A close-up view of the Footbar Submission position where the girl holds the boy in an armbar with her feet in his face

Footbar Submission

An image of a girl performing an armbar with her feet in the boy's face

Learn the Footbar Submission foot fetish position…

This Footbar Submission resembles the armbar submission technique from mixed martial arts where the girl’s feet cover the boy’s face.

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A boy with a orange beanie and his feet up in the air while he lies on his stomach in a selfie-style picture
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“MMA be damned, this position has a little bit of everything.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

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“I love MMA, so this position is a win-win since Hayworth likes being controlled.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-Founder

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IISetup Techniques
IIIErotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Traits & Virtues
VIBest Practices & Play
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The Footbar Submission foot fetish sex position is a sexy MMA foot fetish experience that leads to forced foot worship.

Take MMA to the next level that forces two feet into the boy’s face in the Footbar Submission. This position helps initiate foreplay and compliance. This position plays on the mixed martial arts/jujitsu technique called an Armbar. In this position, the boy is either on his back or lying on his stomach.

If the boy on lying down on his back, the girl starts by sitting next to him on his side. She then grabs his wrist nearest her and pulls his arm in between her legs, essentially riding his arm. Next, she extends her legs over his chest and body. Also, she bends her knees and can place her feet directly on his face.

Depending on the angles, she might be able to place one of her feet into his mouth, toes first, and make him suck on them. If the boy lies down on his stomach, the overall position is the same. This is the position that is depicted in the provided artwork below.

Another view of the Footbar submission technique with the girl pounding her soles into the boy's face in an armbar

The Footbar Submission – Setup Techniques

Foot fetish setup techniques are specific actions (forced movement), wrestling (sparring), commands, and actions that force a boy into the Footbar Submission position.

Foot fetish setup techniques help a girl force the boy into the position. These consist of forced movements, and forced body repositions that help the girl enter each position. Each Footsutra position uses setup techniques to help girls learn dominance; especially femdom. The more practice of setup techniques, the more experience with dominance and femdom.

The Flyer is the first setup technique in the Footbar Submission

This requires a high degree of skill and precision.

There is a sexy and unique method of getting a person, man, whoever into the Footbar or Armbar submission. Known as the flying Armbar in fighting and mixed martial arts (MMA), this position occurs while the boy stands. While the boy stands, the girl leaps up and spreads her legs, hooking the boy’s arm between them and extending it, causing pain and potential dislocation.

While in the video below, the boy continues to stand, depending on the technique, the girl can take the boy down to the ground. Once on the ground, the Footbar artwork position becomes clear. On the way down, when the boy falls and descends to the ground, a skilled technique places her feet into his face before he falls to the ground. As a surprise, an unplanned sexual encounter elicits the best pleasure. This technique will catch a boy off guard.

The Flyer technique in the Footbar submission

In the artwork sampled above, the boy presents on his stomach, inside the girl’s Footbar. In this position, the girl can flip the boy over onto his back. At the same time, maintaining her feet in his face and having her feet in control of his face.

Flipping the boy over onto his back elicits more control, and a higher level of dominance and submission can be achieved. Whether it be flipping the boy over onto his back or stomach or transitioning into another Footsutra position, continuously shifting positions increases the pleasure. Increased number of transitions increases the humiliation and dominance and enhances the pleasure and orgasm of the male.

A close-up view of the Footbar Submission position where the girl holds the boy in an armbar with her feet in his face

The Footbar Submission – Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques are specific actions (e.g., stroking, oral sex), taunts or commands (e.g., dirty talk, humiliation), bondage (e.g., cuffs, rope), or movements (e.g., restriction, immobile) that force a boy to orgasm in the Footbar Submission.

Erotic techniques are important across all of the Footsutra positions. These techniques help the girl force the boy into orgasm, and may also lead to orgasm herself. Here we explore the erotic techniques for the Footbar Submission. In your own sexual play, it is imperative to create your own erotic techniques through exploration with your partner.

The Foot Press is the first erotic technique in the Footbar Submission that involves choking and breathing restriction.

Depending on the girl’s length, she may elect to squeeze the boy’s neck with her feet. With this technique, the girl places one of her feet on the front of the boy’s neck. Next, she moves her second foot underneath his neck, so the top of her foot presses into the back of his neck.

While pulling and squeezing his arm, she presses down with her foot on the top of his neck while simultaneously pressing up with the foot behind his neck. Doing so causes the boy to choke. As he struggles, the girl then chooses what to do with her feet next, such as moving them back to his face, relieving some of the pressure on his neck, or potentially slipping one or multiple toes into his mouth.

