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The Footsutra by Rhea Hayworth & Vanesa Perez

Learn the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position

In a more intimate foot fetish and intercourse position, the Sidewinder places both boy and girl on their sides during intercourse and foot worship.

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A quote from the Admin.

“One of the best foot fetish positions we’ve ever discovered.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
A quote from Nessy.

“One of the sexiest ways to get what you want while he gets your feet.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Founder

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IISetup Techniques
IIIErotic Techniques
IVHumiliation and Dominance
VFoot Fetish Traits & Virtues
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The Footsutra

Sidewinder Foot Fetish Position

Sidewinder Basics

The Sidewinder foot fetish position is a unique Footsutra position that allows for sexual intercourse while sucking, licking, and worshipping feet.

The best way to describe this position is by examining the pictures of the position. Basically, both the boy and the girl lay down on their sides. The boy lays between the girl’s legs with his penis inside of her. The girl moves her leg up and inserts her foot into his mouth while using her arm to maintain the position of her leg. Think of this as a sideways Hydra position.

History of the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position

The Sidewinder position occurred during an experimentation sexual play between the Admin and Nessy. This position was first established in the Hydra position, and gained the name Sidewinder from how the Nessy fell onto her side. Upon falling to the side, her foot was still in my face. Thus, creating the Sidewinder position. In essence, it is a side version of the Hydra foot fetish position.

Once the position was discovered, both I and Nessy started experimenting with both setup and erotic techniques.

The Sidewinder foot fetish sex position with vaginal penetration and foot penetration of the boy's mouth

Setup Techniques

The Sidewinder Setup Techniques

Foot fetish setup techniques are specific actions, forced movements, taunts or commands, and methods that force a boy into the Sidewinder. Likewise, a boy can use these same methods to force a girl into the Sidewinder.

Setup techniques, primarily used by the girl, help her force a boy into the desired Footsutra position. Each Footsutra position contains setup techniques meant to help a girl enter the position. Some Footsutra positions are more complex than others and require more advanced setup techniques. For the Sidewinder foot fetish position, one of the better setup techniques is called Anaconda. The following setup technique entered discovery when the Admin and Nessy were creating the Footsutra. As always, we encourage our readers to create their own setup techniques. However, the Anaconda should help get things started.

Setup Technique #1

Anaconda – the first setup technique

The Anaconda setup technique places the girl’s foot (or feet, for both) in the boy’s face prior to vaginal penetration. To start, the girl approaches the boy and forces him onto his back. If the girl wears socks, she takes them off in front of his eyes. The girl kneels on her left knee, and swings her leg up, and plants her barefoot on the boy’s face. Pending flexibility, she may stick her right foot into his mouth directly. While the boy is distracted by her foot in his mouth and/or face, the girl waits… Waits until he starts to worship the foot in his face.

With the boy now worshipping and thus distracted, the girl keeps her foot in the boy’s face and mouth and moves over him. She moves her vagina over the boy’s erect penis and slips his penis inside while he sucks on her foot. Once the girl starts intercourse, she maneuvers onto her side to enter the Sidewinder foot fetish position with her foot still in her face.

Setup Technique #2

The Conductor – the second setup technique

The Conductor setup technique is where the boy forces the position in order to worship the feet he desires. To start, the boy begins sexual intercourse using a standard sex position, such as the Missionary. Likewise, he can also use other Footsutra positions to start in such as the Eclipse or the Heaven’s Ladder.

Like conducting an orchestra, the boy spreads the girl’s legs apart wide. He can taunt here if he wishes to invoke dominance. Next, the boy leans forward and gets on top of her. He takes his right (or left, pending right or left-handed) arm and hooks it underneath her same-side leg. Then, he brings her leg up and sticks her foot into his face, and falls onto his side.

An alternate method is to get onto his side prior to moving her leg. Once the boy spreads her legs, gets between them (all with his penis still inside of her), and falls onto his side does he bring and bend her leg up and plant her foot onto his face or mouth.

The Sidewinder Position, ©2019-2020 THE FOOTSUTRA, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Erotic Techniques

The Sidewinder Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques are specific actions (e.g., stroking, oral sex, rough-riding or penetration), movements (e.g., forced position changes, jerking), taunts or commands (e.g., dirty talk), and situations (e.g., humiliation) that force a boy to orgasm in the Sidewinder position.

