The Best Foot Fetish Instruction Procedures

Foot fetish instruction uses both verbal and non-verbal actions. For example, verbal foot fetish instructions use taunts, demands, as well as commands that facilitate foot fetish worship. For example, a woman may say, “Get down on your hands and knees and worship my feet.” This is a verbal command that requires the foot fetishist to respond.

There are two choices: obey the command, or ignore the command. The woman needs to be ready to react to which choice the boy makes. If the boy chooses to ignore the command, how is this punished? What do you say? On the other hand, if the boy complies and gets down on his hands and knees, what do you intend to do next?

Foot fetish instructions – intiating verbal instruction

Verbal instructions are great methods to start a foot worship session. For example, a swift and random command to worship feet out of nowhere can bring about a surprise for someone with a foot fetish. Especially in circumstances where a couple would not normally worship (e.g., like a dressing room or some other enclosed and private space).

Many women who attempt foot fetish dominance and instruction falter on what to do next. For example, if a woman taunts and issues a command, and the boy obeys the command, what does the woman do next? Always be planning the next move. If the boy obeys the command, issue the next command, or go into a non-verbal action (described further down). In contrast, if the boy disobeys, issue another command or non-verbal action. Plan out three to four steps ahead.

Foot fetish instruction regarding non-verbal commands

Non-verbal commands are specific actions someone performs against another person. For example, in regards to the Footsutra, if a boy obeys a command, the woman may elect to force the boy into a certain position. View the current list of Footsutra positions by clicking here. Likewise, if a boy disobeys and refuses to follow a command issued by the woman, then perhaps she also forces the boy into a position. Any forced movement, maneuver, or action a woman performs against a boy is non-verbal instruction.

How to get started with instruction

If new to the foot fetish world, or new to foot fetish worship, instruction, and domination, create a list of quotes. If known what excites, use that in the quotes to increase compliance of the command or action.

For example, if the boy loves when feet smell like roses, issue a verbal command regarding this smell such as, “I just used my rose body wash. Come smell my feet.” Again, determine what the next action will be if the boy obeys or disobeys the command. If the boy is taunted with what he enjoys, then there is a high probability that the command will be followed. Therefore, once the boy obeys, the non-verbal command uses a position to allow the boy to worship easier and harder.

Build-up increases the pleasure of the foot fetish instruction

This is where taunts and teases come into play. Rather than induce worship immediately, build up the anticipation. Use verbal commands that hint or suggest foot worship is imminent.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

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