The Footbar Cannon is the second erotic technique to complete a foot fetish cum and enhance the orgasmic foot fetish experience.

This technique is so named due to the way it looks when the girl successfully achieves it. Successfully achieving the Footbar Cannon means making the boy orgasm while locked in a Footbar Submission. The Footbar Cannon is achieved when the girl can grasp the boy’s penis while maintaining submission.

The Footbar Cannon erotic technique where the girl shoves a foot into the boy's mouth and forces orgasm by stroking
The Footbar Cannon Erotic Technique – View 1

While this may sound difficult, the girl may extend her arm and reach his penis. If the reach proves difficult, the girl forces the boy to move his lower body towards her, granting access. If this position begins with clothes on, the girl unzips or forces the boy’s pants down, and grants access to his penis. Once the girl has access, she strokes his cock repeatedly while using the Foot Press and maybe other techniques learned through experimentation.

Another view of the Footbar Cannon erotic technique where the boy sucks on the foot of a girl who shoved it in his mouth while stroking him to orgasm
The Footbar Cannon erotic technique – View 2

The girl should stroke the boy’s penis at the same rate her foot enters and exits his mouth. If only the girl’s toes fit into his mouth, then may him suck her toes over and over while she strokes him to orgasm. If the boy struggles, pull on his arm in the armbar to make him more obedient until orgasm.

Humiliation and Dominance factors in the Footbar Submission foot fetish position

Both humiliation and dominance play important roles across all Footsutra foot fetish positions. Here we discuss the humiliation and dominance as they relate to the Footbar Submission.

Humiliation Level

Humiliation factors and discussion for the Footbar Submission

The Footbar is a play on the fighting submission technique known as the Armbar. Usually, the Armbar is a winning submission that is nigh impossible to escape. The Footbar puts an added twist on the fighting technique. In the Footbar, the girl’s feet are purposely placed in the boy’s face.

While the images portray the boy on his stomach, this position is also possible in the boy’s traditional position lying down on his back, with his arm locked between her legs. In most cases, men feel embarrassed if being controlled by a female. This includes being placed in a submission. Other observers who see a boy placed in an armbar or a Footbar by a girl may consider that boy to be weak. Such feelings or observations give rise to humiliation and embarrassment, and for some men, it may increase the pleasure received.

Dominance Level:

Dominance factors and discussion for the Footbar Submission

The Footbar gives the girl high levels of control. Since the girl can fracture the boy’s arm, the dominance from the girl may be higher than the score of three pending forced use. This technique may catch a boy by surprise and exhibits immediate compliance from the girl should she trap the boy’s arm.

Even if the boy possesses the strength to stand, flip, or flop around while locked in the submission, the boy cannot escape it. The girl elects when to place her feet in the boy’s face and may do so at any time during the position. The position may also start with the girl’s feet in his face, and while the boy is distracted, move into the Footbar.

Three important traits and five virtues to consider for the Footbar Submission foot fetish position.

The first foot fetish trait to discuss is strength.

In the Footbar Submission, too much strength on behalf of the girl may lead to injury. Usually, wrestling or play-fighting leads to this position when the girl gains the upper hand in the fight. Please refer to the section in the Introduction post regarding humiliation and sexual games. If the girl possesses enough strength, she may flip the boy into the position if it starts on the boy’s stomach.

The second foot fetish trait to discuss is confidence.

Since this is technically a fighting position, confidence in the girl’s part goes a long way. If the girl starts to question if the position is right or lacks confidence in her abilities, the position will fail. When a position fails, pleasure fails with it. Therefore, confidence is important in this position and any other position in the Footsutra.

Finally, the last foot fetish trait to discuss is trust.

To ensure that no one gets injured, MMA’s same practice should apply to this position. And that same practice is the tapping out method. If the boy taps out, then the girl releases the hold on his arm. However, this does not mean that the girl needs to move her feet but does mean her hold on his arm should be released.

The five-foot fetish virtues apply to the Footbar Submission foot fetish position.

The foot fetish virtues consist of five main and key factors in foot fetish sexual play. Here, I discuss each virtue as it relates to the Footbar Submission foot fetish position.

The first foot fetish virtue to discuss is Smell.

Perhaps the most important virtue in foot fetishism, smell plays a large role in the Footbar Submission. Due to the position placing the girl’s feet in the boy’s face, mouth, and around his nose, the smell becomes a powerful pleasure virtue.

The second foot fetish virtue is Type.

Type relates to the particular style of feet. Feet come in many different shapes and sizes. Long, slender, wide, fat, big, small, etc. All foot types can achieve success in the Footbar Submission, but perhaps the best is the wide-type of foot that covers more width.

