Asuna, the Lightning-Fast Foot & Sole Sex Doll!

Asuna, the Lightning-Fast Foot and Sole Sex Doll!

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IISexual Fantasy and Roleplay
IIIWhat is a Fetish Power Play?
IVSetup Techniques
VErotic Techniques
VIBest Practice for Asuna Sex Doll
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Here, I discuss the best practices for the Asuna sex doll from Silicon Wives. These sex doll posts are structured in the same way as the Footsutra foot fetish positions. I go in-depth with specific techniques, positions, and fantasies to make your purchase of Asuna worth your while.

Experience the power of foot fetish positions and techniques with Asuna, the lightning-fast foot and sole. Use Asuna to experience all of the Footsutra positions and techniques. Or, use the specific techniques I discuss below. Let’s get started!

Based on the anime series Sword Art Online, Asuna will use her lightning-fast feet and soles against you!

The Asuna anime sex doll resembles Asuna from the SAO (Sword Art Online) anime series. Asuna, the sex doll, does have some fantastic art features. Let us take a look at her body as a whole.

The lightning-fast foot and sole Asuna sex doll from Silicon Wives stands on one foot (tiptoes) with a hand on her hip looking into the camera while nude,
Here we see Asuna raised up on the tip-toes of one foot while one of her hands is on her hips and staring into the camera.

Asuna can strike quite the pose if we take a look at the image above. Upon her tip-toes of one foot and one hand on her hip, she looks dominant, as well as demanding, in the image above.

First, her toes and top of her feet look fantastic. Her feet, and also her calf muscles, look toned and ready for play. While her body looks petite, this is great for positions that involve lifting her or moving her around. Her hands look just as good as her feet and can behold, or fingers-locked during positions and techniques.

Her breasts appear to be a great size that fits the physique of her body. She seems confident in that pose.

Understanding the sexual fantasy and roleplay

Before describing the best roleplay method, you must first understand how fantasies can affect your orgasm, pleasure, and fetishism. You must embrace your fantasy without hesitation to receive the maximum amount of pleasure.

Fantasies are important with sex dolls because, without them, that’s all they are… Sex dolls. Fantasies create a sense of wonder, power, dominance, humiliation, and more. Each sex doll I discuss will have a fantasy component. Choosing to use this fantasy in your sex play is entirely up to you. If you are even the slightest bit curious, I implore you to keep reading.

When playing with Asuna, the lightning-fast foot and sole, you should learn how to best roleplay with her. The best fantasy for your Asuna is to re-enact or create a battle scene from the popular anime SAO.

Start like this, you and Asuna both have Hit Points (HP) and Magic Points (MP). Like a fighting game where you go 1 v. 1 with an opponent, you will go 1 v. 1 against Asuna, but not with fighting. With sex!

General roleplaying rules with Asuna. You each begin with 100 HP and MP.

An example of a hit points (HP) bar to use in the Asuna sex doll fantasies and role play game.
Example of a Hit Points (HP) Meter

Your Hit Points (HP): 100/100
Asuna’s Hit Points (HP): 100/100

An example of a mana bar (or magic points -MP) bar to use in Asuna sex doll fantasies and roleplaying.
Example of a Mana Points (MP) Meter

Your Mana Points (MP): 100/100
Asuna’s Mana Points (MP): 100/100

Your hit points drain whenever you make Asuna execute an erotic technique against you. For example, if you make Asuna land and perform the Paraxis Foot Hold erotic technique (described below), you lose x amount of HP. While Asuna, having used an erotic technique, loses x amount of MP. Once your HP reaches 0, you lose, and Asuna forces you to orgasm.

The general rules are as follows: Using a setup technique or erotic techniques consumes MP and depletes the HP of the person the technique was used against.

Now, in any standard fighting 1 v. 1 game, when your HP reaches 0, you lose the game. But here, instead of a K.O., when your HP reaches 0, you orgasm! In essence, you make Asuna use setup and erotic techniques against you to make your HP hit 0 and orgasm.

A nude rear-view of the Asuna sex doll that shows her full butt and the soles of both of her feet.
Rear-view of the lightning-fast foot sole Asuna sex doll.

All about Fetish Power Plays – more specifically… What are they?

A fetish power play is defined as a set amount of time when a sexual position cannot be changed. These are meant to induce humiliation for whoever is in the power play and control for whoever is executing the power play. Understanding and utilizing power play in your sexual experience with Asuna will greatly increase your sexual pleasure, release, and overall sexual well-being.

