Is having a foot fetish bad?

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Having a foot fetish is not bad, but it can make life interesting and maybe even difficult at times. When it comes to sex, everyone likes something. Whether that is breasts, feet, butt, calves, or another part of the body. In addition, everyone likes a particular environment for sexual play, such as leaving the lights on or off, different settings such as in the kitchen, living room, or in the typical bed, and even leaving parts of clothing on during sex like a shirt.

Let’s start with the basics… What is a fetish?

A fetish is defined as receiving sexual excitation, arousal, and release from objects or parts of the body that are not meant to initiate a sexual response. A fetish also results from a specific action performed that does not involve sex.

Now… What is a foot fetish?

A foot fetish is an attraction or likeness to feet that results in sexual excitation, arousal, and/or ejaculation from sucking, licking, or worshiping feet in many different methods. An attraction or likeness to feet is considered a fetish since feet are not normally supposed to arouse someone sexually. Alternatively, breasts do not represent a fetish since they initiate a sexual response in an individual.

The most common foot fetish paradigm is a boy worshipping a girl’s feet. However, the reverse also exists, but it is much more rare. Furthermore, in the LGBTQ community, people may come across boys worshipping boys’ feet and girls worshipping girls’ feet.

Foot fetishes get a bad rep. Called gross, disgusting, and worse; sometimes called derogatory and disgusting names. When someone gets upset about a fetish, I honestly laugh these days. Fetishes are all the more common, especially in today’s world. And feet are the most popular fetish worldwide.

What if my partner or significant other thinks a foot fetish is bad?

Then introduce her to the Footsutra. Learn. Adapt. And overcome. The Footsutra also helps those who do not have a foot fetish.

The Footsutra is not just for those with a foot fetish, but perhaps for those who have a partner with a foot fetish. For example, if you have a partner, husband, wife, etc., who has a foot fetish, the Footsutra will help enhance your sex life as evidenced by new positions and techniques to use against him/her.

A lot of people fear a foot fetish because they do not know what to do with it. For example, if a girl has a boyfriend, fiancée, or husband with a foot fetish, fear arises when the girl does not know what to do with her feet. The Footsutra helps with this. Pick a position and dive straight in.

What society says DOES NOT MATTER.

The Footsutra helps those with a foot fetish lead a better sexual life. Also, the Footsutra helps those who may be dating, seeing, or even married to someone with a foot fetish. We provide the tools, positions, and techniques to make the fetish-style sex mind-blowing for both fetish seeker and fetish provider. Therefore, the Footsutra takes effect behind your own closed doors. The society’s view on it? It does not matter. If the Footsutra helps you, helps your relationship, or helps improve your own sex life, it does matter.

YOU are what matters.

Stop feeling embarrassed or ashamed in your attraction to feet. If someone says that your liking of feet is disgusting, it is not to you. Everyone has an opinion. And the only opinion that matters is yours and your significant other should you have one. If your significant other is afraid or does not know what to do with her feet, both the positions and articles of the Footsutra will help.

Rhea Hayworth (41)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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