Why am I Obsessed with Feet?

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This is a great question I have asked myself many different times.

If you are obsessed with feet… Re-examine your past

The majority of people with a foot fetish have a specific memory. A memory where they recall starring at feet, being mesmerized, or stopped by the beauty of someone’s feet. These memories can be from childhood, the puberty years, or later. But most memories occur during childhood.

For example, during the third grade, I remember stopping to stare at the feet of another classmate. She was sitting on her knees and ankles, and her feet and soles were out and facing me. I simply remember standing there waiting in line to turn in a homework assignment. I was so mesmerized by her feet that the teacher had to call my name multiple times because it was my turn in line. That girl’s name was Allison.

Therefore, if you have a foot fetish, try to think back to a similar time. Alternatively, try to think back to the very first time you remember staring at feet, or thinking that you like them.

The question remains… WHY am I obsessed with feet?

Honestly, we do not really know why people have a foot fetish, or any kind of fetish, really. There are scientific theories as well as theories from ancient history. I will discuss the most prominent theories from each below.

The scientific theories of foot obsession and sexual attraction

Doctor V.S. Ramachandran, a prominent Indian-American neurologist studied sexual attraction and why some people may have foot fetishes. He concluded that the area of the brain that controls genital sensation and perception is within very close proximity to the area of the brain that controls sensation and perception of our feet. According to theory, these two areas of the brain become connected, forming a bridge of neurons between one another. This creates a foot fetish in an individual.

So… What causes a neuronal connection between these two areas of the brain? Despite that they are close in proximity, does not mean that they should be connected physically to one another. It is theorized that an interruption in neuronal migration accounts for these connections. A past event may interrupt neuronal migration, and connect two areas of the brain that should not be. For example, in my past third-grade example above, this significant event may have caused the two areas of my brain to form a connection.

Ancient history theories of foot fetishes and foot obsession

Some people believe foot fetishes originated in ancient times during the reign of monarchs and their slaves. For example, when slaves were forced to wash the feet of the queens, princesses, and other royalty, a foot fetish developed as a result of this forced practice.

It is not a bad thing to be obsessed with feet

All-in-all, everyone on the planet has some type of sexual preference or fetish. Feet just so happens to be the most common fetish in the world.

Rhea Hayworth (41)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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