A girl stands with a boy on her shoulders, both nude, and the girl barefoot on one of her tip toes with their fingers laced to show power

Fuckboy Ascension

A girl stands with a boy on her shoulders, both nude, and the girl barefoot on one of her tip toes with their fingers laced to show power

Learn the Fuckboy Ascension

The Fuckboy Ascension reverse engineers the Princess Ascension. The Fuckboy Ascension position gets its name from the humiliation of a naked boy being on the shoulders of a girl while stroking his penis and making him listen to her feet slapping, stomping, power-walking, and bouncing up and down.

This article discusses the Fuckboy Ascension foot fetish position found in the Footsutra.

Original creators: Rhea Hayworth & Vanesa Perez

Learn the specific setup and erotic techniques for the Fuckboy Ascension position by completing this article.

Please read the article in its entirety to ensure understanding of the position, as this foot fetish position is rather unique and is not generally seen in nature. To best understand this position, you need to understand the power of being lifted by feet, hearing feet, and feeling the bounce of on-and-off tiptoes.

Let’s get started.

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A boy with a orange beanie and his feet up in the air while he lies on his stomach in a selfie-style picture

“Such a powerful sensation… Hearing her feet stomp and slap the floor and bounce.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra

“Such a great name. Any boy going onto a girl’s shoulders is weak. Even more weak if he orgasms.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-founder

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IISetup Techniques
IIIErotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Virtues
VIBest Practices & More
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For humiliation, use the Fuckboy Ascension foot fetish sex position.

This is probably the most misunderstood position in the Footsutra. This position relies on the aesthetics of feet. Hearing feet hit and slap the floor. Feeling the girl get on and off her tip-toes. And more.

The girl shows off her fuckboy and shows everyone just how much of a fuckboy he is. Instead of the boy lifting the girl onto his shoulders, the girl lifts the boy onto her shoulders. I cannot stress enough the fact that the girl should be barefoot. Otherwise, the position is the same as any couple or two people performing a shoulder ride.

However, this position may prove difficult for some couples if there is no equal weight distribution or strength equality. The removal of clothing helps lessen the boy’s weight. Besides, this position should be performed when naked anyway. This gives the girl access to his penis while the boy rides her shoulders.

Fuckboy Ascension Foot Fetish Position Basics, Reasoning, and Logic

The position itself is simple, and the boy is upon the girl’s shoulders, essentially locked in on her shoulders with his ankles behind her back. The foot fetish arousal pattern arises from the girl’s thoughts, thinking, and ability to smack her feet on the floor.

The sound of her feet slapping the floor, the feeling of the girl’s power walking on her bare feet while upon her shoulders, brings excitement. However, this position may not be favored by everyone; however, it remains one of my favorites.

Many of you may become confused by this position, but I find it highly erotic for some reason. Whether that be the girl’s head between the boy’s legs, the sheer power, confidence, strength, or something else entirely, this position excites.

However, it may not entice everybody. This position shows off the power of the girl’s feet. Hearing her sweaty feet smack the floor, hearing her take powerful steps, stomps, and moving on and off her tiptoes is intoxicating to hear and experience.

The Shoulder Gate setup technique found in the Fuckboy Ascension position with the boy standing on a bed and the girl standing with her head between his legs ready to lift.

The Fuckboy Ascension – Setup Techniques

Fuckboy Ascension setup techniques are specific actions, preparations, taunts or commands, and gestures that force or heavily suggest entrance into the position.

The setup methods for the Fuckboy Ascension utilize practices that make this position less difficult and challenging for the girl. The simplest method being the girl stands, and the boy stands on a chair behind her.

The boy climbs onto her shoulders while the girl stands there and readies herself. While this may be the easiest method, this is not the most pleasurable or excitable. Furthermore, this position setup method is difficult to surprise the boy. However, there is one method that can be used to utilize the setup of the girl standing.

The first foot fetish setup technique in the Fuckboy Ascension foot fetish position – Shoulder Gate.

A side view of the Shoulder Gate setup technique where the boy stands on the bed with a shocked expression and the girl on her tiptoes with her head between his legs ready to lift.
The Shoulder Gate Setup Technique.

