Baseline, 69-based foot fetish oral sex position

Another rear view of the Baseline foot fetish position with the girl on top similar to the 69 but with her feet in his face

Learn the Baseline foot fetish position…

The Baseline foot fetish position mimics the classic 69, but with a rather unique foot fetish twist and variation.

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A boy with a orange beanie and his feet up in the air while he lies on his stomach in a selfie-style picture
A quote from the Admin.

“Intense pressure on chest and stomach, but feet in the face takes the pain away.”

— The Footsutra Journals. Rhea Hayworth, Founder

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A quote from Nessy.

“Pretty intense position for the boy; full weight on chest and stomach.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-founder

IBaseline Position Description
IIBaseline Setup Techniques
IIIBaseline Erotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Virtues
VISettings and Transitions
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The Baseline foot fetish position plays on the classic 69 oral sex position

Baseline, a foot fetish oral sex position found in the Footsutra, begins with the boy lying down on his back. Next, the girl kneels on top of his chest, facing his penis like she might be attempting a 69 position.

However, when she kneels, her feet plant straight into the boy’s face while she hovers her lips over his penis. This allows the girl to have her feet in the boy’s face and possibly a foot in his mouth; while the girl gives him oral. This is a fantastic foot fetish experience and provides the girl an opportunity to practice and enhance her femdom.

While the artist’s renditions and drawings help imagine the position, it may be different when performed in the wild. For example, in the artist’s accounts and graphics, we see the girl completely kneeling on the boy’s chest. Her feet dangle in his face.

However, in the wild, the girl may have her legs off to the side, like she straddles her chest. She may slip her legs up underneath his armpits and touch his face with her feet. Regardless of the final position, the Baseline position resembles a 69 position emphasizing her feet.

An overhead view of the Baseline foot fetish position with the girl on top in a 69-type position.

Baseline – Setup Techniques

Baseline setup techniques are specific tricks, methods, maneuvers, taunts or commands, and actions that force the position, or heavily suggest the position is imminent.

Setup techniques are primarily used by a girl to force a boy into the Baseline foot fetish position. These techniques are specific and forced movements, actions, potential wrestling, and other methods of entering the Baseline position. The setup techniques discussed below on how to enter the Baseline position were discovered by the Admin during the creation and exploration of the position with Nessy. Without further ado, let’s break down these discovered setup techniques. However, I implore you to create and use your own setup techniques as the position is explored and experimented with.

The first foot fetish setup technique for the Baseline position – Footdriver

The boy (with a foot fetish) decides to initiate this foot fetish session and setup technique. Typically, the girl initiates setup techniques, but in the Footdriver technique, the boy starts it. First, the boy will pick the girl up in a very similar fashion seen in wrestling (the tombstone piledriver). The boy will need a certain degree of strength to pull off this setup technique. Without the physical strength necessary, the boy may drop and seriously injure the girl he tried to hold.

The boy holds the girl upside-down, in a standing 69 or in the tombstone piledriver (both are pretty similar). The boy stands there and holds her while they pleasure each other. The girl should bend her knees and attempt to get her feet into the boy’s field of vision. The boy grabs and holds her feet if his strength and her grip in the standing 69 are strong enough.

Once the boy feels like it, he falls or lies down on the bed, or body slams the girl forward. Either way, the Baseline position starts once the girl moves her feet into his face upon landing.

The second foot fetish setup technique in the Baseline foot fetish position – Mounted

Mounted represents one of the simpler techniques. And maybe a great place to start exploring setup techniques for this foot fetish position.

One may not even be able to call this a setup technique. But in this technique, the girl pushes the boy down and straddles either his face to start or his chest. Regardless of where the boy and girl sit or how they position, the girl shoves the boy backward. The boy falls back, and the girl straddles his chest to place her feet on his face. Remember, the emphasis is always on her feet and needs to be utilized almost 100% of the time.

Another rear view of the Baseline foot fetish position with the girl on top similar to the 69 but with her feet in his face

The Baseline – Erotic Techniques

Baseline erotic techniques are specific actions (e.g., oral sex, stroking), taunts or commands (e,g., dirty talk), movements (e.g., often forced movements), or worship (e.g., foot in the mouth) that force a boy to orgasm.

Erotic techniques are specific actions, movements, taunts, gestures, and more that a girl uses once inside the position. In other words, erotic techniques only occur when INSIDE the Baseline foot fetish position. While Erotic Techniques are used by the girl, sometimes the boy can use an Erotic Technique to make himself orgasm. The erotic techniques discussed below were discovered by the Admin during experimentation of the Baseline position with Nessy. I implore you to find, create, and use your own erotic techniques.