The third foot fetish virtue is Texture.

All foot textures can be utilized in this foot fetish position. Smooth, rough, scaly, wrinkled, and more.

The fourth foot fetish virtue is a discussion on Toes and Nails.

With primarily the soles covering the face, the toes and nails of the girl do not get much use. However, if the girl manages to shove her feet into the boy’s mouth, or move her feet in different angles, then the nails and toes become visible. This is important if the boy enjoys a particular nail polish or French pedicure.

The final virtue is Cleanliness.

On par with the top foot fetish virtue, cleanliness and smell are very similar. However, cleanliness takes it one step further and also relies on visible dirt. Around-the-house feet can take on a more dirty appearance if this is something the boy likes.

Multiple settings, guidelines, and best sexual practices for the Footbar Submission

Even if the boy is on his stomach, or lying on his back, one of the best sexual practices in this position is stroking, or penis-teasing. Depending on the height difference between the boy and girl, the girl can reach and stroke the boy’s penis; while locked in the Footbar, pulling his arm while her feet sit and slap his face.

If the boy presents clothed when the Footbar occurs, she lowers his pants and removes his boxers. This exposes his penis and allows her to play with it. Chances are, he will be erect before the removal of clothing because feet are in his face.

Taunts and other sexual practices

The girl can also taunt in this position, saying quotes such as:

“Take a deep breath.”
“Suck on my toes, or I keep extending your arm.”
“Get choked by my feet.”

It is best for the girl to not simply put her feet into his face and do nothing else. With her feet covering his face, she can do more than rest them there. For example, she can use the quotes, or other quotes or saying, to facilitate pleasure. Furthermore, she can slap him with her soles and feet. She can also turn his head back and forth with her toes and control both his face and head.

Also, she can place one of her feet on the front of his throat. One of her soles will be crushing or resting on the front of his neck. Next, she moves her other foot behind his head and neck. So, the top of her foot presses into the back of his neck. This creates a chokehold, in addition, to already locked in the Footbar.

A boy with a foot fetish, locked in the Footbar while choked with her feet; elicits high pleasure, especially if the girl strokes, rubs, or plays with his penis or testicles. For example, a quote to say in this position, “Let me hear a moan, or else I choke you harder with my feet. My feet will make you blackout!”

Where are the best possible settings to initiate a Footbar Submission foot fetish position?

Due to the submission-nature of this position, the ideal setting is to have an audience watching. For example, fighting at a party, with other partygoers serving as the audience. If caught in the Footbar, with other people watching, the boy’s humiliation and the amount of dominance the girl feels increases. The higher the humiliation and the higher the dominance, the higher and more pleasurable the orgasm and feelings associated with it.

The best sexual guidelines to ensure satisfaction and foot fetish cum and foot fetish femdom.

If such a setting is not possible, then the Footbar can be performed in the home. Any room residing in the home serves as a potential setting for the Footbar. To mimic the party-like setting, this position can be performed outdoors, in a yard, or a park.

Clearly, clothing must remain inside the park or other pubic-related areas. However, stroking through his pants or boxers can still occur, especially if a cloth, blanket, or other material covers the pelvis. In other words, the boy orgasms in parks or other public settings even while clothed.

Some of the best transitions into and out of the Footbar Submission using setup and erotic techniques and methods.

Transition discussions consist of how a couple can move between positions. For example, move from the Footbar Submission into the Guillotine position gracefully.

The Flyer Transition Model

One of the best sequences and transitions that can be achieved with the Footbar is described briefly above. If possible, pending strength and body type differences, the best way to start the Footbar is the flying technique shown in the video above.

Once this is achieved, the man will fall, more than likely to his knees, and then fall forward, still locked in the Footbar. This is where the woman will move her feet into his face unless she can move her feet into his face on the descent or when the male was on his knees.

If not, once the man is on his stomach, she moves her feet into his face during this time. Next, with her feet covering his face, or her soles covering his face, she uses her legs and feet and applies pressure and push.

Doing so will help maintain the strength and momentum needed to flip him over onto his back and complete the transition. Finally, once the man is on his back, she can reach down and start to undress his pants and boxers or start to stroke and play with his penis should he already be naked.

Footbar into Nessy’s Guillotine

This transition is possible when the man falls onto his stomach. Although he lies on his stomach, the woman can shift herself and ride him like a horse, facing the opposite direction. Once she is riding backward, she forces him up onto all forces and slips her legs under him and between his arms, so her feet contact his face. This completes a successful transition into the Guillotine foot fetish position.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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