The Kingdom's Arch foot fetish position, with the boy on his back, and the girl arched over him with her soles in his face

Foot Kingdom’s Arch

Learn the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position…

The Kingdom Arch foot fetish position is an acrobatic position that plants the girl’s feet in the boy’s feet with her back arched.

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A boy with a orange beanie and his feet up in the air while he lies on his stomach in a selfie-style picture
A quote from the Admin.

“Make sure breathplay and breathing rules are agreed before entering position.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
A quote from Nessy.

“This puts insane sole pressure on his face. And gives him a view of all the goodies.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-founder

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IISetup Techniques
IIIErotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Traits
VIFinal Guidelines, Settings & Transitions
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Kingdom’s Arch is a foot fetish position that promotes acrobatics and flexibility.

The Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position is used to engage in foreplay while executing dominance, femdom, flexibility, and acrobatics.

The Kingdom Arch position is more advanced than positions generally seen so far in the Footsutra. In this foot fetish foreplay position, the boy lies down on his back (or is forced down by the girl). Next, the girl stands over him, with her feet planted to each side of his head. With a smirk, the girl looks down at him as if thinking of what to do next.

The girl steps onto the boy’s face and plants and digs her sole into his cheek and face. Next, the girl puts pressure on the foot on his face and lifts her other foot off the ground. She moves this other foot to the boy’s chest or upper stomach. Once her feet position onto his face and chest (or both on his face), she arcs backward. The artwork illustrates this below.

If possible, the girl can move her foot that she has on his chest to his face. That way, both of her feet and soles cover his face while she bends backward in the position. The position is complete once the girl completes the backward arch, creating the Kingdom Arch foot fetish position.

For some girls, it may not be possible to bend back, as demonstrated in the drawing. However, the old-school crab-leg position may also be used here. The overall purpose of the position remains the same. Keep firm pressure on his face using both feet and soles.

History of the Kingdom’s Arch

The Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position was discovered by accident during random sexual play between the Admin and Nessy. As a reminder, the sole purpose of the experimentation was to see how many different methods could be used to get Nessy’s feet into the Admin’s face (me).

This position arose when Nessy wanted to smother, while keeping my legs from moving during the position. Therefore, she pressed her feet to my face and arched her back. This moved her body upward. She proceeded to use her hands to press my legs down, attempting to lock them in place. Furthermore, Nessy could move her feet to tease her pussy, which would be revealed when looking up.

An aerial view of the Kingdom's Arch foot fetish position with the girl arched over the boy who lies on his back and one of her soles on his chest and her other on his face.

The Kingdom’s Arch – Setup Techniques

Setup Techniques help a girl force a boy into the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish foreplay position.

Foot fetish setup techniques are specific and forced movements, actions, and potential wrestling that force a boy into the position; in this case, the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position. Generally, the girl performs the setup techniques to help catch the boy off guard and by surprise. Here are some of the setup techniques to help facilitate the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position.

The first foot fetish setup technique in the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position – KINGDOM SOMERSAULT

The Kingdom Somersault foot fetish setup technique is designed to somersault onto the boy in a surprise attack. The girl starts this setup technique by forcing the boy down onto the ground. Or, if the boy is already on the ground, she skips this step. This girl starts the foot fetish session by kneeling by the boy’s ankles. Next, she places her hands on his knees or upper thighs.

She pushes his legs and knees straight down and then somersaults forward. When her legs and feet swing down, her feet and soles land on his face. For this to be successful, it may require practice to ensure the girl lands with her feet in his face.

Otherwise, she may miss it. However, even if she misses his face, she can correct this by moving her soles once her mistake is realized. Distracted by her feet, the boy may not notice a mistake anyway.

The second foot fetish setup technique in the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish sex position – KINGDOM VAULT.

The Kingdom Vault foot fetish setup technique is utilized when the boy is on his knees. Although, the Kingdom’s Arch could also be used while standing pending height differences. Ideally, the boy is on his knees, facing forward as opposed to standing.

With the boy on his knees, facing the girl (who stands), the girl begins by grabbing both of his wrists. She pulls his wrists forward, so his arms are straight forward.

Next, the girl lifts her leg and plants the sole of one of her feet in his face. With one of her legs on the ground to maintain balance and her other leg lifted with her sole in his face, she forces the boy to the ground while holding onto his wrists.

When the boy falls onto his back, the girl continues to hold his wrists while she positions both of her feet on the boy’s face in a trample.

An frontal view of the Kingdom's Arch foot fetish position with the girl arched over the boy who lies on his back and one of her soles on his chest and her other on his face.

The Kingdom’s Arch – Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques design to make a boy orgasm against his will or to comply with another femdom command in the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position.

Foot fetish erotic techniques are specific techniques that a girl uses to force a boy into orgasm. All erotic techniques occur INSIDE the position. Therefore, a girl only uses erotic techniques once she has the boy inside the Kingdom’s Arch position. Each position in the Footsutra has erotic techniques that have been discovered through years of sexual play. While the erotic techniques below help get you started, it is crucial that you and your partner come up with your own erotic technique as you experiment in each of the Footsutra positions. Here are some erotic techniques that were discovered in the wild by the author through years of sexual play.