The first foot fetish erotic technique in the Baseline position – Socket Wrench

The Socket Wrench foot fetish erotic technique starts when both the boy and girl are in the Baseline position. The name of this erotic technique comes from the mouth actions of both the boy and the girl. The girl sucks the boy’s penis, while the boy moves his lips up and down her feet. Ultimately, the girl sucks on the boy’s penis, while the boy sucks on the girl’s feet. This synchronous trade of oral pleasure is the highlight of the Socket Wrench technique. Both the boy’s and girl’s mouths act as a socket wrench to the boy’s penis and the girl’s feet.

Synchronicity is important here in that both parties should not just go as hard as they can. The girl should issue a reward if the boy sucks her feet well enough and to her satisfaction. For example, the boy gets rewarded with her mouth on his penis. For the girl, always remember that you are in a femdom position. The girl continues and resumes control regardless of how the position started.

The second foot fetish erotic technique in the Baseline foot fetish position – Foot-Scissor Glider

The girl adjusts her position to where she puts the boy’s head in a reverse head-scissor position. Her legs collapse around the boy’s head and squeeze his head and neck in a tight head-scissor. Such a transition into this erotic technique may still occur while the girl pleasure’s the boy’s penis. Once the girl locks in the reverse headscissor, she has different options to go with her feet.

The first option, the girl may bend her knees and bring her feet back up towards his face. Remember, the girl keeps the boy in the reverse headscissor. She gets her lowers legs upward, like posing. The girl stops sucking the boy’s penis here.

Next, she demands that the boy grab and hold onto her feet after she bends them up. In a reverse head-scissor, and when the girl bends her knees towards her, her feet near the boy’s face. The girl issues a command. The boy holds and grabs onto her feet like handlebars while massaging and rubbing them. Once this occurs, the girl resumes oral sex with the boy while he holds, rubs, and massages her two feet.

Furthermore, her two feet should be within his visual field so that he can also stare and drool over them. If the boy turns his head to see her feet, that is an advanced technique in the area of femdom. He wants to see her feet. The girl makes him turn his head, without him realizing he is being controlled.

A third foot fetish erotic technique in the Baseline position is the Yoga-L

The Yoga-L is a classic position seen in traditional and advanced yoga practice. However, in the Baseline Footsutra position, the Yoga-L is a technique that makes the boy suck on the girl’s feet. This technique’s goal is for the girl to shove one or both (depending on the size) feet into his mouth. Using the images in this position as guidance, the girl elevates her butt into the air and straightens her legs.

Essentially, she stands and uses the boy’s face as the ground. She moves her hands to the top of the boy’s legs and presses down on his legs. To place one foot into his mouth, she points her foot. She may have to place her other foot firmly on the ground to maintain balance. To enhance this technique or any technique for this foot fetish position, the girl can bind his hands together.

An overhead view of the BASELINE foot fetish position with the girl on top of the boy and her feet in his face and the boy on his back in a variation to the classic 69 position

Humiliation and dominance discussions

This section explores how to best utilize dominance and humiliation methods and practice in the Baseline foot fetish position.

A front view of the Baseline foot fetish position

Here we discuss the highlights of humiliation and dominance in the Baseline foot fetish position

This section explores how to best utilize dominance and humiliation methods and practice in the Baseline foot fetish position.

Humiliation and dominance play a role in any position found in the Footsutra. In this section, we provide a ranking (from 1 to 5) for both humiliation and dominance and discuss the importance of each.

Humiliation Level for the Baseline foot fetish position: Two out of Five Stars

Humiliation factors and discussion in the Baseline position

The Baseline foot fetish sex position does contain some level of humiliation. For the boy, he may feel humiliated with the girl in the Baseline position instead of the classic 69 positions. It makes others wonder why he would prefer feet over a classic 69.

On the other hand, the girl may also feel humiliated because she is using an alternate technique where her feet represent her pussy since the boy has a foot fetish. This starts a sort of foot fetish game between the two of them. Regardless, the Baseline position for those with a foot fetish exhibits a higher level of pleasure and orgasm than a classic 69 position. This is, no doubt, because of the fetish. Thus, two stars are given for the humiliation level in this foot fetish position.

Dominance Level for the Baseline Foot Fetish position: Two out of Five Stars

Dominance factors and discussion in the Baseline position

The Baseline foot fetish oral sex position has a base dominance level of two out of five stars. However, this level can increase depending on the girl’s confidence and the level of femdom she is comfortable with. For example, using an erotic technique increases the level of dominance portrayed by the girl. Furthermore, the girl’s dominance level would increase if she forced the boy into the position or, as discussed previously, uses an erotic technique successfully.

