A boy holding a girl on his shoulders with her leg bent and her foot on his face in the Princess Ascension foot fetish position

Princess Ascension

A boy holding a girl on his shoulders with her leg bent and her foot on his face in the Princess Ascension foot fetish position

Learn the Princess Ascension foot fetish position

The Princess Ascension allows a girl to take control via heights by riding on the boy’s shoulders, and moving her feet near or on his face.

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“Fun position. But it can be exhausting. The erotic techniques help with that exhaustion.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

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“Hayworth is lazy, but this position is very fun. I love heights.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-Founder

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IISetup Techniques
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IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Traits
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The Princess Ascension foot fetish position controls with feet from the heavens.

The Princess Ascension foot fetish position uses shoulder riding to enhance her femdom position and power.

The following describes the Princess Ascension body position and start positions. Princess Ascension enables a woman to take control of using her feet via heights.

The Princess Ascension is a unique position that enables the girl to control her feet via height. This position begins with a mount onto the boy’s shoulders. While there are many ways to achieve this, some mounting methods are better than others. The main purpose of this position is more than just a standard shoulder ride seen in everyday life.

Now, this position enables the woman to use her feet in more intricate and interesting ways. First, let us discuss the mounting methods, as there are many. But some are better than others. Remember, this is about feet so that the best mounting methods will take this into account.

A rear-view of the Princess Ascension foot fetish position with the girl riding a boy's shoulders, one foot hooked behind his back and her other foot in his face by bending her knee.

The Princess Ascention – Setup Techniques

Foot Fetish Setup Techniques are specific movements, actions, motions, or maneuvers that force a boy into the Princess Ascension.

Setup techniques are designed to help girls force boys into the position they want. For example, the setup techniques below help a girl force a boy into the Princess Ascension position. While not an exhaustive list, the setup techniques below help get you started. However, it remains the best practice to experiment and play around with the position to find your own setup techniques.

The first setup technique in the Princess Ascension foot fetish position – The Pounce

The Pounce setup technique helps a girl force or jump-start the Princess Ascension position.

The girl finds and executes an opportunity to pounce onto the boy’s shoulders. Regardless of whether the boy stands, kneels, or is lying down (see the Horizontal Throne erotic technique below).

The keyword here is “Pounce.” This represents a forceful method to mount onto his shoulders. Not a gentle method. The girl pounces atop his shoulders and immediately moves her feet and places them on or near his face.

Depending on flexibility, she may have trouble directly placing her feet onto his face. This technique starts a foot fetish session. Essentially, a foot fetish session starts whenever a girl starts or executes a setup position successfully.

The girl places her hands on top of the boy’s head if he kneels. She then jumps and pounces herself onto his shoulders. Within seconds, the girl needs to have her feet near or on the boy’s face. Otherwise, the setup technique and position itself turn into a classic shoulder ride.

Another view of the girl on the boy's shoulders and one of her feet in his face in the Princess Ascension foot fetish position

The Princess Ascension – Erotic Techniques

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques are used to make a boy orgasm against his will or to obey other commands.

Erotic techniques are specific actions, movements, taunts, gestures, commands, and more that force a boy to orgasm. Generally, erotic techniques executed by the girl, to force orgasm in the boy. However, sometimes boy’s use an erotic technique to make themselves orgasm, but usually only at the girl’s permission as the dominant. The erotic techniques below were discovered during initial Footsutra development between the Admin and Nessy. Through sexual play, you should always strive to develop your own erotic techniques.

The first foot fetish erotic technique in the Princess Ascension – Rise of Power

The Princess Ascension mounting method turns the woman into the dominant. Typically, the dominant is above the submissive. Foot dominance occurs while she rides the boy’s shoulders and starts using her feet. While her feet dangle in front of the boy whose shoulders she rides, several different options exist for her. If the boy possesses enough strength, the girl can utilize multiple techniques with her feet and legs.

