Journals Pyramid entry:

Discovered: Summer of ’06.
By: Rhea Hayworth and Vanesa Perez
Location: United States
Setting: Unfinished basement

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A boy with a orange beanie and his feet up in the air while he lies on his stomach in a selfie-style picture
A quote from the Admin.

“Awkward position, but amazing if executed correctly. I rely on Nessy for that.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
A quote from Nessy.

“Balance is the key to this position. No equilibrium, no Pyramid.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-Founder

Section IPosition Description
IISetup Techniques
IIIErotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Traits
VIBest Practice & Sexual Play
Table of Contents

The Pyramid foot fetish sex position is for enhanced control.

The Pyramid uses binds, cuffs, and other restrictions to enhance control and utilizes a technique called Warped Reality. The best way to describe this position is the boy’s face into the ground with his ass up in the air.

The Pyramid is a variant of the Guillotine. It utilizes restriction and bondage to help facilitate pleasure in foot fetishism. Warning, the Pyramid represents a challenging Guillotine variant. It should only be attempted and used when the Guillotine (including erotic and setup techniques) is mastered.

The Pyramid works with the laws of gravity to facilitate restriction and a helpless state. Despite showing the teal (boy) figure in a horizontal position, his face will likely be on the floor with the red (girl) figure’s feet between his face and the floor. However, gravity, in this case, can be counter-acted.

For example, if this position is performed in front of a piece of furniture, such as a couch, her feet rest between the couch and his face.

Nonetheless, her soles cover his entire face. Her legs are positioned in one of two ways and depend on both individuals’ body types. Her legs can be outside and around his arms, or her legs can be inside his arms or her legs between his body and arms inside the armpits, creating a sort of hook.

Front view of the PYRAMID foot fetish sex position in the position with the boy's feet in the girl's soles while she rides his back in reverse and his butt in the air

The Pyramid – Setup Techniques

The Pyramid setup techniques are specific actions, movements, gestures, taunts, and more that force a boy into the foot fetish position.

The setup techniques help a girl force a boy into the Pyramid foot fetish position. Generally, setup techniques consist of forced movements and actions, taunts, gestures, commands, demands, trickery, and much more. Anything necessary to help a girl achieves the goal of getting the boy into the Pyramid. The setup techniques below were discovered by the Admin and Nessy through sexual discovery and play during the creation of the Footsutra. We encourage you to find your own setup techniques, but beginners may feel free to follow the techniques below.

The first setup technique in the Pyramid foot fetish position – PEG STOMP (WARNING)

Warning, the Setup Technique: Peg Stomp is a degrading and humiliating setup that is best to have safe words utilized in practice. Honestly, I should not have to say this, but safe words should be practiced in any high-risk sexual play.

And the Footsutra is considered as such: high-risk sexual and fetish practice, positions, techniques, and maneuvers. High risk, high reward, and the top reward, in this case, is a pleasure.

Now, the Peg Stomp is a setup technique that catches the boy by surprise and incorporates pegging. As seen in other positions, the girl may use trickery to get the boy down onto the ground, ask for help in fixing something; or ask her boy to pick something up. We will discuss multiple scenarios.

The Peg Stomp setup technique with the boy is on all fours, and the girl standing in front of him with one foot on the back of his head and the other on the ground
The Peg Stomp setup technique in the Pyramid foot fetish position.

PEG STOMP Scenarios

Let us say that the boy is down on the ground, on his hands and knees, maybe trying to fix something, looking for something, etc. To initiate the Peg Stomp, the girl moves in front of him and places one foot on his head. If the boy is down on all fours, her sole should press against his head.

The girl forces his head down by pressing down on the back of his head with her foot. This, in turn, pushes his head down onto the top of her other foot.

Once his face is down and pressing against the top of her other foot, the girl bends down and grabs his arms. The girl hooks her arms underneath his elbows and swings his arms behind him.

Alternatively, the girl grabs the boy’s wrists and turns them back. While holding his wrists and standing, the girl moves her feet between the boy’s arms and his body. The girl drops down, mounts the boy’s back, wrists in hand, and digs her feet between his face and the ground. Her soles become the ground that his face rests on.

PEG STOMP takes humiliation to dangerous levels

Another rear view of the Peg Stomp setup technique prior to entering the Pyramid foot fetish position.

This technique’s dangerous portion incorporates pegging, or dildo, or some other sexual instrument into the boy’s anus. In this position, the boy’s anus will be in the air, and his face slammed into her feet.

The ultimate humiliation in this technique ensures the girl penetrates the boy using a sexual object while he smells, sucks, and inhales her feet. The girl has mastered this technique when she can execute it from start to finish. To finish the method, the girl must use this technique to enter the Pyramid and fulfill three requirements:

1. Her feet and soles covering his face.

2. Using one hand, the girl penetrates the boy’s anus with a dildo or other sexual instrument, repeatedly in a sexual motion (in and out).