Understanding dominance from the boy perspective

This position opens the possibility for the boy to turn into the dominant. A 69-type of sex position, which is how the Baseline started, gives the boy power. In other words, he may choose to force the girl to suck his penis while he sucks on her feet. The boy grabs her back, or back of her head if he can reach, and forces her down. He repeats this motion, up and down, forcing her to suck on him.

The boy may also use restraints against the girl. If the girl’s hands are cuffed behind her back, the boy gains the power to control what she does. Also, the boy may choose to roll the position. With the boy now on top in the Baseline, he now asserts more control and dominance. He forces his penis in and out of the girl’s mouth and in essence, fucks her mouth. Meanwhile, her feet still occupy his face, and the boy continues to suck and lick the girl’s feet while he rams his penis inside of her mouth. Her hands may be tied or unbound in this position and depend solely on the level of dominance exhibited by the boy.

The five virtues as they pertain to the Baseline Foot Fetish oral sex position

The first virtue is smell

The smell does play a role in this position since the girl’s feet will be around the boy’s nose. With her feet this close, scent plays an important role and may impact the boy’s pleasure and experience. Thinking in terms of femdom, the girl should cater to what turns the boy on the most. Therefore, before entering this position, the girl ensures her feet smell like the boy desires to provide proper femdom.

The second virtue is type

Longer and slender feet (short in width, long in length) allows the girl to execute more control over the boy. However, these types of feet on girls are rare and are more common to have a length and width proportional. She still executes a high degree of control over his face for girls with wider feet. But it may prove difficult for her to get her feet into his mouth if her feet are wider.

The third virtue is texture

Smooth is generally the more attractive foot texture for girls. However, wrinkled soles still garner some attention.

The fourth virtue is toes and nails

For the most part, toes and nails do not play much of a role in the Baseline position. However, if the girl manages to get her feet into his mouth, her toes’ length would matter due to her moving her toes around inside his mouth. Nails also play a role in this position, including nail color. For example, a French pedicure, or any pedicure, becomes visible if the boy looks directly up in the position.

The final virtue is cleanliness

Regardless of clean or dirty soles, it is hard to see the soles in this position unless the girl curved or arched her feet somehow. One of the best utilization of a girl with dirty soles is to make the boy’s face dirty. If a girl rubs, smacks, and slams her dirty feet around on the boy’s face, then the boy’s face will be covered in the dirt from her soles. Thus, enhancing her femdom.

There are many settings, guidelines, best sexual practices, and transitions to make the Baseline pleasurable for the boy and femdom for the girl

In addition to the techniques and discussions above, there are further discussions on other areas for the Baseline. For example, the ideal settings and locations to perform the Baseline position. As well as additional guidelines, best sexual practices, and transitions to help enhance the Baseline experience.

Where can the Baseline foot fetish position be performed?

While this position can be performed with clothes on, it is not recommended. However, the girl may elect to start with clothes on, with bare feet, and strip off her clothes as the position progresses. This is a great way to practice femdom techniques. It also helps get into the mindset of the femdom role for the girl. It is recommended to utilize Footsutra positions and techniques in other areas besides the bedroom.

Use the kitchen, living room, patio, deck, and even the backyard. Pleasure and femdom control for both the boy and girl increases in other areas where the positions and techniques are not expected to occur (such as public settings). Attempting any Footsutra position or technique in public, such as in dressing rooms or isolated stores or areas, is encouraged but risky.

What are some guidelines for executing this position?

It is always best to experiment with restraints, cuffs, ropes, and pain when trying Footsutra positions. For example, the girl can cuff the boy’s ankles behind his back in this position should that be something that turns him on. Furthermore, his ankles could also be cuffed or restricted, as well. In my experience, humiliation is almost always pleasurable and should be explored in any Footsutra position, technique, or setting.

How do we transition into and out of the Baseline Footsutra foot fetish position?

One of the classic transitions for this position emerges from a Vanilla oral position. The classic 69 position transitions directly into the Baseline. The woman needs to maneuver herself to where her feet rest, sit or go near the boy’s face while simultaneously stimulating, sucking, rubbing, or stroking the boy’s penis and/or testicles. Furthermore, the boy’s ass and his asshole are within reach should the boy be into that kind of play.

The Execution Sentence can transition well into and out of the Baseline foot fetish sex position. In theory, the Execution Sentence position and the Baseline position only has one difference: the boy is face down as opposed to face-up. The girl simply flips the boy over from face-down to face-up and this successfully transitions into the Baseline foot fetish oral sex position.

Rhea Hayworth (38)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

By Rhea Hayworth

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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