Each Footsutra position uses erotic techniques. Erotic techniques are simple and complex maneuvers that a girl performs to force orgasm in a boy. Typically, these maneuvers consist of forced movements, commands, taunts, gestures, and more; anything the girl uses inside the position to make the boy orgasm. The following erotic techniques below were discovered by Admin and Nessy during the creation of the Footsutra. However, we always encourage you to create your own erotic techniques as you experience the Sidewinder.

Erotic Technique #1

The first erotic technique – Overwhelming Penetration

The Overwhelming Penetration erotic technique is a combined technique that requires synchronizing pleasure for both the boy and girl. This technique may be hard to perform initially and takes practice to execute effectively.

This Overwhelming Penetration erotic technique gets its name from the synchronous actions of the boy vaginally penetrating the girl and the girl orally penetrating his mouth with her foot. There are two different currents: alternating penetration and synchronous penetration.

Alternating penetration occurs when only one penetration occurs at a time. For example, when the girl inserts her foot into the boy’s mouth as far as she can reach, the boy will be sliding his penis out of the girl’s vagina. And when the boy penetrates her vagina with his penis, her foot is exiting his mouth. This process repeats for alternating penetration.

In contrast, synchronous penetration occurs when the girl shoves her foot into his mouth at the same time he shoves his penis into her. Therefore, when she shoves her foot into his mouth, the boy is shoving his penis into her. When the boy slides his penis out to penetrate again, the girl slides her foot out of his mouth to do the same.

Alternating and synchronous penetration can be very powerful in the Sidewinder foot fetish position. Which penetration method you decide on depends on the couple and which method the couple enjoys the most.

Erotic Technique #2

The second erotic technique – Unrelenting Gaze

The unrelenting gaze erotic technique is really quite simple: maintain eye contact, and do not deviate from eye contact. When the girl shoves her foot into the boy’s face or mouth, she should maintain an intense stare into the boy. A stare that says you are mine, and I am in control. The act alone of forcing her foot into and out of his mouth is humiliating by nature. Locking in an intense stare enhances her dominance and his humiliation.

This erotic technique can also be performed with the Overwhelming Penetration tech listed above. Eye contact is one of the most erotic experiences a couple can have during sexual encounters. Combining this eye contact with fetish play can increase the pleasure experienced.

If the boy refuses to make eye contact with the girl, this can be for a number of reasons. However, the most common reason would be embarrassment. If the boy is having the girl’s foot forcibly shoved into and out of his mouth, embarrassment is natural. To force the boy to make eye contact, usually, all it takes is a taunt or verbal command. For example, “Look at me while I shove my foot in your mouth!”

The third erotic technique in the Sidewinder foot fetish position – DEADLOCK

The Deadlock erotic technique relates to the dominance and control of the boy. Once inside the Sidewinder position, the girl chooses to use the Deadlock position. This erotic technique relies, partly, on the flexibility of the girl. However, the majority of the Sidewinder position relies on flexibility. So this should be no surprise.

First, the girl needs to determine if she can keep her foot inside the boy’s mouth without holding up her leg. If she can, this frees both of her hands. However, if she cannot, then she only uses one hand in this technique. Another option exists and she makes the boy hold her leg in the position needed to keep her foot in his mouth. This method frees both of her hands to use in this technique.

The Deadlock name comes from the girl using a locking mechanism to force the boy to suck her feet harder. She continues to keep her foot in his mouth. If this is not possible due to flexibility, then she keeps her foot as close to his face as she can. Using one or both hands (if possible), she creates a lock, or deadlock, against the back of the boy’s head. Next, she presses her hands against the back of the boy’s head, which forces his lips further down her feet.

Also, she may ease and increase pleasure simultaneously, which makes the boy’s deep throat and suck on her foot harder. All the while, the girl uses her hips to control the penetration. The overall goal here is to make the boy give into her feet and penetration, and orgasm into her. With enough forced movement of his head, making him suck her feet back and forth and harder, and the combined vaginal penetration should tip the boy into orgasm.

