An image of the Sole Cradle, with the boy lied down across the girl's back while she is on all fours to get her feet into his face

Sole Cradle

The Sole Cradle is an interesting position due to the girl being on all fours, and the boy flung over her back and his face in her feet while her head is between his legs.
The Sole Cradle foot fetish position is where the girl is on her hands and knees, and the boy on top of her, with her head between his legs and her feet in his face

Learn the Sole Cradle..

The Sole Cradle is a unique and kinky foot fetish position where the girl is on her hands and knees, and he lays over her with her feet and soles in his face.

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A quote from the Admin.

“This position just feels… Different. But pleasurable. Hard to explain.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
A quote from Nessy.

“Such a strange position, but it serves the purpose of foreplay.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-founder

Section IPosition Description & History
IIFoot Fetish Setup Techniques
IIIFoot Fetish Erotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Traits and Virtues
VISettings and Best Sexual Practices
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The Sole Cradle foot fetish position description, background, and history.

Discovered by accident during foot fetish games and sexual play between the Admin and Nessy, this foot fetish position is unique. Primarily a foreplay position for a boy with a foot fetish, this position was added due to one reason: There is a great sensation achieved with the girl’s head between the boy’s legs and the girl slapping him with her feet.

Describing this position proves difficult. The girl starts on her hands and knees (down on all fours). Next, the boy sits on her neck, with her neck between his legs and head behind him. This places the boy on his knees. The boy falls forward while the girl lifts her feet. Thus, the boy falls directly into her feet, face first.

Pending height differences, this position may need to be adjusted. If the boy or girl possesses significant height differences, adjust accordingly to position her feet into his face during the Sole Cradle.

The Sole Cradle also allows a boy to take a more dominant and controlling role in this position. Learn more about this in the Dominance section (section IV in the table of contents).

History of the Sole Cradle

The Sole Cradle was discovered between Nessy and I (Admin) during a random wrestling play many years ago. Many of the Footsutra positions were discovered in this way. The wrestling play’s object was simple: Nessy won by getting her feet into my face through submissions, holds, and more. I won via the traditional method: simply pinning her. She was stronger than she appeared.

I was attempted to do a mock powerbomb on her when she used what is now called the Powerbomb Reversal setup technique. This technique is described below.

An image of the Sole Cradle, with the boy lied down across the girl's back while she is on all fours to get her feet into his face

The Sole Cradle – Setup Techniques

Foot fetish setup techniques require specific movements, actions, and maneuvers to force a boy into the Sole Cradle.

Setup techniques are designed to help a girl force the position onto a suspecting or unsuspecting boy. The following setup techniques were discovered through sexual experimentation and play between the Admin and Nessy. However, we always encourage couples to create their own setup techniques. Using your own setup techniques and your own methods will enhance the bond and sexual/fetish play between the couple.

There are currently two setup techniques in the Sole Cradle: Powerbomb Reversal and Death Gate.


Setup Technique: Powerbomb Reversal is a method of wrestling to enter the Sole Cradle foot fetish position.


Setup Technique: Death Gate is a play on a possible entry point into the Sole Cradle foot fetish position.

The first setup technique is the POWERBOMB REVERSAL

The POWERBOMB REVERSAL is the first setup technique in the Sole Cradle. This setup technique was discovered when a powerbomb was attempted.

The powerbomb is a wrestling maneuver designed to flip someone onto the front of his or her shoulders and then slam them down onto their back. Essentially, the powerbomb holds someone up in a reverse shoulder ride to drop them onto the back in a wrestling move.

To start the powerbomb, the boy grabs the back of the girl’s head, bends her over, and sticks her head between his legs. Now, if the powerbomb would continue normally, the boy wraps his hands around her waist. Next, he lifts and flips her up onto his shoulders and then slams her down.

The POWERBOMB REVERSAL comes into play when the girl refuses to be flipped up onto his shoulders. She anchors herself and refuses to be flipped or lifted. Next, the girl grabs the back of the boy’s knees and pulls them towards her. This or some other method forces the boy down onto his hands and knees with her head still between his legs.

Once the boy is on her knees with her head between his legs, she rises. She lifts her head to force the boy to fall forward across her back. At the same time, she raises her legs and lifts her feet. When the boy lays across her back, his face land directly into her feet and soles. This completes the Powerbomb Reversal setup technique.

