How to please a man with a foot fetish

Believe it or not, this is a very common question since feet are a very common fetish. If you truly like this man, crush, fling, etc., then you CANNOT be afraid to use your feet. Most women have trouble with the fear of actually using their feet in a sexual manner. In order to please a man with a foot fetish, you cannot be afraid to use your feet. If you are not afraid, and just need to know what to do with your feet, then you are one step closer to making your man moan like a porn star. Foot fetishes are powerful enhancers to sexual activity.

“Your feet are a weapon. And like most weapons, you need to learn how to use them.”

-Rhea Hayworth, The Footsutra

Please a man with a foot fetish by placing feet on his face

One of the most basic ways to please a man with a foot fetish is to place your bare feet on his face. But do not just stop there, be creative about it. You place your feet on his face, but now what? Do you just sit there and do nothing else and hope magic happens? Of course not.

With your feet in his face, maybe force his pants down. Maybe you start to rub his crotch if he is still clothed. Unzip his pants and rip his boxers down and start stroking his member at the same rate he licks your feet. If he starts licking up your foot from heel to toes, stroke up from the base of his shaft to the tip of his penis.

Next, take your foot play one step further, and stick your foot in his mouth. Make your footboy of a man give your feet blowjobs.

Please him through the smell

One of the best ways to please a man with a foot fetish is through smell. The smell of feet is one of the most intoxicating parts of a foot fetish for men. Simply asking, no, demanding that your man smell and sniff your feet and soles is enough to send him into a pleasurable euphoria. And when you actually do press your sole and feet to his face to smell, you already won. You have control.

Sometimes, men with a foot fetish enjoy a particular smell of feet, whether that be dirty, sweat, sweet, roses, etc. Learn the smell that attracts him most and you will be more successful.

The classic footjob

Footjobs are difficult to pull off, and I would not recommend attempting them when you first learn a man has a foot fetish. When you first learn of his foot fetish, put your feet in his face, in his mouth, and then stroke him hard. Footjobs require a certain degree of skill and practice.

I recommend waiting until a relationship is further progressed before attempting them. If you do attempt them, use a lot of lube on your soles and his penis. Next, make sure you use firm pressure and wrap your soles around his penis tight. Use the muscle of your legs to help guide your feet up and down his penis.

Use the Footsutra positions and guides to please a man with a foot fetish

The Footsutra has many positions, techniques, and guides to help you please whichever man you try to impress and woo. If you hear a man say the words, “I have a foot fetish…” then you will know exactly what to do. First, browse the positions section of the Footsutra to see which positions may be easiest for you to perform. Keep in mind the difference between yourself and the man in terms of weight, size, and athleticism.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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