For example, a Rise of Power comes with the ability to choke the boy between her legs. Furthermore, she can grip and pull his hair from the top while choking him. Her feet run up against his chest. She also moves her ankles behind the boy and rubs his back with the top of her feet.

The girl performs actions that confirm her dominant position above the boy. In the traditional sense, since she is above the boy, she appears dominant and seeks to perform any action that enhances this status.

The second foot fetish erotic technique in the Princess Ascension – Vanilla Seduction

The Vanilla Seduction takes place during the Princess Ascension position. Furthermore, this technique helps a girl utilize her natural entices. The girl rotates while on the boy’s shoulders. Or she straight-up mounts the boy in the reverse fashion so her vagina is in the boy’s face.

There are two methods for Vanilla Seduction: the Rotation Method and the Immediate Method.

Vanilla Seduction – Rotation Method

The rotation method has the girl mount the boy’s shoulders like any other standard shoulder ride. At some point in the position, the girl chooses to rotate herself to straddle only one of the boy’s shoulders. It is standard for the girl only to rotate once her dominant position has been established. Establishing dominance takes time.

Once she moves from a shoulder ride to riding one shoulder (right or left), her final step is to rotate again. So that she rides the boy in a reverse shoulder ride fashion where her vagina is in the boy’s face. This usually requires both strengths on behalf of the boy as well as the girl to transition successfully.

It is recommended that the boy and girl attempt the rotation method on a soft surface, such as the boy on his knees on a bed. Balance is key to the rotation. The rotation method looks like this: standard/typical shoulder ride to riding/straddling only one shoulder to riding his shoulders in a reverse fashion.

Vanilla Seduction – Immediate Method

It is also possible for the girl to immediately mount the boy’s shoulders in a reverse fashion. Rather than getting onto the boy’s shoulders like normal, she instead walks around to his front. The boy places his hands on the floor, with his palms facing up. The girl steps onto the boy’s hands with her bare feet and teases him by stomping or rubbing her feet in his hands. She may lean down and tilt his head up into a kiss as she leans over.

This is a standard dominant position for the girl, using her feet to help enhance dominance. She bends over, the boy on his knees, and tilts his head up into a kiss. Such is a powerful and dominant image for the girl. Afterward, she moves one of her legs over his shoulder while keeping her other leg down and her other foot on his hand. With one of her legs over his shoulder, she rises onto her tiptoes with her other foot and places both of her hands on his head.

She hoists herself up and onto his shoulders in a reverse fashion. Her vagina is in the boy’s face. Once she locks herself in on his shoulders, she grips his hair and locks her ankles around him. Finally, she presses the top of her feet into his chest. The boy then grabs and rubs her soles with his hands. He stands there and sucks and slurps her vagina while playing with her feet. Furthermore, he could play with her feet with one hand, and stroke his penis with the other.

The third foot fetish erotic technique – Horizontal Throne

The Horizontal Throne places the boy and girl on their backs on a solid surface; however, the girl still rides on the boy’s shoulders.

Multiple methods exist to utilize the Princess Ascension. The Horizontal Throne occurs while lying down, with the woman still considered on his shoulders. In the Horizontal Throne, the man lies down on his back, as does the woman, but she still rides on his shoulders.

Also, in the Horizontal variation of this position, depending on her legs’ height and length, she can tease his penis should it be exposed. In other words, a foot job is possible in the Horizontal Throne.

However, depending on the height difference, if the man were erect while standing, it is theoretically possible for her to reach his penis with her feet. In contrast, he stands with her on his shoulders. This depends solely on height and body size.

A fourth erotic technique – Humiliated King

The Humiliated King erotic technique builds on the Horizontal Throne listed above, but now adds additional restrictions, pins, and binds. In the Humiliated King, the girl grabs the boy’s legs and pulls them all the way up. As far up as they will go. Next, she wraps her legs around the boy’s legs and puts her feet back into position to provide a footjob.

