Eclipse Position

Eclipse Position

An erotic technique found in the Eclipse foot fetish position where the girl moves the boy closer and pushes her feet into his face with her hands.

Eclipse Erotic Techniques and Illustration #2

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques are used to make a boy orgasm against his will or to comply with another femdom command in the Eclipse foot fetish sex position.

Foot fetish erotic techniques help a girl force a boy to orgasm, sometimes against his will. Each erotic technique allows a girl to use forced sexual movements (stroking, oral, penetration), actions, commands, and more lead to forced orgasm. The erotic techniques described for the Eclipse position below were discovered by the Admin and Nessy during Footsutra experimentation and play. However, we recommend that you find and create your own erotic techniques to be used in your own sexual play. Below are the erotic techniques Nessy and myself used to help get you started.

Erotic Technique #1: Lunar Eclipse

The Lunar Eclipse creates a choking mechanism using the Eclipse position. To begin, the girl and the boy enter the Eclipse position like normal. However, instead of the girl giving the boy her soles and feet to pleasure himself, the girl denies him. And instead, wraps the soles of her feet around the boy’s neck.

The girl collapses his neck and squeezes his neck and airway with her soles to create a choking mechanism. Depending on the level of strength and forces she uses for her feet, the boy may get weak from continued choking, which increases the girl’s dominance and power.

However, once weak, the boy may slow down thrusts, and as a result, the girl will have to increase this for him by sliding and forcing herself up and down the length of his penis due to his weakness. This gives the girl strength, dominance, and power.

To enhance the Lunar Eclipse, try to make the boy maintain eye contact while being choked. Dirty talk is encouraged in this position to remind the boy that he is losing his dominance, and the girl and her feet are controlling him. Some example quotes from experience include:

“You thought you had control? Think again. Get choked by my feet!”

“Feel my soles around your neck? Such a powerless boy. Submit to me. Submit to my feet.”

“Gotcha! So weak!”

Erotic Technique #2: Sole Collapse

The unique ability for the Eclipse is the girl being able to collapse her soles into the face of the girl. In the description above, the girl’s feet generally appear in the view from the peripheral or the side of his visual field. In essence, this enables the girl to shove her feet into his face from nowhere; or, in other words, to collapse her feet into his face with ease.

The Sole Collapse technique’s main purpose is to surprise the boy by being able to get feet into his face during an intercourse position. If this position does not transition from Heaven’s Ladder position, which is generally a precursor, the girl may shove her feet into his face without warning.

Based on experience, the act of surprising the boy with this will elicit a high amount of pleasure and have a higher chance of orgasm quicker as the general rule is that having feet in one’s face is humiliating and increases the pleasure and humiliation of the boy while increasing the dominance of the girl.

Erotic Technique #3: Sole Gateway

The Sole Gateway presses the girl’s feet hard and firm against the boy’s face. If smell turns the boy on, be sure the soles cover the boy’s nose to make him inhale the scent. To begin, the girl continues to bend her knees and legs back and make the boy chase her feet. Once his face lands into her soles, the girl reaches up and pushes her soles into his face.

Essentially, this traps his face in her soles and prohibits movement away from her feet. This is a great technique for a girl to use to force orgasm in a boy with a foot fetish in this position.

Furthermore, this more than likely makes the boy thrust or pound as rough, fast, and hard as he can into her vagina. With feet trapped into his face provides a very high amount of pleasure, especially if he cannot pull back. Finally, once her hands lace on the back of his head or neck, the “Gateway” completes, and the boy will have an increased difficulty escaping.

Illustrations #3 and #4

An aerial view of the Sole Gateway erotic technique in the Eclipse foot fetish position
A side view of the Sole Gateway erotic technique where the girl presses the soles of her feet into the boy's face with her hands while he penetrates her

Erotic Technique #4: Fall Harvest

The Fall Harvest erotic technique has the girl place one or both (depending) of her feet into the boy’s mouth. The girl gains dominance when one of her feet gets inserted into the boy’s mouth. For a boy with a foot fetish, the boy naturally starts to suck on her toes and feet since he would not be able to resist. However, getting one of the girl’s feet into his mouth may prove difficult for some couples.

In this position, some boys rise and straighten their back to achieve the correct angle, allowing her foot entrance into his mouth. In others, the girl uses her feet to make the boy get into the correct angle and arcs or bends her foot in the ways required to gain entrance into his mouth.

Furthermore, the girl sometimes places both of her big toes in the boy’s mouth and forces it open to allow more of her feet entrance into his mouth. The girl’s main goal in this erotic technique is to get the boy to suck and bob his mouth up and down the length of her foot while simultaneously making the boy pound and thrust his penis into her vagina.

In other words, when the boy pushes his mouth down the foot in his mouth, his penis also pushes and inserts into her vagina. In contrast, when his mouth goes back up the length of her foot, his penis slides out of her vagina. The inverse to this is also possible as long as there is synchronicity in the feet’ movements in his mouth and his penis in her vagina.

Humiliation and Dominance

Humiliation and Dominance Factors

Each Footsutra position discusses humiliation and dominance factors. Both of these factors play roles in every Footsutra position.


Number of stars from 1 to 5 for humiliation level of the Eclipse.

Humiliation Level

A humiliation score of two out of five is due to having the girl’s feet slammed into his face and possibly, shoved into his mouth. Having feet smothering in someone’s face is in itself humiliating. Also, the Facial makes it possible to maintain eye contact with one another. Keeping eye contact between the boy and the girl while intercourse occurs, and she moves her feet into his face as erotic.


