Girl feet fetish – here comes Shailene Woodley

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We all know it is more common for men to have a foot fetish towards women’s feet. However, it is much less common for a woman to have a foot fetish in general. Even if that woman is attracted to either women or men’s feet. The notion remains that it is very uncommon for a woman to possess a foot fetish of any kind regardless of sexual attraction.

However, it very well could be that women simply under-report that they have a foot fetish.

Enter Shailene Woodley’s foot fetish

I will be honest, I am a huge fan of Shailene Woodley’s acting, feet, and just general view on life. She is very nature-centered, balanced, and invokes some of the best positive energy and mindfulness I have ever seen.

Shailene Woodley stated in an interview that she is attracted and loves a nice-looking foot. A snippet of the important section of this interview is below.

Clearly, it is possible for women to have foot fetishes, but the reason that a foot fetish is less common in women than men is unclear. Another article on the Footsutra explains the theories on what causes someone to have a foot fetish. That article can be viewed by clicking here.

Technically, the theories on why foot fetishes occur can also happen to a woman. The reason we do not hear about more women having a foot fetish may be because it is not reported in the open.

An example of a girl feet fetish where Shailene Woodley caresses and holds the foot and heel of another woman
Shailene on the right, here is an image of Shai holding and caressing the foot of another woman.

Shailene is one of the few women who admit to having a foot fetish. It is nothing to be embarrassed about and to be honest, I wish more women, celebrities or not, come forward about it. Whether Shailene is the one experiencing the Footsutra positions, or the one performing them, it does not matter who has the fetish, as long as both experience pleasure.

Tons of videos of girl feet fetish can be found online

This is true. There are numerous videos on multiple porn sites where girls lick, suck, and are forced to worship another girl’s feet. However, in almost all of these videos, none of them ever get any excitement from this action. The only people getting excitement are those watching. Basically, the girls in these videos suck on feet and force feet on others because they are told and paid to do so. Thus, is the essence of porn.

Now, if you see a girl’s feet fetish video where a girl orgasms while sucking and worshipping the foot of another girl, then that girl probably has a foot fetish; due to the fact of achieving orgasm through only feet.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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  1. I’m a woman with a foot fetish and I’m so glad I found this site! My husband is a foot fetishist and introduced me to the practice over 20 years ago. I thought it was fun and a little kinky but soon learned I was fascinated and turned on by feet too, especially other women’s feet. When we are at the beach or even walking around town, we both peek at the feet of other women and then usually go home and play out some fantasies regarding other women’s feet and us. My goal, which my husband supports, is for me to have an experience w another woman where I get to explore all the aspects of my fetish (toe 69, giving and receiving foot jobs, ashiatsu massage, and more). In the meantime my hub and I will continue to enjoy how we indulge in foot play and try these new positions . Thank you again and I hope to share our experiences with the community here!

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