This setup technique represents one of the more surprising mounting methods. And also one of the more innocent setup techniques a girl performs. In this setup, the girl may innocently ask the boy to fix something higher than she can reach. Or maybe grab something on a top shelf. As a result, the boy grabs a chair and stands on it to grab or fix something.

When the boy stands on the chair, the girl moves swiftly into action. The girl moves behind the boy and forces his legs apart with her hands. If the boy’s legs are spread already, then the girl skips this step. Essentially, this is where the setup technique’s name comes from. The boy’s legs spread wide and resemble a gate to pass through. Lastly, before the mount, the girl takes off her shoes and socks to become barefoot.

Options on how the girl holds, strokes, and caresses the boy’s penis

Next, the girl options two different choices. The girl shoves her head between his legs and locks him on her shoulders; or, the girl reaches around and grabs his penis first. After she reaches around and grabs his penis, she shoves her head between his legs. Then, she hoists him up on her shoulders with her hand wrapped firmly around his penis. Boy on her shoulders, and penis in her hand, his penis can land in two different methods. The bottom of his penis and shaft press against the back of her head. Or, alternatively, the girl keeps his penis off to the side near his leg. This all occurs as he rides on her shoulders.

Regardless of where his penis rests, the girl starts stroking. She strokes in sync while she slaps and stomps her bare feet on the floor. Bouncing him provides more pleasure and should always be used if strength allows.

The second foot fetish setup technique in the Fuckboy Ascension position – Knighted.

In this technique, the girl gets down onto her knees and shows the soles of her feet. The girl should be facing away from the boy, with both soles of her feet showing. The girl may also elect to flex both of her arms to show off what she is about to do. In some cases of this setup technique, the boy may go straight for her feet and want to lick, suck, and smell them. At this point, it is up to the girl to stop him.

Overall, the Fuckboy Position gives the girl dominance and power and makes the boy feel humiliated, weak, and overall useless. At the same time, she carries him on her shoulders, listening to the sound of her feet hitting the pavement, tile, marble, or other hard-surfaced floors. In my experience with this position, the girl issues a taunt concerning the position she wants to perform.

A girl stands with a boy on his shoulders in the nude, ready to stroke him to orgasm while stomping and slapping her feet.

The Fuckboy Ascension – Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques are specific movements (e.g., bouncing, power-walking), actions (e.g., oral sex, stroking), taunts or commands (e.g., dirty talk, humiliation), and maneuvers that force a boy to orgasm in the Fuckboy Ascension position.

These specific erotic techniques can be performed by both the boy or the girl. However, from experience, it is the girl who uses the erotic techniques to force or compel orgasm. For example, using the image to the left (desktop) or above (mobile), the girl would start stroking while slapping and stomping her feet to induce orgasm.

The first foot fetish erotic technique in the Fuckboy Ascension – Fuckboy Howitzer.

The Fuckboy Howitzer takes place once the position starts, and a setup technique, or other technique/method, helped enter the position. With the boy on her shoulders, the girl can use the first erotic technique, known as the Fuckboy Howitzer. However, this position does not always lead to an erection, and may not be possible to do any erotic technique unless the boy erects. This assumes that the boy achieves an erection.

The girl assumes full control and starts to bounce the boy. She slaps her bare feet on the ground, either on a hard, marble, or tile surface that emits sound. The girl wants to make sure the boy hears her feet slap on the ground even when power walking. The girl reaches up behind her and grabs his penis. Even if his penis is not erect, the girl can start stroking regardless. The penis does not have to be erect for the girl to start stroking it.

The second erotic technique, and much more humiliating, in the Fuckboy Ascension – Golden Shower.

The Golden Shower technique puts both the boy and girl lying down. As always, in this foot fetish position, the boy rides the girl’s shoulders, but they are both lying down on their back on a flat surface (a bed is the most common surface). The girl raises her feet to the sky and straightens her legs upwards; then arches backward as much as she can and makes the boy grab onto her feet and hold them.