The first foot fetish erotic technique in the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position – KINGDOM’S TRAMPLE

The Kingdom’s Trample foot fetish erotic technique involves using intense pressure on the boy’s face. In this erotic technique, the girl may elect to stand on the boy, with both of her soles planted on the boy’s face. She may choose to stomp on his face, smother his face, and make him inhale her soles.

The Kingdom's Trample erotic technique where the girl tramples the boy's face and shoves her foot into his mouth
The girl shoves a foot into the boy’s mouth in the Kingdom’s Trample erotic technique.

Furthermore, the girl may move one of her legs back and place her foot on the boy’s chest. This helps maintain balance so that she can force one of her feet into the boy’s mouth. If balance persists, the girl can move the foot she has on the boy’s chest further up and see what she can do position-wise to keep her other foot in his mouth.

A full frame view of the Kingdom's Trample erotic technique with one of the girl's feet in the boy's mouth and the other on his chest and her hand ready to stroke his penis
The Kingdom’s Trample erotic technique. Here we see the girl’s foot in the boy’s mouth and herself ready to stroke him.

The second foot fetish erotic technique in the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position – KINGDOM’S BINDING

The Kingdom’s Binding foot fetish erotic technique utilizes restrictions, rope, chains, handcuffs, and the like. The obvious method binds the boy’s wrists behind his back, either with rope, handcuffs, or something else.

However, an abnormal restriction method would bind the boy’s arms and legs out to his side rather than be tied together. This gives the girl more power to perform the Kingdom Arch. In essence, the Kingdom’s Binding erotic technique utilizes any restrictions regardless of how the girl decides to use them.

With restrictions, the boy can be more compelled to orgasm against his will. Based on experience, the more the boy struggles, the more pleasure he will experience when he cannot escape. Once that despair of no escape sinks in, and the humiliation of under the control and dominated by a girl, it gets easier for the girl to make the boy orgasm.

The third erotic technique in the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish sex position – HELL’S ARCH

The Hell’s Arch erotic technique inflicts pain and compliance, and at the same time, maybe elicit an orgasm. In the Hell’s Arch erotic technique, the girl forces the boy onto his back from his stomach. The girl can utilize many different techniques, power, strength, or cunning to get the boy to flip onto his stomach.

Alternatively, the girl can push him down from behind if the boy was already on his knees. Regardless of the method used, once the boy is on his stomach, the girl stands directly above his head. Her feet on each side of his head.

Next, she forces her feet up and underneath the boy and directly into his face. Therefore, the top of her feet pressed into the boy’s face. Once she has her feet locked into his face, she arches backward and grabs his legs. She may pull his legs up and lock them in place and make him suck on her feet. With the boy’s wrists bound, the girl’s feet and legs trap his face and head. She holds and locks his legs in an awkward angle, the boy becomes bound to her will.

Humiliation and dominance factors and play as they relate to the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position

Both of these factors, humiliation and dominance, play vital roles in all Footsutra positions. Therefore, they are briefly discussed below on how these relate to the Kingdom’s Arch.

Humiliation Level for the Kingdom’s Arch Foot Fetish Position: Three out of Five Stars

Humiliation level and factors in the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position

A humiliation level of three stars is a result of the foot fetish experience. The boy experiences foot domination from the hands of the girl, acting as a femdom. The girl performs a fetish-version of a femdom sex position. The humiliation factor rises (above a score of three) if the girl uses ropes, cuffs, or other bondage or restriction.

Furthermore, the humiliation factor also rises if the girl performs and executes the Hell’s Arch foot fetish erotic technique. While it is difficult to make the boy orgasm without some serious flexibility and/or stroking, it is still possible. Dirty talk and other various sexual forms may have to occur in addition to performing erotic techniques. The Kingdom Arch places the girl (physically) in an awkward position to stroke, suck, or stimulate the boy’s penis.

Dominance Level for the Kingdom’s Arch Foot Fetish Position: Three out of Five Stars

Dominance level and factors as it relates to the Kingdom’s Arch position

Generally, once the girl plants, slams, or rubs her feet in the boy’s face, her dominance begins. Some foot fetish boys lose their mind when a girl’s foot enters their face, goes around their penis, etc. With the Kingdom Arch position, a higher level of dominance occurs when the girl tramples his face. Suppose her feet are what keeps the boy from rising or getting up—his pleasure increases.

And when the boy’s pleasure increases during a position, the girl’s dominance and femdom increase. Her dominance will increase exponentially if the girl elects to perform the Hell’s Arch or another foot fetish erotic technique. Likewise, she can successfully place ropes, binds, handcuffs, or other restrictions before executing the position. Also, dirty talk goes a long way. Even if the boy does not like dirty talk, he will once the girl taunts him with her soles covering his face. Such tells the tale of foot domination stories.

The five virtues of foot fetishism to consider when performing the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position.

