Jetpack, a Footjob Sex Position

A side view of a naked girl piggyback riding a naked boy with her feet ready to give a footjob while having the boy in a headlock
A front view of the Jetpack foot fetish position with the girl riding the boy in a piggyback ride ready to give a footjob

Learn the Jetpack…

The Jetpack foot fetish position is a kinky and erotic take on the classic piggyback ride.

This article discusses the entire Jetpack foot fetish position found in the Footsutra.

Original creators: Rhea Hayworth & Vanesa Perez

Learn the specific setup techniques and erotic techniques to use in the Jetpack position below.

Please read this article in its entirety to ensure understanding of the position, its techniques, and mastery.

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A boy with a orange beanie and his feet up in the air while he lies on his stomach in a selfie-style picture
A quote from the Admin.

“I was shocked to learn an innocent piggyback ride can turn into a foot job position.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
A quote from Nessy.

“The classic piggyback ride now has a purpose.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-founder

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IISetup Techniques
IIIErotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Virtues
VIBest Practices & Sexual Play
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The Foot Fetish Sex Position known as Jetpack and the Art of the Footjob

The Jetpack resembles a traditional piggyback ride, where the girl jumps onto the boy’s back. Next, she wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. The position is complete when the girl manages to wrap her feet (mostly her soles) around the boy’s penis.

This is accomplished when the girl wraps her legs around the boy’s waist. Then slams her soles around the boy’s penis. This is called a foot job. The girl holds the boy’s penis between her soles and moves her soles up and down his shaft. This starts slowly, and then the girl starts to move her soles up and down faster until eventually, he orgasms.

Successfully giving a foot job in this position takes practice. And it is recommended that the girl practice traditional foot jobs. To make sure she has some experience giving them before attempting this position, or any erotic technique listed below. Foot jobs are not as easy to give as one may think.

Before any technique below, lube the soles of your feet before engaging the techniques or position. This will allow easier stroking once the boy’s penis is between her feet or soles.

While this position is easy to describe, what is most important here are the setup and erotic techniques. A piggyback ride and the Jetpack position are synonymous; therefore, one must be careful attention to the rest of the discussion below.

The only difference between a piggyback ride and the Jetpack is that the girl gives a footjob. Alternatively, the girl uses her feet to play with the boy’s penis in some way, either by stroking, fondling, or some other method.

A rear view of the Jetpack foot fetish position with the girl attached in a piggyback and her feet around the boy's penis

The Jetpack – Setup Techniques

Foot Fetish Setup Techniques are specific actions, movements, commands, or maneuvers that force a boy into the Jetpack.

Setup techniques help a girl force a boy into the Jetpack foot fetish/footjob position. These setup techniques require forced movements, actions, trickery, taunts, and more that compel and help a girl force the Jetpack position onto an unsuspecting boy. Furthermore, the techniques below were discovered by the Admin during experimentation and exploration with Nessy. While the setup techniques help get started with the Jetpack, I urge you to find your own setup techniques to increase your tools.

The first foot fetish setup technique in the Jetpack position is Pants’d

The first setup technique requires that the boy be wearing some clothing that the girl can remove. I am sure many of us remember the “getting pants” expression while we were growing up. Regardless of what the boy wears, the girl moves behind him (sneaks) and quickly drops his pants.

If the boy wears boxers, briefs, or underwear, the girl forces those down, so he is exposed. Once the boy’s pants/underwear are down (naked), the girl has a couple of different options on how to proceed.

Steps to a successful Pants’d setup technique

First, the girl elects to place him in a headlock immediately. However, depending on the height difference, this may prove difficult if the boy is significantly taller than the girl. If this is the case, the girl elects to jump up onto the boy’s back before initiating the headlock.

Once in the position, the girl elects to perform erotic techniques or transition into another position. The main method is to jump on the boy’s back while he stands. However, the girl may also enter this position while the boy lays down on his stomach.

The boy lies down on his stomach trying to relax, maybe to fix something or to play with a pet. This gives the girl a window to straddle and mount the boy’s back. Next, she traps him in a headlock and rolls him over into one of the erotic techniques listed below.

However, before performing this, the girl may need to remove his pants and boxers; and pull them off before mounting on his back into mount. When the girl locks in a headlock, her feet wrap around the boy’s penis during the transition of rolling over. Once the roll completes, she chokes him while giving him a footjob. This takes practice to execute efficiently.