3. The girl uses her remaining hand to reach around the boy and begin stroking his penis.

A complete rear view of the Pyramid foot fetish position where the girl has access to the boy's penis and erotic areas to dominate

The Pyramid – Erotic Techniques

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques are specific stroking, rubbing, sucking, and other actions that force orgasm INSIDE the Pyramid position.

While primarily executed by the girl, erotic techniques force a boy to orgasm, and usually against his will. Girls utilize forced movements, commands, stroking, sucking, penetrating, taunts, gestures, humiliation, and more, with the goal being forced orgasm by the boy.

The first erotic technique in the Pyramid foot fetish position – BREACHED

This technique shifts the boy into a vertical position so the girl has easier access to his penis.

Breached is an erotic technique where the girl reaches around and grabs the boy’s penis and then lifts as high as she can. As a reminder, during any erotic technique, the girl should always, if at all possible, keep her feet on the boy’s face, in his mouth, or his field of vision.

Depending on the position, either the top of the girl’s feet or her soles should be in his face. Continuing with the Breached erotic technique, the girl reaches around and wraps her hands around the boy’s penis and uses her forearms and strength to lift the boy from the waist as high as she can.

This essentially bends the boy’s back while being forced to eat or suck on her feet. Handcuffs or some form of rope or bondage to bind the boy’s wrists should be used in this erotic technique.

BREACHED Mechanics

The Pyramid can utilize restriction via handcuffs, rope, or other forms of bindings to keep the wrists and hands unusable. Due to gravity, the nature of this position changes.

Leaning forward and causing the boy to straighten his back vertically may limit gravitational control and put that control into the girl. Or, in other words, gravity will not be a problem should the balance be found. This solely (no pun intended) depends on the boy and girl’s characteristics, such as weight, body size, and height.

Experimentation and practice help find the balance that withstands gravity. An easier alternative mentioned earlier on this page requires simply having his head on a couch or elevated surface. Or having his face and her feet completely on the floor in a rotated position.

An overhead view of the Pyramid foot fetish position

Humiliation and Dominance factors that apply to the Pyramid foot fetish position

Both humiliation and dominance play key roles in the Pyramid position.


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Humiliation level, factors, and discussion in the Pyramid

An image showing five stars in a row, with four of the five stars colored, indicating four out of five stars

Humiliation Level:

A level four humiliation level comes from the binding, bonds, and restrictions exhibited by the girl. In the Pyramid, the girl utilizes restrictions to keep the boy from resisting her feet. Or fighting back against her feet resting against his face. The position can somewhat vary, and the girl’s legs may go between the boy and his arms.

In fact, it may be easier for her to move her legs between the boy’s arms. And his upper body to help ease of access as well as possible breathing restriction. The girl can either hold his wrists and pin them to his lower back; or can utilize rope, cuffs, or wire to keep his wrists and, therefore, his hands, restrained. Using physical restraints frees the girl’s hands, allowing her to stroke his penis while her feet are in his face.

Dominance level, factors, and discussion for the Pyramid

An image showing five stars in a row, with four of the five stars colored, indicating four out of five stars

Dominance Level:

A level four dominance factor is due to the level of restriction, binding, breathing restriction, and control. For further restriction, the girl also has the option to bind his wrists and ankles. However, this defeats the original purpose of trying to achieve the Obedient Guillotine successfully.

The boy will likely squirm or roll around, but the overall position remains the same despite the moving around. If moving causes her feet to stop touching his face, the girl’s goal is to maintain her feet within his line of sight. The girl can also reach behind her and grab his hair, pull it, or push his head into her feet.

Important traits that are important across all foot fetish positions in the Footsutra

Every Footsutra position discusses these three traits: strength, confidence, and trust. Without practicing these, Footsutra positions doom towards failure.

The first trait to consider is strength, which, believe it or not, does matter to girls

In regards to the Strength trait, the Pyramid position requires some strength on behalf of the girl. Due to the restriction, restraints, cuffs, binds, ties, and other limiting movement forms, the girl needs to utilize some strength. Despite many girls claiming they are not strong, this is the opposite of the truth. Almost every girl on the planet is strong in some way.

Maybe they have strong calves, strong thighs or legs, maybe they have strength in their arms, who knows. Girls summon strength at times when needed. And in the Pyramid, when the boy resists, squirms, or tries to pull out of the Pyramid, the girl should summon the strength to keep her feet in his face.

As well as to keep him restrained. In essence, the girl uses her strength to redirect his focus back into her feet and soles rather than trying to escape.

Another trait to consider is confidence. Confidence is essential as no one wants to have a sexual encounter filled with laughter or uncertainty

The Confidence trait represents a higher amount of importance in the Pyramid. The girl takes on a dominating role, and it is almost impossible to be dominating if one lacks confidence. Believe it or not, confidence allows the girl to execute the position, including position setup and techniques.

As the confidence of the girl increases, the complexity of position setups may also increase, as well as performing the Pyramid and techniques in various environments and settings. Do not question, waver, or ask. Take. And if needed, seek forgiveness later.