This erotic technique has increased humiliation because the boy is exposed. His legs are up, spread, and pinned in the air. The girl may go further and bind his wrists behind him prior to the technique. This way, her hands would be free to grab and hold his ankles tight to prevent movement. Finally, she begins the footjob and the boy is powerless to stop himself from orgasm all over her feet.

Humiliation and dominance factors as they relate to the Princess Ascension foot fetish position.

Both humiliation and dominance play important roles when understanding the Footsutra positions. The same applies to the Princess Ascension foot fetish position. Here we discuss the best humiliation and dominance practices.

Humiliation level, factors, and discussion for the Princess Ascenion

Humiliation Level

A humiliation level of three comes from the man having to carry the woman around and submit to her will. Depending on the man’s strength, this position lasts a long time. This position could be used as one of the longer-duration foreplay methods (pending strength). The woman has options once upright, and the man stands while she rides on his shoulders.

In addition to feet always being in his field of vision and within his reach, she also has the option of squeezing his neck. For example, if the man does not wish to comply and grab her dangling feet in front of him, the woman may elect to punish him via choking with her thighs around his neck. Also, the woman may elect to pull his hair.

Furthermore, the woman can make his life rather difficult while on his shoulders by bouncing or being rough should he not follow the instructions of grabbing, rubbing, or massaging her feet while she rides him. In essence, having to carry her around on his shoulders has the potential to make him feel humiliated and controlled.

Dominance level, factors, and discussion for the Princess Ascension

Dominance Level

A dominance level of three arises from the woman gaining potential breathing control over the man. Also, the woman exerts more power and control by rubbing her pussy on the back of the man’s neck.

There are three important traits to consider for the Princess Ascension foot fetish position.

Each Footsutra position discusses three traits: strength, confidence, and trust. Without which, each Footsutra position may fail. In other words, dominance remains hard to obtain if you laugh the whole time entering a position. Let us explore these three traits in-depth for the Princess Ascension position. Which are important?

The first trait that we need to discuss is Strength, specifically for the boy, and balance for the girl

In the Princess Ascension technique, the boy has a strength requirement that requires him to lift the weight (preferably more) of the girl. Obviously, this position requires the boy to lift the girl on his shoulders; but he needs additional strength to use the various techniques in this position kit. Furthermore, the girl should balance herself safely and use her feet to rub against his chest, back, and potentially his face depending on flexibility.

The second trait we need to discuss is confidence

Just as the boy needs strength to lift the girl, the boy also needs confidence. No couple wants to perform a Princess Ascension if the ascent is wobbly or unstable.

In other words, if the boy has trouble standing or maintaining balance, or both, then the Princess Ascension will be unsuccessful. In contrast, the girl should possess the confidence to be able to use her feet in some way that will cater to the boy’s foot fetishism. Flexibility plays a key role here.

For example, she rubs her feet on his chest or stomach and smacks her feet against his chest. Also, she smacks the top of her feet against his back (if her ankles are hooked) and lifts her feet to his lips.

Therefore, it is best to perform the Princess Ascension while the boy remains on his knees or even lying down to test the flexibility and companionship between them.

And finally, the last trait we need to discuss is Trust

The girl should not attempt the Princess Ascension if she does not trust the boy (or girl) that she performs it with. In other words, the girl should not fear the position and rather should enjoy and anticipate her next move should the position be performed. Fear means that there is no trust or perhaps tiny trust. Fear and pleasure do not go together and cannot occur simultaneously unless a fetish enables this otherwise.

There are many different sexual practices, guidelines, settings, and transitions to be used in the Princess Ascension foot fetish position

This section helps unlock some of the secrets of the Princess Ascension position that were discovered overtime.

The art of surprise – best sexual practices

These days, the art of surprise does not get enough practice in sexual play.

In general, sexual encounters, foreplay, intercourse, and the like are much more pleasurable if you are not aware that it will happen. For example, pleasure increases if you are surprised by sexual play three days from now, rather than knowing that you will engage in sexual play three days from now.