An underside view of the Jetpack foot fetish position

The Jetpack – Erotic Techniques

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques are specifically forced movements, stroking, sucking, and other pleasurable actions that force a boy to orgasm INSIDE the Jetpack.

Erotic techniques are specific movements, forced actions, stroking, sucking, and more that a girl uses to force a boy to orgasm. These techniques help a girl maintain and hold tight and strict control over a boy while pleasuring him at the same time; with the goal being a forced orgasm while he worships feet. All erotic techniques occur inside the position and when a girl locks in the Jetpack position. The erotic techniques below were discovered by the Admin and Nessy during sexual play and experimentation for the creation of the Footsutra. While these erotic techniques below help beginners, I urge you to find and create your own erotic techniques to use in this position.

The first foot fetish erotic technique in the Jetpack foot fetish position – Foot-Stroke Choke

This erotic technique involves the art of choking the boy at the same time he receives pleasure (footjob). To start, the girl gets her feet wrapped around the boy’s penis. If the boy is not excited yet, the girl should continue to tease her feet. She fondles and plays with his penis and his balls to get him excited.

Once he is erect, the girl collapses her soles around his penis and elevates herself higher up on his back. The girl locks him in a headlock and hooks her forearm around his neck. Once her forearm locks in tight against the front of his neck, her other arm pushes his neck into her forearm. She may also place her hand on top of his head to cradle it.

This specific choke occurs while the boy stands. The girl uses the headlock to help her stroke his penis using the sides, soles, or tops of her feet. Using his neck for choking, in addition to using it for momentum, strengthens her control. This tightens the choke while simultaneously pleasuring the boy’s penis.

The second foot fetish erotic technique in the Jetpack position is the Foot-Naked Choke

Fans of mixed martial arts (MMA) will enjoy this specific erotic technique because it resembles the “rear-naked choke” in MMA and involves the girl taking the boy down to the ground as a result.

The best method for this erotic technique is to get into the Jetpack when the boy is down on his stomach or down on the ground already. Scroll back up to explore this method again.

However, if the boy is standing while the girl initiates the Jetpack, she will have to find some way to maneuver him down to the ground to flip him into the Foot-Naked Choke.

Obviously, with enough choking power and pressure on his neck, the boy may weaken and drop to his knees. If the boy does drop to his knees, this is all the girl needs to force him the rest of the way down. For example, she can make the boy fall forward onto his stomach and then roll him onto his back. Alternatively, she can fall backward and land on her back to lock him into the choke in that fashion instead of having to roll him over.

The third foot fetish erotic technique in the Jetpack position is called Foot Grazing

In this specific erotic technique, the boy is down on his hands and knees while the girl is still on his back, her feet wrapped around his penis until he orgasms like a cow (hence where the name of this erotic technique comes from).

Humiliation and dominance factors in the Jetpack foot fetish position

Both humiliation and dominance play important roles in any Footsutra position. So, how does humiliation and dominance factor into the Jetpack foot fetish position?

The Humiliation Level for the Jetpack foot fetish sex position: Two out of Five Stars

Humiliation factors and discussion for the Jetpack foot fetish position

The Jetpack position receives a 2-star humiliation rating. The humiliation level and factor may rise depending on what the girl elects to do once she achieves the Jetpack position. For example, if the girl puts the boy into a headlock and chokes him while stroking his penis with her feet, clearly the humiliation level and factors may arise. However, simply in the classic Jetpack position does not present with a high humiliation level. Generally, piggyback is something that is commonly seen even in public settings. The only difference that gives this position two stars instead of one star is that the girl has her feet and soles around his penis.

The Dominance Level for the Jetpack foot fetish sex position: Two out of Five Stars

Dominance factors and discussion for the Jetpack foot fetish position

The Jetpack position receives a two-star dominance rating due to the potential of choking and breathing restriction. The girl places the boy into a headlock or other dominating choke that gives the girl more power than the boy. Even though the boy holds the girl up, she maintains femdom and control. Most importantly, the girl needs to use her feet in this position. If the girl does not use her feet, the Jetpack is just another piggyback.

On boy dominance for the JETPACK foot fetish position

This position proves difficult for the boy to exert dominance. However, once in the Jetpack position, the boy grabs her feet. The boy then forces a footjob by grabbing her ankles, or feet, and moving them along his shaft until orgasm. Even if the girl does not want to give a footjob, the boy may force it.