Last but not least is the trait of trust

With the nature of this position, sometimes the boy experiences intentional or unintentional pain. Therefore, the Trust trait plays a key role in this position. For example, the girl may pull the boy’s arm up too high and cause injury.

Remember, torture is not the main purpose nor the main practice in Footsutra positions. As always, safewords ensure that the minimum of pain is felt than the latter. The boy placed in Project Footsutra positions that require a high level of trust is always a risk and should be executed with caution.

Some of the best sexual practices, guidelines, and settings in the Pyramid foot fetish sex position.

Each position reveals secrets, and the Pyramid is no exception. All Footsutra positions reveal, in time, the best methods to ensure success. Here we explore the best sexual practices, settings, and guidelines for both boys and girls.

Best sexual practices for the Pyramid

Each boy and girl is different, as in some cases, love is restricted and tied while others do not. Others love tying and binding someone, while others do not. When it comes down to it, the Pyramid is a punishment technique and should be utilized.

However, if the boy starts to grow for this position and enjoys the Pyramid, this becomes a pleasurable rather than punishing one. It is still very possible for the girl to make the boy orgasm in this position as described above. If the boy struggles because of pain or difficulty, the girl can enhance her power and go with it; however, the boy tries to escape.

For example, if the boy tries to roll onto his side, the girl elects to move him entirely over and into the Sand Trap position. If the boy attempts to rise onto his knees, the girl can enter the Praying Mantis position. If the boy tries to stand up, then the girl can start the Eden position.

However, an alternate version of getting into the bindings and restriction is before the position begins. For example, if the boy is handcuffed, wrists bound, while standing, the girl can force him into the Pyramid.

If the girl elects to perform a restricted entrance into the Pyramid, the girl needs to maintain the strength necessary to help the transition. If the boy is cuffed, restrained, and restricted in his movement, he relies on the girl to get onto the ground. Slamming the boy on the ground is not recommended due to the pain or frustration involved.

How to best utilize settings for the Pyramid foot fetish position

The preferred setting to conduct the Pyramid are locations that invoke humiliation and embarrassment. For example, an excellent place for this location is the kitchen, ideally on a counter or table.

Since this position can be performed with clothes on, this can also be done in parks or other public settings. Sometimes, the public’s reactions or the stares of onlookers are enough to increase pleasure exponentially, knowing that the boy is at the mercy of the girl in full view of an audience or the public.

The best guidelines for the Pyramid.

While the above article represents guidelines for experiencing the best sexual play, pleasure, and release, they are guidelines. Experimentation is the best way to determine what you like and dislike. However, always ensure that the girl’s feet always remain in the boy’s face. Or at the very least, pending flexibility, that the girl’s feet are always within the boy’s field of vision.

Never forget what the primary purpose of the Footsutra positions is, to dominate and enforce control using feet. For a girl with a boy with a foot fetish, the girl’s feet become the most powerful motivator and pleasure source for the boy. Use this to your advantage and make the boy submit.

Transitions into other Footsutra positions using the Pyramid as a base.

The following describes transitions into and out of the Pyramid. Transitions represent important aspects of the Footsutra. Mastering transitions into and out of Footsutra positions exponentially increases pleasure, control, dominance, and humiliation.

Pyramid into Execution Sentence

The Pyramid makes it easy to transition into the Execution Sentence if the boy proves difficult or squirms too much. In the Execution Sentence, the boy is still bound by the wrists or bound by whatever other means are currently being accessed.

The girl has to scoot back, further back onto the boy’s neck, and press the top of her thighs into his shoulders. This enables hanging potential, with the possibility to make the boy blackout due to disobedience. The pressure exerted by the girl’s legs can potentially put intense pressure on the boy’s neck, causing him to see colors and faint.

Furthermore, the girl can demand that the boy stop squirming or resisting. If he does obey, transition back into the Pyramid so the boy can once again feel her feet on his face.

Execution Sentence into Pyramid

The transition from the Execution Sentence into the Pyramid is achieved when the girl’s demands have been met. The Execution Sentence is utilized only when the boy is resisting or squirming or trying to escape too much.

For example, once the boy stops squirming or resisting, he can have her feet back on his face. Remember, in the Execution Sentence, her feet do not directly touch the boy’s face. Her feet are only within the boy’s line-of-sight. The girl can also move her feet around and tease the boy while restricting his breathing via hanging.

The transition back into the Pyramid utilizes compliance. The boy is rewarded with her feet again in his face once an agreement has been achieved. In other words, the boy receives rewards of her feet and scent when he stops resisting.

Pyramid into Sole Buster

With a bit of fancy maneuvering, the girl can get the boy into the more humiliating Sole Buster position. From the traditional Pyramid position (in the pictures above), the girl rolls over 180 degrees, so now the boy is on top, and the girl is underneath. All the while maintaining her feet in his face, mouth, or within his field of vision. While it is best practice to always keep her feet in contact with him during the transition, sometimes it is not always possible.

Once she flips the boy over, she then raises and pushes the boy’s legs up with her. This enters the Sole Buster position and then grants access to Sole Buster techniques and control.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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