Dating someone with a foot fetish? Here is what you do.

The most common feeling about knowing you are dating someone with a foot fetish is disgust, feeling gross, etc. However, while an attraction or liking feet may sound gross, it is simply a kink. An unusual and abnormal method to achieve sexual satisfaction. We all have kinks; so view a foot fetish as simply another kink many people share. Here is what you need to know if you are dating someone with a foot fetish.

My date loves feet… What do I do?

Knowing your partner has a foot fetish gives you power. A great degree of power, believe it or not. Loving feet also comes with loving heels, stockings, socks, pedicures, and more. If you know your date loves feet, make sure your feet are out of this world. Schedule a pedicure, paint your toenails, clean your feet up, and pick out some killer heels.

If you and your date get close, start cuddling, or simply sitting next to each other. Tease your date. If in a restaurant, kick-off one heel and run one of your feet up to his leg underneath the table. If you are outdoors or in a park, have him massage your feet in nature. The more you use your feet, the more comfortable your date will become.

Also, some people with a foot fetish feel shame, guilt, and even fear themselves. Even more, some people are afraid to reveal they even have a foot fetish. If you suspect you are dating someone with a foot fetish

Foot fetishes are often misunderstood

You need to view a foot fetish as just another kink, like having the lights during sex on or off. Maybe someone else likes a shirt left on during sex. Maybe others enjoy dirty talk. Whatever the kink, kinks are performed with the main goal being sex, intercourse, orgasm, or all of the above. Caution though, as if your date has a foot fetish, and your feet are sexy, he may orgasm while worshiping your feet. If you want sex to happen, use an intercourse Footsutra position listed in the positions section of the website.

Does my date only love me for my feet?

Your feet are attached to you, right? Therefore, the fear of your date loving you for your feet is a little silly. I have come across the fear countless times in my own love life. The feet do not make the girl, the girl makes the feet. Your date may spend more and more time staring and even touching your feet, but that does not mean he likes your feet more than he likes you. Again, the feet your date keeps staring at, touching, or massaging, are attached to you.

If you plan to go all the way with your date, use the Footsutra if you are dating someone with a foot fetish

The position area of the Footsutra is chock-full of many different positions for beginners and advanced users alike. The Footsutra is your pocket guide to everything foot fetishes: from articles to positions to techniques, and more to come. Also, if you are dating someone with a foot fetish, or have a foot fetish yourself, the Footsutra is your ultimate lifesaver.

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