A good example of boy dominance in this position is giving a piggyback ride. Let me rephrase, an “innocent” piggyback ride. The piggyback ride is ultimately the setup into the Jetpack foot fetish position. Once a boy has a girl in the piggyback, he locks her in and drops his pants. He takes her ankles and places the soles of both of her feet on his penis. And strokes himself to orgasm, perhaps while walking around or remaining stationary.

It is also possible to rub the girl’s feet on your penis through your pants for stimulation. If a boy does this correctly, the girl may not notice what is happening.

The Five Virtues of Foot Fetishism Applied to the Jetpack Position.

The first foot fetish virtue is smell

This virtue does not necessarily apply directly to the Jetpack position. However, if the girl has feet that smell particularly bad, the smell may be noticeable regardless. Likewise, if her feet are meant to have a certain scent (for example, if the boy likes her feet to smell like roses, oranges, or something else), the smell may be potent enough to be noticed in the Jetpack position.

The second foot fetish virtue is foot type

The type of foot here does play a role in the foot job portion of the position. Longer feet make this position easier as there is greater reach to perform a foot job. Also, lengthy feet make stroking the boy’s penis easier.

The third foot fetish virtue is foot texture

In terms of a foot job, it can be argued that smoother feet and wrinkled feet are both skilled at performing the task. However, based on my own experience, smooth feet elicit more pleasurable foot jobs due to the ease at which smooth soles go up and down the length of a penis. However, wrinkled soles can essentially serve the same purpose. Furthermore, girls with wrinkled soles may be able to use her wrinkles to grip the boy’s penis better, and therefore stroke better, than smooth soles.

The fourth foot fetish virtue is toes and nails

Toes and any nail polish type are important here since they will be visible to the boy if he looks down. With the girl in the Jetpack position, the boy can look down and see her nails, toes, and the top of her feet. This position is also great for couples where the girl has tattoos on the top of her feet. The boy will be able to look down and see all of these actions as her feet stroke his penis.

The final foot fetish virtue is cleanliness

This virtue does not apply to the Jetpack positions, as her feet do not go near the boy’s face or mouth. Essentially, her feet and soles stay wrapped around the boy’s penis unless a transition into another Footsutra position occurs.

There are many different sexual practices, guidelines, settings, and transitions to make the Jetpack foot fetish sex position pleasurable

Achieving success in this position requires practice and patience. It is recommended that the girl attempts and tries foot jobs multiple times before any of the erotic techniques in the Jetpack position. Foot jobs can be very tricky to pull off and require a degree of skill to execute effectively.

What are the best settings for the Jetpack foot fetish position?

The traditional piggyback ride position occurs anywhere and in any setting, such as a park, even a department store, mall, or other indoor or public settings. However, performing a naked Jetpack between the boy and girl is strongly encouraged around the house. Or the boy can be naked so that the girl can use her feet on his private parts, while the girl remains clothed except for bare feet.

Furthermore, while not in the United States, a naked Jetpack could be performed on a nude beach. Though this is probably for Europeans to enjoy as opposed to Americans.

Additional guidelines for the Jetpack position

One of the most important guidelines here for the girl is to make sure her feet are stimulating his penis, testicles, or other erotic areas. For the boy, the boy must make sure he has the strength necessary to hold and support the girl in this position. However, generally piggyback rides do not require that much strength. And therefore a boy should not have much of a problem holding a girl in a piggyback.

Transitions into and out of other Footsutra positions from the Jetpack

One of the most popular transitions is the Jetpack into the Huntress Trap. But first, the girl must force the boy down onto his stomach on the ground. One of the more popular techniques to do this is to put the boy into a headlock and make him weak. Once weak, he falls to his knees, and the girl pushes him the rest of the way down. While holding the boy in a headlock, choking, and forcing him to the ground, the girl keeps her feet and soles wrapped around the boy’s penis for the boy’s duration, moving onto the floor.

Once the boy is down on his stomach, on the floor, the girl places her hands on the boy’s back and pushes herself up. Once up, she swings her legs forward and hooks her legs underneath his arms. Next, she grabs his wrists and pins them to his own back behind her while her feet collapse onto his face.

The Jetpack position also transitions well into the Princess Ascension position. Assuming the boy has the strength, the girl transitions from a piggyback up onto his shoulders and sits on his shoulders in a way that her feet press into the boy’s face. This requires a degree of flexibility.

Rhea Hayworth (38)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

By Rhea Hayworth

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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