Humiliation, dominance, traits, and virtues in the Sidewinder position

All four play vital roles to a successful and pleasurable experience for both boy and girl in the Sidewinder.

Humiliation and Dominance Factors for the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position

Intercourse or not, humiliation and dominance play roles in all Footsutra positions. Some revolve around foreplay, some sexual play, and some intercourse.

Three Stars out of Five Stars

Humiliation Level

The Sidewinder scores a humiliation rank of three out of five. Typically, during intercourse, the boy comes off as the dominant. However, in the case of foot fetishism, the girl contains a secret weapon. When she bends her knees and gets her foot into his face, his demeanor changes. He wants her foot. He craves her feet. And he yearns for that foot. When the boy begins sucking and potentially deep-throating her foot, the girl takes over the penetration rate. The boy feels more humiliated as he is forced to suck, lick, and worship her foot via deep-throating, kissing, and more.

Three Stars out of Five Stars

Dominance Level

The girl increases her dominance the more her foot is on, near, or in the boy’s mouth. Furthermore, eye contact represents great importance here. The girl wants to make sure the boy knows who is in charge. Force the boy to look into your eyes while he sucks on your foot. Also, the girl may exert pain on the boy if she locks her hands tight enough.

It is important to note that the boy can easily and definitely take control in this position should he desire. Some men, even with foot fetishes, are more naturally dominant than others.

Important Traits and Virtues to consider for the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position

Each foot fetish position in the Footsutra discusses traits consisting of strength, confidence, and trust as well as the five-foot fetish virtues.

The first trait up for discussion is strength

Strength represents an important trait in all Footsutra positions. However, in the Sidewinder position, it takes effort on behalf of the girl to make sure her foot stays in the face and/or mouth of the boy. You can see from the pictures of this position that the girl has to use her arm to keep her leg, and therefore her foot, in the proper position. In contrast, the boy can still thrust hard in this position, while sucking, licking, and worshipping the girl’s foot at the same time as ramming his penis inside of her.

The second trait to discuss is confidence

Let’s be real, confidence is sexy. Very sexy. You do not want a partner who attempts a position and laughs. Or who attempts a position and fails or is not into it. If the girl uses techniques and possesses high levels of confidence, then the pleasure for both the boy and the girl exponentially increases.

While the boy sucks on her foot, taking her foot deep into his mouth, or worshipping her sole, the girl should be thinking: “That’s right, suck on that foot,” or “Such a weak little footboy.” In essence, when the girl plants her feet into the face, mouth, or wraps her feet around the boy’s penis, the girl’s confidence, power, and dominance go through the roof. The same applies to this position.

Furthermore, regarding confidence, while the boy sucks on her foot, the girl should be smirking and showing a dominant facial expression while locking eyes with the boy. Stare at him. Own him. And force him to orgasm to your will… Or foot, I suppose.

The final trait to discuss is Trust

Unlike some other Footsutra foot fetish positions, the danger to breathing, pain, or suffering is reduced in this position. This is more of a position of pleasure. In other words, the girl does not have her feet around his neck, is not suppressing the senses, nor threatening to force fainting. If Trust is applied in this position, it is using the techniques described above.

Now, let us explore the foot fetish virtues

The five-foot fetish virtues: smell, type, texture, toes & nails, and cleanliness. How does each of these virtues apply to the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position?

The first foot fetish virtue is Smell.

In the Sidewinder, the smell does play a role since the girl’s foot is near the boy’s face, or in his mouth. In theory, the taste may play a role as well. Unless there is a substance (chocolate, for example), feet will taste salty. Regardless, since this position has feet in the boy’s face, the girl should make sure her feet smell to the boy’s desire. That may mean have dirty sweaty feet, or clean, freshly-showered feet. Whatever the boy likes, dirty feet, clean feet, or has no preference, the girl needs to make sure her feet cater to the boy’s desires.

The second foot fetish virtue is Type.

When I talk about foot type, I am referring to the shape of the foot. Feet come in multiple different shapes, sizes, and styles. For example, a longer, slender foot, a wider, fatter foot, or maybe longer or shorter toes. Feet are not all the same. For the Sidewinder position, a wider foot will cover more of the boy’s face. However, a slender, skinnier foot may be easier to slip into the boy’s mouth. While the type generally does not have any reaction to pleasure, some foot types work better for positions than others.

