How to find the best foot mistress

That’s the best part. With the Footsutra, any woman can turn into a mistress. Even if the woman has no foot fetish experience, does not know how to use her feet, or knows where to start, this is where the Footsutra comes into play. Using the Footsutra, the woman becomes an expert in the art of foot fetishism. But not only an expert on foot fetishism, an expert on femdom and domination as well.

Any woman can become the best foot mistress

The Footsutra is more than just a guide to foot fetishism. It is also a guide to dominance. Any woman can open the positions and guides to learn how to execute dominating setup and erotic techniques as well as execute the foot fetish positions themselves.

Once a woman reads and learns the positions and techniques of the Footsutra, she gains power. Power over the foot fetishists of the world. Even if she had no prior experience with foot fetishism, she is now equipped to become the best foot mistress for any person out there.

However, this is not easy. The woman must devote the time to read and learn all of the foot fetish positions and techniques; thus, making her the best foot mistress.

Have a girlfriend that has no clue what to do with her feet?

Then the Footsutra is your best guide to learn the basics, including beginner and advanced positions and techniques. Let’s face it if you are trying to find a woman or foot mistress, and you are in a relationship, clearly, your current partner is not succeeding in foot fetish play. Before taking the risk of cheating (and always getting caught), try introducing her (or him, I do not judge) to the Footsutra. Make your partner become the sexiest and best foot mistress you can imagine.

Mastering positions and techniques with little or no experience

No experience with foot fetishes? Or fetishes in general? No problem! With the Footsutra, start with the bare minimum and build your confidence, power, and dominance. Turn any girlfriend, one-night-stand, or fling into a night filled with foot fetish pleasure and experiences. In the Footsutra, learn the basics and even go into the more advanced positions and techniques if so desired.

Most of the time, the basics are enough to get the pleasure started. Then you build off of this pleasure, try some of the more difficult positions, and then master all techniques in each position. This will create the ultimate and best foot mistress. Even better, that best foot mistress could be your wife, girlfriend, or partner.

Turn one-night-stands into the best foot mistress

One-night-stands do not have to be quick, vanilla sex. Use the Footsutra positions and techniques as a quick reference guide. After all, when engaged in one-night-stands, pleasure goes both ways and is not a one-way street. If you want your side of the pleasure to be with feet, show your one-night-stand the Footsutra and have her, at least try, to become dominant. Obviously, she does not have to be perfect at dominating, but at least being forced into the positions would be a start.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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