Moon, the Sole DJ Sex Doll

Moon, the Sole DJ Sex Doll

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Moon is ready to challenge you to your first humiliation sexual game.

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Experience the power of foot fetish positions and setup and erotic techniques with Moon, the Sole DJ. Use Moon to experience all of the current Footsutra positions and techniques. Or, use the custom techniques for Moon that are described further below.

Please keep in mind that sex dolls do not possess the power to execute techniques and positions independently. The techniques, fantasies, and roleplay discussed below rely on imagination and a sense of wonder using something I call the Humiliation Entertainment Gambit.

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Otherwise, let’s get started!

Moon, the Sole DJ sex doll, uses the power of her feet, soles, music, and beats against you

Moon is a DJ turned sex doll that has some fantastic features. Moon’s legs are top-notch and are long and have some thickness to them. Her ass is also a great shape and compliments her overall body very well.

Moon, the Sole DJ stands in high heels in a rear-view that shows of the best features of this sex doll
Moon stands up for a rear-view picture while she looks over her shoulder.

The heels she wears make her butt pop out and shows the greatness of her thighs and calves. Also, you can customize her toes nails and make her have French-tips, or a red color. Her long and pink hair flows naturally with her body and her headphones are a nice attraction that will be used in techniques described below.

Moon, the Sole DJ sex doll spreads it all and shows her pussy, asshole, feet and a portion of her boobs.
Here we see Moon, the sex doll revealing all the goodies.

Moon, the Sole DJ spreads her legs a bit to show the goodies and we get a nice shot of her pussy and asshole.

The Humiliation Entertainment Gambit – What is it?

Sex dolls need to be more than just sex dolls to make your purchase worth it.”

-Rhea Hayworth, founder of The Footsutra and Celebrity Feet in the Pose

The Humiliation Entertainment Gambit is high-risk/high-reward and is meant to induce humiliation, excitation, and powerlessness in a fantasy and roleplay setting. These fantasies, roleplay, and games will greatly increase your pleasure and joy with your sex doll. Let’s explore how best to do this with Moon, the Sole DJ.

Recommendations for the Humiliation Entertainment Gambit:

  • Get a continuous soundtrack from YouTube, Spotify, etc., for audience noise, crowd cheers, and chants that rise and fall in intensity. Play through speakers. A track of a crowd laughing may also enhance humiliation.
  • Get strobe lights, spotlights, a disco ball, and/or other unique light sources to set the stage’s mood.
  • Create a make-shift “arena” in the home and location where you plan to use the Humiliation Entertainment Gambit with Moon, the Sole DJ. Think of this arena as a stage where both you and Moon have HP/MP.
  • Use a voice synthesizer or voice creator to mimic an announcer to enhance your humiliation (or Moon’s humiliation) to say quotes such as “Look at Moon go! She has him in the Sole Buster!” among other things.
  • Have specific lighting, chants, or crowd noise that signals a special technique.

While these aren’t the only recommendations, they are a great place to start your journey using the Humiliation Entertainment Gambit. Let’s keep going.

The recommended roleplay and fantasy options for Moon, the Sole DJ is through the use of a rave-style type of sexual game. In this roleplay and fantasy with Moon, you will go head-to-head on the dance floor against Moon in a sexual fighting match. Embarrass Moon sexually in front of others, or make her embarrass you.

Here, it is best to change the Hit Points (HP) gauge to a Rave Points (RP) gauge (example below).

An example of a Rave Points (RP) meter.

Whenever you make Moon execute a setup technique or an erotic technique, and it lands successfully, you lose some of your RP. When your RP reaches 0, you will orgasm because you experience too much pleasure from the onslaught of techniques Moon performs.

Here is an example of this. Let us say that you make Moon use her Moon Bounce! erotic technique (described below). You stick your head between Moon’s legs from behind, and lift her onto your shoulders. You bend Moon’s knees and clasp her feet in your face and walk around.

Once the position is finalized, and you walk around, your RP starts to drain because you are getting turned on. Whether you make Moon use the erotic techniques below or come up with your own, your RP drains if they land and are successful.

An example of a Magic/Mana Points (MP) meter
An example of a Magic Points (MP) meter. Sometimes called Mana.

Each time Moon or yourself executes a setup or erotic technique, you both lose MP depending on which technique was executed. For example, if the Moon Bounce! erotic technique costs 15 MP, then the MP gauge depletes by 15.

DJ, Play That Beat! Moon Sex Doll Special Technique

Special Technique identifier for the Moon, the Sole DJ sex doll
Moon activates the DJ, Play That Beat Special Technique! This is an example of the activation.

Moon has the option of using the DJ, Play That Bass Special Technique when you lose too much RP very rapidly. She wears headphones and starts this special technique by placing her headphones on you! Making you wear them. This is a humiliating act.

If a foot fetish is your thing, like it is mine, then you and Moon can enter your favorite foot fetish position found in the Footsutra. Once in the position, Moon’s headphones go on your head and cover your ears. Her feet still cover your face, and you either stroke or fuck your way to orgasm.

Sex doll setup techniques are specific body positions, stances, poses, and arrangements that prompts foot fetish and other sexual play with Moon.

As a reminder, you can also use the setup and erotic techniques of the actual Footsutra positions. You can also place Moon and yourself in any Footsutra position and experience it for yourself.

By no means is this the entire list of setup techniques. Part of the fun with sex dolls, and with Moon, is for you to make your own setup techniques as you experience your sexual fantasies and roleplays.

Important Note & Reminder – Sex dolls, in general, do not yet possess the power to move and enter setup techniques or erotic techniques independently. The technology for this does not exist. However, the purchaser may put Moon into the desired setup and erotic techniques him/herself and continue from there using fantasies and roleplay described in this article.

Rave Stance!
MP 5

Moon stands in the middle of the dance floor, hand on her headphones ready to do battle with you. Moon does not lose battles, and this stance is an open challenge on the rave floor! Are you prepared?

Bounce Stance!
MP 5

Moon gets down on her knees, and spreads her legs apart. She reveals her feet (or makes you take her shoes and leggings off). You suck on the heels of her shoes while she takes advantage.

Under the Lights!
MP 10

Moon hikes one of her legs up and motions for you to come get her. She is under the brightest spotlight in the club, and wants to humiliate you in that light so that everyone can see how weak you are.

Sex doll erotic techniques are specific actions, cues, movements, and effort to have Moon force you into orgasm.

Moon Bounce!
MP 15

The Moon Bounce erotic technique is similar to the Princess Ascension position in the Footsutra. When Moon executes this erotic technique, you place Moon on your shoulders like a rave and hold onto her feet, and put them in your face if possible.

Castles in the Sky!
MP 10

Moon executes her own version of the Hydra position, where she rides your cock, both of her soles in your face, and you pound and fuck her to the beat of the current music she is playing.

Rhea Hayworth (30)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

By Rhea Hayworth

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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