The third foot fetish virtue is Texture.

While practically all of the virtues relate to the Sidewinder position in some way, Texture plays a big role. Whether the girl’s feet are wrinkled, smooth, rough, scaly, dry, etc., the boy will feel the texture of the girl’s foot. Remember, the boy will have his lips, mouth, and tongue constantly sucking, licking, and giving oral at all times in this position. If the girl has wrinkled soles, and the boy likes wrinkled soles, then the boy will feel her wrinkled soles with each forceful push of her foot into his mouth. Exponentially increasing his pleasure.

The fourth foot fetish virtue are Toes/Nails

One of the more important virtues here involves the length of the girl’s toes. Since the primary goal of this position is to get her feet into his mouth, the length of her toes plays a vital role. In general, at least from my personal experience, a longer toe length is sexier than shorter, or stubbed toes. However, to each their own. The length of the girl’s toes also plays a role in how much of her foot can fit into the boy’s mouth.

It may be difficult for the boy to see any pedicures or French tips, but it is impossible. If the boy prefers, the nail can still play a pleasurable role in this foot fetish position.

And lastly, we discuss the Cleanliness foot fetish virtue

Cleanliness strongly matters in this foot fetish position since the girl’s feet will be in the boy’s mouth and around his nose for the smell. If the boy likes dirty soles and dirty feet in general, then it is best to use the Sidewinder when the girl’s feet are dirty so she can shove them into his mouth. The virtues relate strongly to the boy’s preferences. The girl should align the virtues with the boy’s preferences to ensure that the boy receives maximum pleasure.

There are many different settings, guidelines, and best sexual practices into and out of the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position

Each position in the Footsutra has secrets. And generally, these secrets sit in one of these categories: settings, guidelines, or best sexual practices.

What are the best settings for the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position?

Clearly, the most common setting for this position is behind the closed door of a bedroom. But that does not make it the most fun setting. The best settings for the Sidewinder and any Footsutra foot fetish position are unique. Maybe try to the kitchen counter, on a bar, or on top of a pool table or other table. The more unique and surprising the setting, the more pleasure felt by both the boy and the girl.

Guidelines to remember in the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position

It may take a substantial amount of practice before a girl successfully uses her feet and vagina simultaneously. But that does not make this position impossible. Do not expect to perform the erotic techniques successfully on the first try, or even the second or third try in many cases. Performing successful erotic and setup techniques takes time and patience.

Once a girl succeeds in getting her foot into his mouth, she should practice the difficulty. It may be very difficult to successfully move her foot in and out of his mouth effectively. But getting her foot into his mouth, or even his face is an accomplishment. Depending on how strong the boy’s foot fetish, that may be all it takes for the boy to orgasm into the girl.

Best sexual practices – in general

In the Sidewinder foot fetish position, it is all about positioning. The body size of both the boy and girl matters in this position. Height differences also matter in this position. Depending on the difference in height and body size for the boy and girl, these factors may prove the Sidewinder more difficult. However, these factors could also make the Sidewinder position easier.

Should height and body size prove difficult in this position, experimentation becomes the key method to understanding the tiny tweaks or changes that are needed to make this position successful.

Transitions into and out of the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position

Transitions occur when a boy and girl switch the Footsutra position. For example, if the girl begins the Sidewinder position and then transitions upright into the Hydra, that is a transition. The key to understanding pleasure in the Footsutra comes from these transitions. Rapid transitioning and transitioning into other Footsutra positions, in general, asserts control and dominance. The most popular transition for the Sidewinder is discussed below.

Hydra into Sidewinder

Perhaps one of the better transitions for the Sidewinder position is via the transition from the Hydra. The Hydra position can easily be transitioned into the Sidewinder by the girl falling down onto her side, and forcing the boy to turn onto his side with the momentum. In the Hydra position, the girl’s foot and/or feet should already be in the boy’s face. This makes it easier when the girl falls to her side to keep her feet in his face. Furthermore, as she falls, her goal is to keep his erect penis inside of her as well.

The first transition attempt will more than likely fail, but that is okay. Many transitions and techniques in these positions fail the first time. As they always say, practice makes perfect.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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