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Learn the Hydra foot fetish position…

The Hydra is designed to have one or both feet in the boy’s face or mouth during intercourse. Hydra plays on a classic sexual intercourse position, known as the Cowgirl. However, the Cowgirl turns into the Hydra using the girl’s legs.

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A quote from the Admin.

“Worship feet during intercourse… Perhaps the ultimate goal.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

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“Such power comes from forcing worship during sex. Enjoy it.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-Founder

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IISetup Techniques
IIIErotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Traits
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The Hydra is a Unique Foot Fetish Sexual Intercourse Position

The Hydra is a foot fetish sex position that uses many different foot fetish games to enhance the foot fetish and femdom experience. Hydra is an intercourse position found in the Footsutra.

The girl chooses to ride the boy’s penis or first place her feet in the boy’s face. Each method has the same result, with the girl’s feet in the boy’s face or mouth. To begin, the girl straddles the boy and slips his penis into her vagina.

Once in the classic cowgirl position, the girl swings her legs out in front of her and places her feet next to the boy’s face. An alternative method is for the girl to place her feet on the boy’s face first. The girl forces the boy down onto his back or pushes him onto the bed. Next, she hops up and shoves her feet into the boy’s face.

A boy with a foot fetish will become distracted, and the girl starts to work his penis while he perks up. With her feet covering his face and the girl sitting right next to his now erect penis, the girl slips his penis inside of her, using her hands if needed and pressing her feet into his face for more balance while she consumes his penis inside of her.

An aerial view of the Hydra foot fetish sex position found in Rhea Hayworth's Footsutra

The Hydra – Setup Techniques

Foot fetish setup techniques are specific movements, commands, and body actions that force a boy into the Hydra foot fetish position.

Some Footsutra positions are hard to get into, and some are not. Regardless, foot fetish setup techniques exist in each position to help a girl force a boy into the position. These are the setup techniques for the Hydra foot fetish sex position.

The first setup technique is called Awake the Beast.

Awake the Beast is a Setup Technique to help enter the Hydra position. For this Setup Technique, the girl jumps up and wraps her legs around the boy while the boy holds her. The boy stands, in this case, with the girl’s legs around his waist. They can kiss, make-out, etc. The girl’s main purpose is to continue the position. Next, the boy will more than likely sit, lie down, or move to some surface to enjoy the position more.

Once the boy falls to the ground, sits on the couch, or gives a platform to open the Hydra position, that is when the girl acts. The girl quickly swings her legs and plants her feet in the boy’s face once he sits or lies down.

At this stage, his penis does not have to be in the girl’s vagina, and in some couple cases, the boy may not yet be erect and requires her feet in his face, mouth, or on other parts of his body to become erect.

In most cases, the boy moves onto the bed, with the girl’s back on the bed and the boy on top of her with her legs around his waist. While not ideal, the girl can then flip him over to be on top while she straddles his waist.

The Setup Technique “Awake the Beast” has the girl attempt a transition from a normal sexual encounter to a beast initiating dominance and a Footsutra position. Mastering the Footsutra takes time, but once the girl knows how to transition from a normal sexual encounter to a Footsutra and dominant position, she is one step closer to mastering the art of foot fetishes. This setup technique helps the girl enhance her control and transition from normal to a beast who takes charge of her feet.

Next, for the second foot fetish setup technique, we have Sacrifice.

The Setup Technique: Sacrifice enters chains, whips, ropes, and other forms of restriction to help setup the Hydra position. This setup technique utilizes these devices to enhance restriction and obedience. The girl issues a surprise attack and uses cuffs, rope, chains, or other methods to cuff the boy’s wrists behind his back.

While this simple restriction may lead to many different Footsutra positions, utilizing the method of restriction in Hydra requires some creativity.

For example, once the girl cuffs the boy, she pushes him onto the bed, couch, or another surface where she forces him to sit or lie down. Once the girl forces the cuffs onto the boy, she wants to get her feet into his face, mouth, or around his penis as quickly as possible. With the Hydra, the girl wants her feet near his face, in his mouth, or possibly around his neck.

However, with the boy cuffed, ideally with his wrists behind his back, the girl can tease him by straddling his chest and wrapping her feet around his penis. Ensure eye contact is maintained during this teasing. As a reminder, the boy has his hands cuffed behind his back, and possibly his ankles cuffed as well. The girl straddles his chest and dangles her breasts above his face while collapsing the soles of her feet around his member.