Number of stars from 1 to 5 for dominance level of the Eclipse.

Dominance Level

A dominance score of two out of five is due to the girl’s ability to control the boy’s face with her feet. However, the girl does not exhibit more dominance than that.

However, if agile and flexible, the girl potentially shoves her foot into his mouth while moving her second foot to the back of his head. This enables the girl to force her foot further into his mouth by pressing against the back of his head with her other foot. It is difficult for the girl to be more dominant in his position due to intercourse.

Foot Fetish Traits

Each Footsutra position discusses three traits: strength, confidence, and trust. Each play vital roles across the Footsutra positions for multitude of reasons. Below we discuss how each of these traits apply to the Eclipse.


The Eclipse position does not necessarily rely on strength for either the boy or girl. In this position, strength substitutes for endurance, and endurance represent higher importance for the boy than the girl. The boy needs the endurance to thrust and continue to thrust while the girl’s feet press in his face.

The girl may need some strength to elevate her legs to keep her feet in his face. The boy should be able to maintain an erection due to the soles of her feet pressing into his face. Also, the boy uses his arms and hands to maintain balance. In essence, the boy resembles doing push-ups to thrust in and out of her.


During the Eclipse, both the boy and girl need to exhibit confidence in the position. In this position, eye contact becomes important. While the girl presses her soles and/or feet into the boy’s face, eye contact is possible between her feet.

Furthermore, it is also possible to get the girl’s feet into the boy’s mouth. The girl smirks first, maintains eye contact, and then, without warning, shoves one of her feet into his mouth. The boy may have to re-position his head and face to achieve the best angle.

To enhance confidence, the girl uses her other foot to re-position the boy’s head into a better angle; an angle suited to shove her foot down his mouth. Depending on flexibility, she thrusts her foot in and out of his mouth while he thrusts his penis in and out.


At times, pain may occur due to flexibility or angles for this position. If the boy or girl starts to feel discomfort, then the position should cease back into a vanilla position or an alternate Footsutra position.

The Trust virtue allows the discomfort to cease. After all, it is hard to experience pleasure when one experiences discomfort. However, this may increase pleasure in some individuals. If this is you, this should be discussed with your partner first.

Drawing #1

A brief sketch of the Eclipse foot fetish sex position between boy and girl. The Eclipse Foot Fetish Position, ©2019-2021 THE FOOTSUTRA, All Rights Reserved.
A brief sketch on the Eclipse foot fetish sex position. The Eclipse Foot Fetish Position, ©2019-2021 THE FOOTSUTRA

Eclipse Additional Guidelines

Foot Fetish Teasing

The girl gets into the Eclipse position without the boy present. For example, the girl teases the boy by assuming the Eclipse position before the boy even walks into the room. It will be hard for the boy to resist seeing the position and not being in it, usually forcing the boy to act and get into the position himself.

Such teasing gives the girl power and dominance, forcing the boy into the position without her having to do anything. If he does not go for this, use other Footsutra positions and techniques to force compliance and obedience to feet.

Best Practices

Some of the better and more advanced sexual practices in this position include forcing the boy to perform more tasks before the girl’s feet are revealed. Many foot fetishists rely on the sense of smell and sight to enhance pleasure. Some feet are more aesthetically pleasing to some men than others, but most men do not care and want feet.

Therefore, the girl utilizes teasing and gets into the Eclipse position on the bed before the boy walks in. However, the difference here is for the girl to have shoes (or just socks) during the position.

Once the girl locks the Sole Collapse or the Sole Gateway, she forces the boy to remove her shoes/socks. The boy uses his mouth or one of his hands to remove her shoes/socks. Further best practices include locking in the Sole Collapse once her shoes and/or socks have been removed.

Settings and Locations

Like the other positions, a boy and girl may perform in any setting throughout a home, apartment, or condo. Ideally, some of the better settings to perform this are in bed or on the carpet in any room. If comfort is not an issue, the Eclipse may occur on kitchen counters or outside.

This can also be performed on kitchen counters or the outside patio or deck. In public, this position can still be performed with clothes on. The Eclipse position can still be mimicked and initiated even if not nude. For this, a park or natural environment outdoors provides a great location to initiate teasing.

All the Footsutra positions can be performed with clothes on outdoors. For the best pleasure, follow the recommended sequences and transitions described in each Footsutra position at the end of each article.

Other Notes

The traditional safety precautions for the Project Footsutra positions and the utilization of safe words are standard practice here. Regardless of pleasure, experienced, safe words need acknowledgment.

Transitions into other Footsutra positions

Every Footsutra foot fetish position transitions into and out of other positions. Perhaps the easiest, and beginner transition to start is the Heaven’s Ladder into the Eclipse.

Heaven’s Ladder position into Eclipse position

This position can be achieved via Heaven’s Ladder position. In the Eclipse position, the boy stands and penetrates the girl with her legs up, and her feet lifted to cover his face. If the girl lies on a bed, and the boy stands in front of it, the girl can taunt and scoot back, making the boy chase her feet.

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  1. In my opinion is the best domination- humiliation position

    She demands sexual pleasure from you and at the same time dominates you with her sweat feet on your face, … Total ecstasy

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  1. In my opinion is the best domination- humiliation position She demands sexual pleasure from you and at the same time…

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