The girl is in a very similar position, as seen in the Eclipse foot fetish position. But instead, the boy is on her shoulders, like a traditional shoulder ride, but lying down on a surface. This eases the girl’s pressure and does not require the girl to use strength to hold the boy upright. Basically, the girl must have no strength to hold the boy on her shoulders if they are both lying on a flat surface.

Once the boy holds and rubs her feet, the girl points the boy’s erect penis towards his face. She starts to rub and stroke his penis to help him achieve a foot fetish orgasm while he rubs and caresses her feet with his hands. The girl does not stop and continues to stroke until the girl forces him to orgasm all over himself.

Humiliation and Dominance as they apply to the Fuckby Ascension position for a foot fetish

Humiliation Level

The humiliation factors and discussion for the Fuckboy Ascension

The Fuckboy Ascension receives a 5-star humiliation rating. Typically, the shoulder ride involves the girl being up on the boy’s shoulders, seen at festivals, concerts, beaches, etc. However, with the girl possessing the strength to lift the boy onto her shoulders instead, this reverse in the normal creates a high level of humiliation.

Furthermore, this coupled with others potentially seeing the boy riding on the girl while she stomps her feet around, flexes, and strokes his penis, while he sits atop her shoulders, invokes further humiliation on behalf of the boy. The humiliation further enhances if others observe this position, whispering and muttering about how the boy is weak or useless, and the girl is strong and powerful.

The girl cuffs the boy’s hands behind his back and then lifts him. Also, the girl places cuffs around his ankles. If such occurs, the girl will kneel in front of the boy and slip her arms behind her and in between his legs and up onto her shoulders. This method ensures the boy’s feet hook around her back and are still cuffed together.

Dominance Level

The dominance factors and discussion for the Fuckboy Ascension

The Fuckboy Ascension receives a 3-star dominance rating. Compared to the Humiliation Level, the reduced rating is due to some boys and girls not viewing the top of a shoulder ride as submissive.

In general, and in other fetishes, the dominant is on top of the shoulder ride. In other words, the person receiving the shoulder ride is considered the dominant and powerful rather than the lifter or person giving the shoulder ride. The individual (girl or boy) giving the other a shoulder ride is not always viewed as the dominant and is more likely viewed as the submissive.

However, the Fuckboy Ascension position challenges this notion and reverse this, so the boy receiving the shoulder ride is submissive, while the girl giving the shoulder ride is dominant. In essence, the argument made is that a girl possessing the strength to lift her boy, or a boy in general, is rare, and if it does occur and succeeds, she enters the scene as the dominant in the position, rather than the submissive.

Initiating dominance as the boy

In the Fuckboy Ascension, it is possible for the boy to take control and be dominant. Traditionally, the one riding on the shoulders is the dominant one. To take full dominance, the boy forces himself onto the girl’s shoulders; regardless of whether the girl supports his weight. If the girl cannot, then she stays on the ground, either sitting or kneeling. If the girl has the strength, then she stands, with the boy forcefully riding on her shoulders.

Once the boy forces himself and controls the girl, he forcefully bounces himself and commands her to walk around. He commands her to stomp her feet so that he hears her soles slap on the ground. He commands that the girl rise on and off on her tiptoes. If the girl does not obey these commands, then the boy initiates a punishment: squeezing her neck with his legs and choking her, or using a whip or some other sexual weapon.

The boy forcefully rides on her shoulders and neck until orgasm, or until he finishes the position and transitions into another position.

The Five Virtues of Foot Fetishism as they apply to the Fuckboy Ascension foot fetish stroking position

The five virtues of foot fetishism explained for the Fuckboy Ascension foot fetish position.

The first virtue to discuss is Smell – which matters!

This virtue does not really apply in the Fuckboy Ascension position. However, if the girl’s feet smell very bad and perhaps very sweaty, this virtue may apply. However, generally speaking, it is hard to smell the feet of someone you sit on the shoulders.

The second virtue is Type – and believe me, the type of foot makes a difference

The type of foot here does play a role in balance. For the Fuckboy Ascension position, the wider the foot, the more balance (at least in theory).

The third virtue is Texture – Smooth? Wrinkled?