Below discuss the five foot fetish virtues as they apply to the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position.

The first foot fetish virtue is smell.

The smell virtue plays an important role in the Kingdom’s Arch position. Therefore, the girl must have her feet smelling like the boy desires before attempting the position. For example, if the boy likes a girl’s feet to smell horrid, rancid, sweaty, etc., perhaps the girl performs the Kingdom’s Arch after a long workout. However, if the boy enjoys feet to smell clean, like a particular type of soap or scent, perhaps the girl performs the Kingdom’s Arch after taking a bath or shower. The smell in the foot fetish experience plays a major role in almost every person with a foot fetish.

The second foot fetish virtue is foot type.

A wider foot may prove more useless in this position because of the width and dimensions her sole can cover on his face. With a wide foot, more proportions of the boy’s face will be covered and increase the pleasure he experiences. However, the more rare-type of the foot, the long and slender girl foot, can still be utilized in this position.

The third foot fetish virtue is foot texture.

Since the Kingdom’s Arch position may or may not involve trampling of some kind, a rougher, calloused foot could perform better. Rough, dirty, or calloused feet will provide more pressure and give the illusion of more foot domination. Furthermore, rougher, dry, and scaling feet may help the girl trample the boy by providing balance for her and pleasure for him.

The fourth foot fetish virtue are toes and nails.

While nails do not really play a role in the traditional Kingdom’s Arch due to the boy being under her feet, her toes’ length, size, and style do play a role. If the girl can ever angle herself to where she slips one of her feet into his mouth, longer toes will greatly increase the pleasure the boy receives when she moves her toes around in his mouth.

The nail type and color only come into play when the boy can visually see her toenails, color, pedicure, etc. For example, in the Hell’s Arch foot fetish erotic technique, nail color, type, and size play a huge role since the boy’s face will be staring at the top of her feet. Furthermore, with the Hell’s Arch erotic technique, the boy may be staring directly at her toes and nails.

The last foot fetish virtue is cleanliness.

Similar to the smell, the cleanliness of the foot here does play a role since the girl’s feet will be in the boy’s face. The boy will notice visually dirty and unclean soles since he will essentially be crushed underneath her soles. However, some boys prefer dirty soles and may love the idea of having dirty footprints on his face after the girl performs the foot fetish position.

What are the best settings, guidelines, and transitions for the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position?

Many different factors such as settings and sexual practice help increase the pleasure in the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position.

The ideal settings for the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position

In public, with clothes on (unless at a nude beach or something), the Kingdom’s Arch can be performed even with her feet crushing the boy’s face in public. How? Well, the couple performing it could get away with calling it some yoga position or something like that.

Through the guise of a yoga position or yoga practice, the couple may even be able to get away with performing setup and erotic techniques in public. Some of you may wonder why to perform any foot fetish position or foot fetish technique in public. The answer is simple. Sometimes the fear of getting caught, the humiliation as others watch, and the thrill of a new location facilitate sexual play and orgasm.

What are some general guidelines to keep in mind when attempting and executing the Kingdom’s Arch?

Flexibility is perhaps the most important consideration in this position. Therefore, the girl practices the arch before attempting to put or place a boy in this foot fetish position. The arch or backward bend the girl performs should be performed alone to ensure the girl executes that portion of the position without difficulty. The practice of yoga by the girl is a great precursor for determining if she would be successful at performing a position such as the Kingdom’s Arch.

Some of the best sexual guidelines for the Kingdom Arch foot fetish position

When first attempting this foot fetish position, it may be difficult to make the boy orgasm. Stimulating the penis will be a difficult task in this position, and it something that will take time, practice, and patience for the girl to be successful. While not impossible, the goal of making the boy orgasm is always what the girl wishes to achieve. However, with the Kingdom Arch being an advanced position, it will definitely take some experimenting to make the boy orgasm successful. One of the easier ways to make the boy orgasm would be using one of the transitional methods discussed below.

Transitions into and out of the Kingdom’s Arch foot fetish position.

Transitions into and out of various Footsutra positions are important. Here, we discuss the best transition methods for the Kingdom’s Arch position.

Kingdom Arch into Hydra

The Kingdom Arch position transitions easily into the Hydra foot fetish position. If the boy lies on his back, he is also in the correct position for the girl to transition into the Hydra directly from the Kingdom Arch position. The girl re-positions herself so that now she is about to pounce onto his penis while keeping her feet near or around his face.

Kingdom Arch into Huntress Trap

The Kingdom Arch’s positional transition to the Huntress Trap foot fetish position only occurs if the girl uses the Hell’s Arch erotic technique. In the Hell’s Arch foot fetish erotic technique, the girl has the boy on his stomach rather than his back and then performs the arch. With the boy on his stomach, the girl may stop the arch and drop herself onto his back. The Huntress Trap position is almost locked in, and the girl has to do something with the boy’s arms to make the transition final. Once in the Huntress Trap position, the girl can transition into other Footsutra positions as well, depending on how well the boy behaves.

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