Aki, 2B, the Blindfolded Foot Wanderer Sex Doll!

Aki, 2B, the Blindfolded Foot Wanderer Sex Doll

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Aki, 2B, the Blindfolded Foot Wanderer kneels on one-knee, with a sword in hand while staring at you. Is that a challenge?

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Experience the power of foot fetish positions and techniques with Aki, 2B, the Blindfolded Foot Wanderer. Use Aki to experience all of the Footsutra positions and techniques. Or, use the specific techniques I discuss below.

Please keep in mind that sex dolls do not possess the power to execute techniques and positions independently. The techniques, fantasies, and roleplay discussed below rely on imagination and a sense of wonder using something I call the Humiliation Entertainment Gambit.

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Otherwise, let’s get started!

Based on Nier: Automata, Aki, 2B, the Blindfolded Foot Wanderer uses stances, boots, feet, and power against you!

Aki, 2B, the Blindfolded Foot Wanderer is based on a video game of the 2B from Nier: Automata. 2B also has references and appearances in other games, such as Soul Caliber.

Aki, 2B in her black garments, short white hair, and a portion of her blindfold lowered to reveal her one of her eyes.

Aki sports some of the best clothing, accessories, and garments that I could find across sex dolls. The high-heeled boots come with a great way to initiate foot-worship by sucking on the heel as best as you can. Or else, if you do not suck her heels hard enough, you may get the stiletto!

Aki remains to be a unique sex doll. I am a fan of her short white hair, and her skin appears silky smooth.

Here we see Aki striking an enticing pose with her blindfold equipped.

In the pose of Aki above, we see some of her nude features. Her breasts appear firm and of great shape and size that matches her body. Her ass also appears to be in a nice shape and size that appeals to her body type and size. However, we should keep in mind that she is wearing very high-heel boots, which increases her height by a considerable amount.

“Sex dolls need to be more than just sex dolls to make your purchase worth it.”

-Rhea Hayworth, founder of The Footsutra and Celebrity Feet in the Pose

This is why I discuss the best methods for roleplay and sexual fantasy with the Aki, 2B sex doll from Silicon Wives. These fantasies, roleplay, and games will greatly increase your pleasure and joy with your sex doll. Let’s explore how to do this below.

The recommended roleplay and fantasy options for Aki, 2B, the Blindfolded Foot Wanderer is the use of a sexual fighting-style game. In this roleplay and fantasy with Aki, you will go head-to-head (or 1v1) against Aki in a sexual fighting match. If she forces you to orgasm, you lose! Which is a good thing! This exponentially increases your pleasure.

You and Aki both start with Hit Points (HP) and Mana Points (MP), or MP is sometimes referred to as Mana.

An example of a Hit Points (HP) meter

Your Hit Points (HP): 100/100
Aki’s Hit Points (HP): 100/100

An example of a Magic/Mana Points (MP) meter
An example of a Magic/Mana Points (MP) meter

Your Magic Points (MP): 100/100
Aki’s Magic Points (MP): 100/100

Whenever you make Aki execute a setup technique or an erotic technique (both described below), Aki loses some of her MP depending on which technique was executed. If she lands the technique, you lose some of your HP.

Let’s look at an example:

Before you go to work (or go out), you set up Aki in the Dominating Stance! (setup technique described below). When you come back home, you walk into the bedroom to find Aki, ready for a sexual battle.

Now, let’s imagine we make Aki use the Stiletto Guillotine erotic technique (described below). To enhance the roleplay and fantasy, imagine Aki activating an erotic technique:

Aki, 2B the Blindfolded Foot Wanderer activating the Stiletto Guillotine erotic technique! Graphics not included.

This erotic technique consumes 15 MP. You then get down on your knees and lick her boots. Next, you spread her legs and crawl through them as she falls forward across your back. You suck on the heel of her boots and then rip them off. In essence, you get into the Guillotine position. And you move Aki’s sword to your throat while she holds it.

When you get into the erotic technique with Aki, you start to get hard because her feet, soles, and toes rub all over your face. Her stiletto(s) is pressed to your head and neck. The more pleasure and arousal you feel, the more HP you lose. The more HP you lose…, the higher the likelihood a Fetish Power Play will trigger. This is Aki’s Special Technique.

If your HP drains and drains, that means you’re are getting more and more excited and thus closer to orgasm. When enough HP is drained from one erotic technique, Aki may use her Special Technique.

The Fetish Power Play Special Technique for the Aki Sex Doll

Aki activated her special technique! The Fetish Power Play… She has you right where she wants you.

With Aki, a Fetish Power Play occurs when you lose too much HP to a specific erotic technique. Imagine your Hit Points (HP) draining the more her feet are in your face and the more stroking you do to yourself.

Defined, a Fetish Power Play is a set amount of time that the current sex position cannot be changed. In other words, the position you and Aki are in that gives you so much pleasure; you cannot escape.

I denote a fetish power play with specific music, sirens, alarms, or something that signals a fetish power play has started from personal experience. This is something that you can audibly hear.

Using the theory of Pavlov (nerd alert), the specific music, siren, alarm, or other noise you use for Aki’s special technique will, over time, increase the pleasure behind the position and power play itself because it signals impending orgasm.

Setup techniques are specific body positions, stances, poses, and arrangements that prompt foot fetish play with the Aki, 2B sex doll.

As a reminder, you can also use the setup and erotic techniques of the actual Footsutra positions. You can also place Aki, 2B, and yourself in any Footsutra position and experience it for yourself.

By no means is this the entire list of setup techniques. Part of the fun with sex dolls and with Moon is to make your own setup techniques as you experience your sexual fantasies and roleplays.

Important note: Sex dolls, in general, do not yet possess the power to move and enter setup techniques independently. The technology for this does not exist. However, the purchaser may put Aki, 2B into the desired setup technique him/herself and continue from there.

Dominating Stance!
MP 5

The Dominating Stance is a setup technique meant to strike fear in Aki’s opponent, which is you! Fear the power of Aki, 2B!

Seductive Stance!
MP 5

The Seductive Stance is meant to turn you into Aki’s slut and start licking her high-heeled boots. And with a sword to your neck!

Flirtatious Stance!
MP 5

The Flirtatious Stance is meant to entice in a more romantic way and potentially opens the option of you humiliating Aki!

Erotic techniques are specific actions, cues, movements, and effort to have the Aki, 2B sex doll force you to orgasm.

Stiletto Guillotine!
MP 15

The Stiletto Guillotine erotic technique is the Guillotine position, but with Aki having her stiletto (one stiletto or both) to your neck. The threat is that if you do not suck, lick, and worship her feet while stroking; you may get cut!

Hail of Soles!
MP 20

The Hail of Soles erotic technique is a play on the Footbar Submission position. Here, Aki has you in the Footbar Submission, her feet and soles all over your face. Her stiletto by your cock and she threatens you if you do not start stroking yourself.

Through exploration, you will eventually be able to create your own erotic techniques! If you manage to reduce Aki’s HP to 0 through the erotic technique you created, you make her submissive and then cum inside her, thus humiliating her as your cum drips out of her. Aki has some erotic techniques, now purchase Aki and come up with your own techniques against her!

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Rhea Hayworth (30)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

By Rhea Hayworth

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.


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