The second setup technique in the Sole Cradle foot fetish position – DEATH GATE

The DEATH GATE setup technique gets the name by the specific method used to enter the Sole Cradle foot fetish position. A note of caution: this specific setup technique requires the girl to possess some strength.

The boy and girl begin by standing and facing one another. Next, the girl bends down and sticks her head between the boy’s legs. Now, the boy may bend over and wrap her arms around her waist if he chooses. But this is not required.

The girl then stands back up with her head still between his legs. The boy hangs upside-down, with his legs extended straight-out over her shoulders. The girl places her hands on his legs to balance him should she desire. While standing, the girl possesses the power to walk around. She may kick her feet up and flash her toes, soles, and arch to the boy in a tease.

When the girl is ready, or the boy begs for her feet, she drops to her knees. There are a few different methods to do this.

The Sole Cradle – Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques induce orgasm in the boy, typically against his will.

Erotic techniques originated as methods to help force a boy to orgasm in the Sole Cradle foot fetish position. These erotic techniques are used by both the boy and girl but are primarily used by the girl to induce orgasm. Erotic techniques occur inside the position and are only executed when the boy and girl are in the Sole Cradle foot fetish position. However, it remains difficult to induce a boy to orgasm in the Sole Cradle position unless something in the position is altered.

The Admin and Nessy discovered the following erotic techniques through experimentation of the Sole Cradle. As always, we recommend exploring the position as a couple and come up with your own erotic techniques to use in sexual play.

The first erotic technique in the Sole Cradle – SOLE CRATER

The SOLE CRATER is a synonym, in this case, for the girl’s butt, including her asshole. With the Sole Cradle, while the girl’s soles cover the boy’s face, her butt is also nearby. The girl can angle and reposition herself to get her but into the boy’s face. This allows the girl to alternate between her butt and feet in the boy’s face. This increases the girl’s control and also further humiliates the boy. It exerts a sense and feeling of control over the boy, with the girl gaining dominance with this method.

The second erotic technique in the Sole Cradle – WORMHOLE

The WORMHOLE erotic technique begins in the Sole Cradle position. As always, this erotic technique begins when the girl has the boy in the Sole Cradle position. Use the artwork above for more clarification. However, the WORMHOLE technique does depend on the boy’s significant height difference over the girl. The exact height difference required to achieve this erotic technique is unknown.

To begin, the girl holds the boy in place and moves backward. In essence, she crawls backward and removes her head from between the boy’s legs. She stops when her mouth is directly in front of his erect penis. The boy’s penis should be erect since her feet have been smothering, covering, and slapping his face. The girl performs oral sex on the boy while he sucks on her feet.

In the WORMHOLE technique, the girl’s angle allows him to deep throat her foot while being slapped with the other. This is a simultaneous sucking: where the boy deep throats her foot, and she deep throats his cock. It is very easy to orgasm in this technique. The girl’s legs take a different shape and arc to achieve this method.

A front view of the boy in the Sole Cradle foot fetish position and the girl's soles covering the boy's face.

Humiliation and dominance factors in the Sole Cradle foot fetish position

Both humiliation and dominance factors play important roles across all Footsutra foot fetish positions. Here are how these two factors apply to the Sole Crater foot fetish position.

Three Stars out of Five Stars

Humiliation Level

This humiliation level is the basic rating and can change depending on the couple and situation. For example, the girl may bind the boy’s wrists behind his back. She may also bind his ankles together with cuffs, rope, or some other method. Then the girl executes the position after placing the boy in binds. Thus, increasing the level of humiliation.

Three Stars out of Five Stars

Dominance Level

The dominance level fluctuates, mostly depending on the girl’s personality. Suppose the girl has the dominant type, this level increases. If the girl struggles or is in the process of learning, this may be lower. Regardless, executing the DEATH GATE setup technique will increase the dominance because this shows the girl’s strength.

Boys taking a more dominant role in the Sole Crater.

Due to the potential danger, a safe word is ALWAYS recommended in any Footsutra encounter; due to some of the positions’ nature and techniques.

It is possible for the boy to take control and what he wants in this position. The girl opens herself up to a potential headscissor. Think about it. The girl’s head is directly between the boy’s legs. The boy can squeeze her head and neck and trap her in a dangerous headscissor. This can restrict breathing and holds the potential to make the girl pass out.