This simple sexual principle applies to the majority of Footsutra positions. It also applies here. If the man bends down to pick something up, to clean, to fix something, whatever he may bend down or get on his knees for, this gives the woman the chance to initiate the Princess Ascension.

Once the man is down on his knees, bent over, whichever position, the woman can elect to simply move in front of him, face away, and spread her legs. Also, she can step on his hands with her feet, giving him direct physical contact with his affection, her feet, prior to spreading her legs to mount her into the ascension.

If the man is not aware, say, bent over all the way, facing the ground, and he does not see her, she can simply move over him and spread her legs so that when he rises, he will mount her into the Princess Ascension without even realizing it.

What are the best settings where the Princess Ascension can be used?

For any position that has the potential to not be overly sexual (such as this one and the Fuckboy Ascension position), it is highly recommended that the position be executed in public. Performing positions in public greatly increases the pleasure received due to the feeling that you are being watched. Someone is being humiliated.

Someone is feeling powerless at the hands of someone else. Maybe someone points and laughs at the boy, who carries the girl on his shoulders, with one of her feet in his face in a local park. This position has the potential to be performed in any public setting.

While shoulder riding is not a super common site in public, it is still very common, especially at music festivals and other concerts. In my opinion, one of the best settings is at a concert or festival, but this can easily be performed in any local park or setting with clothes on. Clearly, make sure the girl is barefoot.

Best guidelines for practicing the Princess Ascension foot fetish position.

There is a standard strength requirement for the boy to hold the girl on his shoulders. Otherwise, the Fuckboy Ascension method may be more appropriate if the girl is stronger than the boy (which does happen for some couples and occasions).

It is important to remember that the girl uses her feet in many different methods. This reminds the boy that her feet are the focus of his arousal. Once the girl is on his shoulders, she may place her feet in his hands, rub them on his chest, smack them against his back, bring them up to his face and create a sort of foot-mask. The girl may utilize plenty of methods to make sure her feet are the primary focus and source of pleasure for the boy as she rides his shoulders.

Some of the best transitional methods to enter and exit other various Footsutra foot fetish positions.

One of the unwritten best practices in the Footsutra is the art of the transition. If a girl manages to master transitioning into and out of various Footsutra position, her dominance and control skyrockets. Which positions transition well with the Princess Ascension?

Jetpack into Princess Ascension

Probably one of the better transitions in The Footsutra is the Jetpack position into the Princess Ascension position. The Jetpack position features the woman in the classic Piggyback position that is commonly seen throughout society. However, it is possible, pending the man’s strength, to hoist the woman up onto his shoulders and into Princess Ascension.

Huntress Trap into Princess Ascension

The Huntress Trap Footsutra position can easily transition into the Princess Ascension. In the Huntress Trap position, the woman releases his wrists so that he rises onto his hands and knees. Once the man is on his hands and knees, the woman has many different transition options.

One such option is Princess Ascension. To best transition into Princess Ascension from the Huntress Trap, the woman moves forward and sits on his neck, rather than riding his back like a normal ride. Next, the woman moves her legs over his shoulders, so that her legs dangle in front of him. At this point, the woman initiates teasing, since her feet are once again within his line-of-sight.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.


  1. that’s an interesting way to look at a shoulder ride; might be hard to do but it is possible with flexibility.
    from my experience with my partner, lying down seems safe while she rides. she just bends her legs and slams her feet on my face, makes me stroke myself. not bad.

  2. this is a pretty fun position but hard to pull off at times;
    the best part is when i make my man stroke himself
    while he carries me around either holding my feet
    or balancing me enough to get one or both feet on face
    while holding me
    pretty fun but hard to do, but recommend

    • Yes, balance is definitely one of the harder aspects of this position. But if both man and woman master it, the rewards are great. It will definitely take some practice to balance and master the Princess Ascension. But well worth it. Thanks for the comment!

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