Foot Fetish Games – Rapid Transitioning

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Rapid Transitioning

Rapid Transitioning is foot fetish games that increase pleasure. What is it?

Note: This is an advanced technique. Therefore, before attempting Rapid Transitioning, the boy and girl should try each Footsutra position. Get in each Footsutra position, try the techniques (or create your own), and then finally move into Rapid Transitioning. Rapid Transitioning consists of foot fetish games, where a girl rapidly transitions from one position to another.

Rapid Transitioning is essentially a foot fetish game. A girl may see how many transitions it takes to make a boy orgasm. Or, the girl wants to exert more control and dominance over the boy. The girl also issues challenges to herself. When she locks the boy in a Footsutra position, if a transition is a goal, the girl thinks of how and when to transition next. During all of this, the boy sucks, licks, and worships her feet.

Rapid Transitioning defined

Rapid Transitioning is defined as a girl’s ability to transition from position to position. This occurs in sequence, within a matter of seconds; while providing stimulation, pleasure, and satisfaction via setup and/or erotic techniques to the boy. Basically, Rapid Transitioning requires a degree of skill on behalf of the girl and the boy to achieve successfully.

If done successfully, the boy may achieve orgasm during an active transition. Doing so will elicit a very high amount of pleasure. This pleasure results when a girl forces a boy to physically move and change the position. The Rapid Transitioning foot fetish games help girls gain confidence. Confidence in her ability to control and dominate the boy.

The foot fetish games aspect

WIth Rapid Transitioning, the girl needs to use her feet as much as she can. If she does not, then the foot fetish games of Rapid Transitioning loses all meaning. The girl needs to keep her feet in the boy’s face. Also, she may force a foot in his mouth, feet around his penis, or maintain her feet on his body. Lastly, the girl makes sure she stimulates the boy’s penis as much as possible. The girl achives this through stroking, sucking, via footjob, or makes the boy self-stimulate.

The above description creates two rules. The first rule makes sure the girl’s feet are used at all times. Whether that be feet in his mouth, his face, or elsewhere on his body. The second rule states the girl stimulates the boy as much as possible; whenever the chance allows.

How do foot fetish games increase a boy’s pleasure and a girl’s dominance?

Great question. Rapid transitioning works on power and control with some potential help from the boy. Sometimes the boy needs strength in order for the girl to execute transition and overall Footustra positions. However, the girl forces the boy to use his strength when needed. With each successful transition, the girl gains more power.

Besides, the girl will gain dominance with each successful transition, and the boy will become more submissive and obedient. Being forced into and out of certain positions makes the boy more compliant and suggestive of the girl’s influence. As a result, his pleasure increases and further increases with each successful transition. The more rapid the transitioning, the more pleasure the boy experiences; and the more confidence and control the girl experiences.

One of the more advanced techniques involving Rapid Transitioning is reading, predicting, and estimating movements the boy makes. Predicting the movements of the boy helps a girl play and determine her next move and transition. The girl needs to adapt to the movements the boy makes.

Over time, both the girl and boy will determine what their favorite Footsutra positions are.

For example, let’s start with the Jetpack and end in Eden. Let’s explore how this works in Rapid Transitioning. While there are no specific routes and positions to enter and exit, it is best to explore the possibilities.

Example of Rapid Transitioning from the Jetpack to Eden Footsutra Position

This portion references many of the Footsutra positions. For more information on any of the positions discussed below, please refer to their individual posts.

To start, the girl uses a setup or other-related technique to enter into the Jetpack position. As a reminder, setup techniques are mere guidelines and suggestions on how to enter a position.

Typically, as couples or friends-with-benefits, or whatever explore the positions, you will develop your setup and erotic techniques. Overall, that is the goal for you to achieve as a couple: create your setup and erotic techniques. And eventually, maybe your own positions.

Learning to read the mood and atmosphere before transitioning

Anyway, back on topic. Once the girl enters the Jetpack position, she chooses two options. In the first option, the girl performs an erotic technique. In the second option, the girl transitions to another position in less than one minute. Perform an erotic technique or, within seconds, transition into another position. Generally, a girl learns over time to read the boy’s sounds, body language, and mood.

Such readings help determine what the girl should do next: technique or transition. The girl leans to rely on her gut instinct and sounds. For example, if the girl hears the boy moaning loudly, maybe she performs an erotic technique. However, if the boy struggles or resists, maybe she transitions into a more controlling position.

If the girl transitions the boy to another position, and he moans, she performs an erotic technique. On the other hand, if the boy grunts, struggles, and resists, she transitions into something more humiliating. Once the girl hears the boy moan after the transition, performing an erotic technique immediately following a transition greatly increases the chance of orgasm. Especially if the girl already performed five or six transitions.

The girl in this example transitions from the Jetpack into the Princess Ascension (Transition 1)

After making a decision, the girl transitions from the Jetpack position into the Princess Ascension position. In essence, she moves from riding the boy like a piggyback to riding the boy’s shoulders. Once on his shoulders (Princess Ascension), the girl could perform an erotic technique or transition again.

Princess Ascension to Huntress Trap (Transition 2)

From the Princess Ascension, let us imagine the boy she rides moves towards the bed. Next, the girl forces her weight forward, so the boy falls onto the bed face first. The girl quickly transitions into the Huntress Trap, where she moves backward on his back and grabs his arms. She hooks her legs underneath his arms and slams her feet on his face while maintaining control of his arms. In the Huntress Trap, the girl turns the boy and reaches underneath to stroke his penis for stimulation.

Huntress Trap to Execution Sentence (Transition 3)

Next, the girl transitions into the Execution Sentence. Doing this requires the girl to flip around, and she may also keep the boy’s hands pinned down to his back as she had previously in the Execution Sentence.

It is the best transitional practice to maintain the pin, hold, or restriction if already established pre-transition. The girl squeezes the boy’s head once in the Execution Sentence position. Again, she has the choice of immediately transitioning again in a few seconds or pausing to perform an erotic technique.

Execution Sentence to Guillotine (Transition 4)

The girl transitions into the Guillotine from the Execution Sentence, where she rides the boy like a horse, but backward. She maintains the constant stroking of the boy. And makes sure her feet connect and smack the boy’s face over and over. Next, the girl lifts her legs and moves her weight forward. This encourages the boy to rise onto his knees into the Praying Mantis position. Once there, the girl holds the boy’s penis like a cannon. Finally, gives him the encouragement needed to stand in the Eden position.

While the above documents an example of Rapid Transitioning, this is not the necessary path a girl may take. One girl may choose to transition into the Execution Sentence immediately following the landing of the Princess Ascension. Alternatively, the girl moves from the Jetpack into the Huntress Trap, depending on what the boy chooses to do next. What the girl chooses to transition into depends on the mood and, more importantly, how much pleasure the boy experiences in that moment.

Dirty Talking

Not everyone is into dirty talking; however, I think it plays a crucial role in Rapid Transitioning. The girl can issue many taunts, threats, and more using dirty talking. The girl may demand that the boy suck on her feet like a good boy or say that she is in control. The number of quotes and material that the girl can say is endless. If the girl, your boy, partner, or whoever is not a big fan of dirty talk, I suggest giving it a try to see how much of a factor it can play in your pleasure.

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