While the boy squeezes and takes control with a headscissor, he also takes control of her feet. Her feet still do not leave his face regardless of the headscissor he performs on the girl. This is a great reversal to take dominance back if the boy. While squeezing her in the headscissor and her feet in his face, he can stroke himself to orgasm. His cum will splurge all over her back.

A hazardous maneuver stands the boy up. The girl’s head is still trapped between the boy’s legs, but her legs and feet are arched up, so they are in his face.

Foot fetish traits in the Sole Cradle foot fetish position

Over the course of creating the Footsutra, Nessy and I discovered three important traits. These traits apply to all Footsutra positions. These three traits are strength, confidence, and trust. How do these three traits apply to the Sole Cradle position?

The first trait – strength

For an accurate Sole Cradle, the boy is off the ground. Therefore, the girl requires to have the strength necessary to lift the boy over her back. For some, this may not be possible. The boy may be too big. The girl may not be strong enough. The boy and girl have very distinct height differences or something else.

Contrary to popular belief, girls who possess strength are attractive. Strength does not make girls abnormal, weird, or something else. In fact, most of the foot fetish positions in the Footsutra require the girl to be strong.

The second trait – confidence

Without confidence, there is no pleasure. Without confidence, there is no Footsutra. A girl who questions herself when forcing a boy into the position has no control. The same applies to the Sole Cradle foot fetish position. If a girl lacks confidence, she must learn to build it. And you build confidence through practice.

Initially, it may be funny to place feet in a boy’s face. But for a girl, this should not be funny but dominant. Not laughable, but controllable. Once a girl covers a boy’s face with her soles, places her feet into his mouth, or places her soles around his penis, she gains control. Basically, she becomes dominant, and the boy submissive.

In the Sole Cradle, the image shows the expression a girl should have in this position. Dominant. In control. Debating what her next move should be. The boy blushes and worships her feet. While he worships, the girl can plan what to do next with him.

The third and final trait – trust

The Sole Cradle does not have a major trust concern since it is not as dangerous as Eden. Regardless, if the girl attempts the position and cannot support the boy’s weight, she has some options. One option would be to transition into another Footsutra position (use the Transitions section at the end of this post). Or, she could hold the boy in the Sole Cradle while the boy’s knees are on the ground. In this case, strength would not be needed as much.

Basically, a safe word needs to be used in any Footsutra position. If a safe word is spoken, then the position stops and exits, no questions asked.

Foot fetish virtues as they apply to the Sole Cradle foot fetish position

The five-foot fetish virtues are the hallmark of the foot fetish world. Below are the five-foot fetish virtues as they apply to the Sole Cradle foot fetish position. The virtues consist of smell, foot type, foot texture, toes & nails, and finally, cleanliness.

The first virtue in foot fetishism – Smell

The foot fetish virtue of smell plays a role in the Sole Cradle position. Since the girl’s feet directly rest on the boy’s face, smell plays a factor. Therefore, it remains important that the girl makes sure her feet smell the way the boy enjoys. For example, if the boy prefers sweaty and nasty-smelling feet, use the Sole Cradle after a workout. If the boy enjoys clean, nice-smelling feet, initiate the Sole Cradle after a bath or shower. Regardless, with her feet near the boy’s face, the smell virtue plays a vital role.

The second virtue in foot fetishes – Foot type

The second-foot fetish virtue of foot type plays less of a role in this position. Regardless of the girl’s foot type, her feet will still be in the boy’s face and/or mouth. For example, if the girl possesses wider feet, her feet still cover his face. If the girl possesses skinnier and longer feet, they will still cover his face.

The third virtue in foot fetish – Foot texture

The foot texture virtue also does not play much of a role here. Regardless of the girl’s feet are smooth, rough, wrinkled, scaly, or another, her feet will still be in his face. Movement should not be a concern, despite the type of texture. The girl should still move her feet around all over his face, slap his face, and press her soles into his face. The type of texture of her soles does not make a difference in performing any of those tasks.

The fourth virtue in foot fetish – Toes & nails

For the Sole Cradle foot fetish position, toes do play a role. Longer toes may be easier to get into his mouth or for the boy to suck on. Nails may not play as much of a role due to the positions. The nails of the girl’s feet face away from the boy. Unless the girl uses some serious flexibility, the nails will not be visible to the boy. However, if the girl possesses the flexibility needed to get her nails visible in this position, the girl must make sure they are to what the boy desires, whether that be painted a certain color, french tips, etc.