Let us start to think of your 1 v. 1 sexual match with Asuna as a wrestling match. Now, when watching wrestling, sometimes one person puts the other in something called a submission. In submissions, the wrestler has to try to find a way out. Think of a fetish power play like a submission.

If Asuna uses her MP to perform an erotic technique on you, Asuna and yourself get into position. Once the position is locked in, the position cannot be changed for a set period of time. If Asuna uses the Paraxis Foot Hold (described below in the Erotic Techniques section), then once in the position, you cannot get out of it until the fetish power play ends.

The overall goal in a fetish power play is to resist orgasm. Fetish power plays are meant to be humiliating and force you to orgasm inside the erotic technique and power plays.

As a reminder, Asuna cannot enter and move on her own, so you will have to decide when Asuna uses an erotic technique, get into the position described in the technique, and start the fetish power play’s timer. If you can last and not orgasm during the power play, the position breaks, and then you could use an erotic technique against Asuna!

A two-piece bikini shot of Asuna on her knees and looking into the camera suggestively.
Asuna, the sex doll down on her knees facing the camera teasing the removal of her panties.

Setup techniques are specific body positions, stances, poses, and arrangements that prompt foot fetish play.

As a reminder, you can also use the setup and erotic techniques of the actual Footsutra positions. Also, you can place Asuna and yourself in any Footsutra position and experience it for yourself.

Important note: Sex dolls, in general, do not yet possess the power to move and enter setup techniques independently. The technology for this does not exist. However, the purchaser may put Asuna into the desired setup technique him/herself and continue from there.

Foot Splash!
MP 10

The Foot Splash! setup technique is when you set Asuna on her back with her legs high in the air. Her soles and feet show along with her vagina (or panties) if she has them on. Her hands motion for you to come near her.

Sole Rosario!
MP 5

The Sole Rosario! setup technique is when Asuna is positioned on her stomach, with her bare legs, feet, soles, and toes up in the air. Maybe she flexes one arm and entices you to move towards her with her other hand.

Triangular Star!
MP 5

The Triangular Star! setup technique is when you position Asuna on her knees, with her legs spread a little and face her away from you. Her feet and soles stick out and she knows you cannot resist the site when you turn the corner.

A nude side-view of the Asuna lightning-fast foot and sole sex doll that showing feet, side-boobs, and her butt.
SIde-view of Asuna, the lightning-fast foot and sole sex doll from the popular anime series.
Erotic techniques are specific actions, cues, movements, and effort to have Asuna force you to orgasm.

Paraxis Foot Hold!
MP: 20

The Paraxis Foot Hold is an erotic technique that you make Asuna execute. This erotic technique has Asuna wrap her feet around your penis in a footjob. A hole forms between her soles that you penetrate with your penis. Meanwhile, Asuna has you in a chokehold: either a headlock, guillotine choke, or some other stranglehold that makes you fuck the hole made by her soles. One example is where she is on your back, soles in front of your penis, and a headlock.

Foot Penetrator!
MP: 20

The Foot Penetrator erotic technique is a move that you make Asuna perform when Asuna feels embarrassed. When you start pounding Asuna, she performs a reversal. Her foot slips into your mouth (maybe both if you can). The position changes to you sucking on her foot and pressing your face into her other sole while pounding. Lace both of Asuna’s hands on the back of your head. This locks you into the foot penetrator. Her foot (or feet if both) penetrates your mouth.

On the other hand, you need to develop your own erotic techniques to perform against Asuna. Make her HP reach 0 before you do! What does Asuna, the sex doll, enjoy? What humiliates her? Those are questions you will answer as you continue to play with Asuna.

Remember, if Asuna successfully lands an erotic technique, your HP drains with how effective the erotic technique was. When your HP reaches zero, you orgasm either by stroking yourself in the current position or participating in oral, vaginal, or anal with Asuna. The more you engage in the fantasy and the role-play, the stronger your orgasm will be.

Best sexual practices to use for the Asuna, lightning-fast foot and sole sex doll

To feel more like a battle, I recommend playing a continuous track of music and crowd noise, whether on YouTube or other platforms such as Spotify. Boss battle music, for example, would make a great soundtrack when engaging in this sexual play.

There are many different crowd noise videos out there that randomly increase the sound of the crowd, applause, and other sound metrics. For example, one of the best experiences is when you make Asuna use an erotic technique, you enter the position, and the crowd goes wild!

Rhea Hayworth (30)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

By Rhea Hayworth

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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