Maintain eye contact and show the boy who is the boss. The girl may tease for as long as she wants to the point the boy begins to beg for it. At this point, the girl elects to move down, and straddle the boy’s waist and slip his erect penis into her vagina. Then, she swings her legs around and plants one of her soles in his face. This begins the Hydra position.

A side-view of the Hydra foot fetish sex position

The Hydra – Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques are specific actions, taunts, commands, and movements that occur INSIDE the Hydra foot fetish position that leads a boy to orgasm.

Erotic techniques help facilitate orgasm in the boy, and sometimes the girl. Each Footsutra position has erotic techniques, but I implore you to create your own techniques. The foot fetish erotic techniques in the Hydra have femdom characteristics. Let’s get started.

The first foot fetish erotic technique in the Hydra foot fetish position is Medusa’s Gaze.

Medusa’s Gaze is the art of maintaining eye contact between the boy and girl. In this technique, the girl wants to maintain eye contact with the boy as much as possible. By the time this technique occurs, the girl already possesses control of the boy’s face with her feet. In other words, the girl’s soles should be covering the boy’s face; or, one of her feet should be in his mouth while she does what she wants with her second foot.

With this control comes a simple trick to entice, enslave, and obey. The girl uses her feet to keep the boy’s head still and his face in one direction. That direction is forward. Furthermore, if the boy tries to look away, struggle, turn his face left and right or move his head, the girl must strengthen her resolve. That resolves occurs in many ways.

If the boy struggles and resists Medusa’s Gaze, her feet must dig into his face. The girl presses her soles into his face, probably leaving footprints in her wake. Also, the girl moves one foot to each side of his face and presses his face together. This keeps his face and head locked, with the only direction he can look being forward. Once eye contact occurs, the girl rides his cock in a steady motion. The longer the stare and eye contact occur between the boy and girl, the easier it will control him.

The girl needs less power and strength as the time of the stare increases. The boy succumbs to the stare, and his pleasure increases exponentially. Once obedient and the stare maintained, the girl possesses free reign to do what she wants with her feet.

Normally, this would be whatever the boy likes most to get him to organize. For example, if the boy likes feet in his mouth the most, she shoves one of her feet into his mouth. Or, if the girl enjoys it, she can prolong the position and technique and orgasm herself.

The second foot fetish erotic technique in the Hydra foot fetish position is called Cthulhu Bounce.

The Cthulhu Bounce is the second technique in the Hydra intercourse position. The Cthulhu Bounce is a technique executed when a girl controls the boy’s face with her feet. Once the girl locks in the Hydra and the girl has her feet on the boy’s face, her focus turns to his penis. This technique can be used in combination with the first technique, Medusa’s Gaze; however, eye contact does not need to be maintained in this position for it to work.

The Cthulhu Bounce technique explores how the girl rides the boy’s penis in the Hydra. Once in the Hydra, the girl uses her arms and hands to maintain balance, strength, and control to plunge herself up and down the boy’s penis. This position has the girl completely on the boy; whereas, her soles press into the boy’s face, or at the very least, one of her feet is in the boy’s mouth while her second footrests on the boy’s face.

Next, the girl has the boy’s penis inside her while the girl essentially sits in the boy’s lap. And lastly, the girl places her hands on the boy’s thighs.

This is perhaps the most important part of the position. The girl has her hands behind her on top of the boy’s thighs or legs. If the girl needs to spread the boy’s legs apart, even far apart, for her to achieve better balance, then she does so.

Furthermore, the girl sets the boy’s legs where they need to be. Depending on the girl, sometimes the boy has his legs close together; and for other girls, she spreads his legs wide like open scissors to balance herself properly. Based on a study, the boys with their legs spread wider feel more humiliated than a boy who has his legs closed or in a normal position compared to a scissor.

Humiliation and dominance in the Hydra foot fetish sex position

Humiliation and dominance play large roles in the Footsutra. Here we explore how the Hydra ranks in these important domains.

Humiliation Level

Humiliation factors and discussion for the Sole Buster

A humiliation factor of three is the standard humiliation level in the Footsutra due to the humiliation a boy may feel with a girl’s feet covering his face. Once a girl’s feet enter the face, mouth, or secured around a boy’s penis, she reigns. Even more reign in the Hydra, as the girl controls the boy’s penis in addition to his face using one or both feet pending flexibility.

