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Feet and asses go hand-in-hand

There are many Footsutra positions where feet and asses can provide pleasure simultaneously. As in, you can have both feet and ass to provide the highest amount of pleasure possible. If you love feet and asses, then keep reading.

Feet and asses makes everything better

If course people love feet and asses. Regardless of whether you have a foot fetish, people still love asses, breasts, and other normal sexual features. Therefore, there are some Footsutra positions that give you an up close and personal view of both feet and asses at the same time.

Love feet and asses in the Baseline foot fetish position

The Baseline foot fetish oral sex position is one such position where you can get the best of both worlds. This position is a play on the classic 69 position where the girl is on top. However, certain erotic variations exist if you visit the techniques section of the Baseline position to flip it. Nevertheless, the girl on top gives the boy a bullseye view of her feet, butthole, and her ass all at once while receiving pleasure and stimulation.

This girl shows off why people love feet and asses. She bares it all while sitting on her knees and ankles with her feet, soles, toes, and ass facing the camera.
With a great physique and posture, this girl shows off her sexy feet and ass while facing away from the camera. What a gorgeous view.

Examine the picture above of a girl showing her feet and ass

The sitting down on ankles, or kneeling position is a classic way to show off both feet and ass at the same time. Such a picture gives us pleasure and right away and rushes blood straight into our penis. Now, imagine the girl above, sitting like that on your chest. Her feet facing you, her ass right in front of your ass as she jiggles it around.

Then, all of a sudden, she kneels down and starts pleasuring your hard penis. This is the Baseline position. Now, the girl can continue as is, or move her feet and ass closer to your face, touching your face, or just tease you; keeping her feet and ass inches from your face as she gives you pleasure.

She may stroke, suck, lick, taunt, and more in this position while you have a face full of ass and feet.

Using bindings and restrictions

To make the position more interesting, use bindings, rope, or cuffs to bind and restrict as much movement as possible.

Showing off to those who love feet and asses, this girl sits on her knees and ankles yet again in a bathroom pose to show off.
Showing off the best features, this girl demonstrates why people love feet and asses.

Another great method to force worship of feet and asses is to use bindings, rope, cuffs, and/or other forms of restriction. This assures that the worship is forced. If someone is bound, tied, or even gagged with feet and asses in the face, lilttle is left to do but worship. Escape is not possible, and the only option left is to worship the mistress, SO, or fling’s feet and asses.

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