The texture virtue of the girl’s feet does not matter too much either. However, wrinkled or more dry soles may improve balance in the short term when the boy elevates onto her shoulders.

The fourth virtue is the toes and nails – definitely important!

The toes/nails virtue does play a role in this position. One of the hallmark movements in the Fuckboy Ascension is to issue taunts. Therefore, one of these taunts involves the girl sticking one of her feet out and forward, very similar to toe pointing and foot extending. Doing so enables the boy to sit on her shoulders to see her toes, nails, and feet in general.

The final virtue is cleanliness – may play a role!

This virtue does not directly apply to the Fuckboy Ascension because the girl’s feet are not in the general vicinity of his face, mouth, or nose. One of the best methods is for the girl to leave footprints behind. She walks and bounces the boy on her shoulders, around the room, leaving footprints in her wake. These footprints may result from being dirty, or unclean. Or maybe something else entirely.

Best Sexual Practices, Guidelines, Settings, and Transitions to make the Fuckboy Ascension a unique foot fetish and femdom experience.

To humiliate the boy even further, it is best to have pictures, images, or more of the girl around the room, house, or setting where the Fuckboy Ascension position occurs. Place images of the girl being sexy, showing her feet, posing, and maybe even pictures of the girl having her feet in his mouth, covering his face, and more. You want to make sure the boy knows who is in control.

Therefore, if the girl parades the boy around on her shoulders as she strokes him, and his wrists and ankles tied, the boy does not know what to do. The girl should direct where his eyes should go. The girl places posters, pictures, or plays videos of herself being sexy and erotic. Then, the boy’s eyes fall to these images while she pleasures him in the Fuckboy Ascension.

If the girl possesses the strength to hold the boy on her shoulders in the reverse fashion, a mirror makes sure the boy stares and can see her feet. If the girl stays on her knees, and the boy rides her shoulders in the reverse fashion where the girl gives him oral and sucks his dick, then the boy can stare at the soles of her feet in a mirror or reflective surface.

Where to perform the Fuckboy Ascension? The ideal settings and locations.

The best setting for the Fuckboy Position is in a public setting, or where the boy will feel most humiliated. It is not as natural seeing a boy upon a girl’s shoulders while she moves around. Traditionally, the paradigm is the girl riding on the boy. With the boy riding on top of the girl’s shoulders, this draws more stares, pointing, and discussion from others if observed in public. Unless on a nudist beach, the boy and girl cannot be nude. However, it is still possible for the boy to feel pleasure even while clothed in a public setting.

Fantasy helps the boy increase his pleasure while he rides on the girl. The boy should think about her feet and how the girl is strong enough to hold him while she parades around with him barefoot. The boy should think about how dirty her feet are getting, and if the boy likes dirty smells, think about how nasty her feet will smell while she sweats.

With the girl stomping, bouncing, and getting on and off of her tiptoes, the boy should receive pleasure along the underside of his shaft, should his penis be tucked into his waistband, with the bottom of his shaft rubbing up against the back of her head. Alternatively, his penis may also move to the side of her head and gives her easier access to rub it through his pants should she choose.

Learn the best sexual guidelines to ensure the best femdom and foot fetish experience.

Perhaps the most important guideline here is to make sure that the girl possesses the strength to perform the position. The Fuckboy Ascension foot fetish position requires a significant amount of strength. However, should the girl not possess the strength needed to stand, she may also elect to perform the position on her knees. Being on her knees still captures the essence of the position and can be further utilized if the girl holds the boy on her shoulders in a reverse fashion described above, using a mirror to help him gaze and stare at her feet.

Which positions transition easily into the Fuckboy Ascension foot fetish stroking position?

With the girl holding the boy in the Fuckboy Ascension position, the boy is on her shoulders. The girl may elect to slam the boy down onto a bed or other surface by falling forward. When the girl falls forward, the boy will slam down onto the surface face first, and depending on how the boy falls; the boy may fall onto all fours. The all-fours position is a classic position in the Footsutra, which opens a lot of potential positions. Likewise, if the boy falls onto his stomach and thus lays on his stomach, the girl can move to enter another position, such as the Huntress Trap.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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