The humiliation increases if the girl elects to utilize restrictions, such as rope, cuffs, or other various binding forms. If the boy’s wrists are cuffed either in front or behind him, if his ankles are bound, are if rope surrounds him, the girl heightens her reign. In addition to bindings, the girl enhances this reign by slamming her feet into the boy’s face and his mouth while riding his penis.

Domination Level

Dominance factors and discussion for the Sole Buster

The standard dominance level of three represents the Hydra. While the Hydra itself does not scream dominance, it does promote its degree to execute it effectively. Dominance in Project Footsutra is a measure of how easy it would be for a boy to escape the position. However, if a boy is bound, gagged, or cuffed, any position becomes significantly harder to escape. Therefore, the dominance score is a measure of the position itself and not any external variables.

Three important traits to consider for the Hydra foot fetish position.

These three traits: strength, confidence, and trust seem to be a common theme throughout the Footsutra. Therefore, each of these traits is discussed for the Sole Buster foot fetish position.

The first trait to discuss is Strength.

There are not really any strength requirements to fulfill this position. The Hydra does not require strength to perform, execute, or utilize. However, it may require some flexibility or endurance to execute correctly. Pending the position, the girl takes, especially if both of her feet pounce on the boy’s face, she may need some upper body or arm strength to make sure she can slide herself up and down the length of the boy’s penis—the more intricate Hydra techniques described below play on this strength requirement.

The second trait to discuss is Confidence.

Confidence comes into play in the position setup and during the setup and erotic techniques described below. The girl cannot question what she will do and should already have a plan in mind regarding position setup and execution. The more intricate the position setup, the more pleasurable the position will be. In essence, if the girl lacks confidence while executing any technique found in a position, the technique fails.

The final trait to discuss is Trust.

The Hydra potentially uses breathing restriction if the girl elects to collapse her feet around the boy’s neck. Doing so requires trust to make sure no pain or other injury occurs. One of the sexual techniques utilizes breathing restriction and control, and therefore shall not be attempted with someone he or she does not trust.

There are many different settings, guidelines, best sexual practices, and transitions into and out of the Hydra foot fetish position

Sometimes the best way to practice a position is with clothes on. Sometimes, the girl knows Project Footsutra techniques while the boy with a foot fetish is clueless about what she is doing. The girl elects to mess around with this position with clothes to gauge the best methods and techniques.

For example, if the girl tests the position before executing it, maybe she knows she needs to spread the boy’s legs a little bit to maintain her balance. Due to height differences between boys and girls, and height and body differences of couples in general, it may be best to practice this technique with clothes first to test the balance and physics of it.

Technically, the Hydra position can occur in any setting, including public settings. However, clothes would have to remain on if executed in public, such as a park. This position does not require clothes and may occur with clothes on. It would be even easier for the girl if she wore sandals or flip flops; that way, she would kick them off easily and be barefoot with her feet at the ready.

Public settings for any Footsutra position are best executed with surprise, especially if in a park or a dressing room, if someone sees you doing the Hydra in public with clothes on, who cares! Let your boy know who controls him and let all the onlookers observe that the girl holds power.

What are some guidelines to consider for this foot fetish cum position?

This position is one of the more difficult positions in Project Footsutra because it requires the girl to multi-task. The boy, basically, must lie there and receive pleasure. This position can be viewed as a reward since it will require the girl to work overtime in this position.

Do not be discouraged if this position is not executed the best the first time. It rarely works and remains difficult to execute well the first time. However, with more practice comes the thrill of the position succeeding. How many times does it take to try and attempt this position before executed perfectly? Who knows?

That specific number always varied in number pending on the boy and girl performing it. Furthermore, if the boy and girl know each other, this tends to increase the success rate of the position succeeding. The position succeeds when the boy achieves orgasm or if the girl achieves orgasms. Believe it or not, there are girls out there in the world who enjoy having their feet, soles, or toes sucked, but they are hard to find. At least in my experience.

Transitions to keep in mind when using the Hydra foot fetish position.

The Hydra position transitions into some of the other Footsutra positions rather easily. If the girl manages to flip the boy over onto his stomach, this opens many other positions for the girl to utilize.

Perhaps one of the most common transitions for the Hydra is into the Sidewinder position. Ultimately, the girl may choose to fall onto her side and use her momentum to force the boy to turn with her. This transitions into the Sidewinder positions and opens up the possibility for the erotic techniques in the Sidewinder.

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Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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