The final virtue in foot fetishes – Cleanliness

This virtue speaks for itself, but the cleanliness matters to fetishists. However, most foot fetishists do not really care how nasty or clean feet are. So long as they are that… Feet. If the boy likes feet to be dirty, the girl makes sure she has dirt on them. Or dirt covers a certain portion of her soles. The cleanest feet could get straight out of the shower. So if the boy enjoys clean feet (like me), then perform this position following a shower.

Foot fetish best practices, settings, and guidelines for the Sole Cradle foot fetish position

Each Footsutra position discusses best sexual practices, settings, guidelines, and more. After the discovery of a position, Nessy and the Admin discussed the best ways to utilize it.

Discussing the best sexual practices for the Sole Cradle

Using the WORMHOLE erotic technique represents the best orgasm method for the boy based on experimentation. However, there are other methods to achieve orgasm, typically through transitions into and out of other Footsutra positions.

The best settings for the Sole Cradle foot fetish position

To use one of the setup techniques, one may require a room with a high ceiling. But that is not necessary. A girl may perform the DEATH GATE setup technique in any setting. This includes a public setting such as a park or other outdoor gathering area. Unless on a nude beach, clearly, clothes need to remain on in these public areas if the DEATH GATE is performed.

As always, we recommend experimenting with your sexual and Footsutra play outside of the bedroom. Go into the kitchen, living room, patio, garage, and other potential locations. A girl trained in the Footsutra learns to use the resources of the environment around her. For example, if the girl uses this position in the garage, she may find a rope to bind his ankles together.

Thinking outside the box, utilizing public settings (within the confines of the law in your area), and the environment enhances the pleasure, dominance, and overall success of the Sole Cradle and other Footsutra foot fetish positions.

Guidelines for the Sole Cradle foot fetish position

If the boy should struggle, resist, fight, or something along those lines, the girl may use her head to bash his balls. While it is not recommended unless the boy has a trampling or ball-crushing fetish, it still represents a strong powerplay in the girl’s arsenal. For example, she lowers her head and then rapidly brings it back up, using her head to hit him in the nuts. This position is ideal for that.

If the girl lacks the strength to hold the boy in the air, the boy may place his knees on the ground, as demonstrated in the artwork. This will ease the weight and pressure placed on the girl. An alternative method is for the boy to stand next to a bed. And face it with the girl lying down on her stomach. The girl moves forward and places her head between his legs, and the boy falls forward into her feet.

Once the boy is distracted with her feet in his face, this opens the door for the girl to decide what to do next. The girl should constantly be thinking if she wants to transition, perform an erotic technique, inflict pain, or other options.

All potential transitions into and out of the Sole Cradle foot fetish position

Transitions are one of the more important factors in the Footsutra. Transitions sometimes go unnoticed. To be successful in the Footsutra, the girl and boy both need to learn the art of transitioning into and out of each position. Here are the best transition methods for the Sole Crater.

Execution Sentence into Sole Cradle

The Execution Sentence is a great transition into the Sole Crater. For more information on the Execution Sentence, please click the link above.

With the Execution Sentence, the roles are reversed, and the girl has the boy’s head between her legs. To successfully transition, the girl backs up while remaining on her knees. The girl then grabs the boy’s shoulders and forces him up onto his knees. Here, the girl may elect to stroke the boy or even lick or suck his penis. Sometimes just staring at feet while getting oral sex is enough to make a boy burst.

Next, the girl moves past and sticks her head between the boy’s legs. She raises her head and upper body to make the boy fall forward into her soles. Thus, completing the transition.

Sole Crater into Hydra

Once inside the Sole Crater foot fetish position, the girl performs a 180-degree roll. This places the boy on his back and the girl on the boy (also on her back). Her head is still between his legs, and her feet are still in his face. The position rotated 180 degrees to the boy now on his back, rather than the girl on her hands and knees.

Next, the girl sits up and keeps her feet in his face. Practice will be required to keep one or both feet near or on his face while inserting his penis into her vagina. However, she may temporarily remove her feet to insert his penis into her and then stick her foot back onto his face.

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