A sideview of the Detonator foot fetish position

Foot Detonator

The Detonator position developed from implementing a piledriver straight down onto feet.
A sideview of the Detonator foot fetish position

Learn the Detonator...

The Detonator puts the boy upside down, face-first into the girl’s feet with his legs extended over the girl’s shoulders.

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A quote by the Admin.

“The Detonator is humiliating. For a boy to be lifted in that way and then shoved into feet face-first.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
A quote by Nessy.

“Hearing the surprise of Hayworth, being lifted like that… Gave me more motivation.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-Founder

Section IPosition Description & History
IIFoot Fetish Setup Techniques
IIIFoot Fetish Erotic Techniques
IVHumiliation & Dominance
VFoot Fetish Traits & Virtues
VISettings & Best Practices
Table of Contents for the Detonator foot fetish position.

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The Detonator foot fetish position description, history, and discovery.

This section discusses the position description and discovery of the Detonator.

The Detonator position description

The Detonator foot fetish position holds the boy upside-down in the girl’s lap. The boy’s legs are extended over the girl’s shoulders. Next, the girl has her feet cupped and her legs extended in front of her so that the boy’s face is forced into her feet.

How was the Detonator foot fetish position discovered?

The Detonator was discovered by the Admin and Nessy during a playful wrestling match many years ago. Nessy was very strong for her age and was able to lift me in a multitude of methods and ways, including shoulder rides, over the shoulders, and the infamous Tombstone Piledriver.

One day during a wrestling match, Nessy picked me up into the Tombstone Piledriver. Trust me, the fact she was able to lift me in that way surprised us both. Once I was upside-down, she got the idea to sit down, and cup her feet. She lowered my face directly into the soles of her feet and pressed them to my face. I was upside-down, my legs were extended over her shoulders, and I was forced to lick, suck, and worship her feet.

Another setup technique where the girl holds the boy upside-down with his head on a chair and her foot deep in his mouth in the Detonator foot fetish position

The Detonator – Setup Techniques

Foot fetish setup techniques are specific movements, actions, taunts, commands, or maneuvers that force the position. Positions can be forced by either the girl (femdom) or the boy (maledom).

Femdom: The girl forces the boy into the Detonator foot fetish position.
Maledom: The boy forces the girl into the Detonator foot fetish position.

However, not all positions have maledom setup techniques due to the nature of some positions.

Setup techniques were created by myself and Nessy to help enter Footsutra positions. Since Nessy was more of the dom and myself the sub, the majority of setup techniques utilize femdom rather than maledom. However, this does not mean the boy cannot force the position if he so desires.

Femdom: Setup Technique Footstone Piledriver

The Footstone Piledriver is the first femdom setup technique for the Detonator foot fetish position.

For those who watch wrestling (WWE), then this setup technique does not require much explanation. This turned into a setup technique after discovery but was also the way the position itself was discovered.

For this setup technique, the girl needs to get the boy over her shoulders, like a sack of potatoes. Just like someone flings someone else over the shoulder, the girl does the same, but in reverse so the boy’s legs are behind the girl and his head and chest in the front.

Next, the girl then moves the boy into position, sort of like a standing 69. The girl’s head is between the boy’s legs, the boy upside-down and being held by the girl.

Depending on the dominance level, the girl can gently lower the boy into position and extend her legs; thus planting her feet into the boy’s face. Or, the girl is more forceful and aggressive and slams his face into her feet. The girl could also kick him if she pleases.

Femdom: Setup Technique called the Worm

The Worm setup technique does not require much physical strength and effort on the girl’s part. Therefore, this is a good setup technique to utilize if strength is an issue.

This setup technique has the girl sitting down, with her legs and feet extended in front of her. The boy sits next to her in the same position.

To begin, the girl first grabs the back of the boy’s neck and forces him forward. Next, the girl moves behind him and again pushes forward more and grabs his legs. She swings his legs out and puts them on her shoulders. Finally, she moves her feet to his head and completes the position.

Maledom: Setup Technique Nuclear Launch

The Nuclear Launch setup technique is a maledom technique where the boy forces the position.

To begin, the boy attempts this technique when the girl is sitting down on her butt with her legs out in front of her. In order to get her in that position, the boy could use some trickery and cunning.

Now, once the girl is sitting, legs out, the boy gets behind her and launches himself over her right or left shoulder. Which shoulder does not matter. Once the boy flings himself over one of her shoulders, he moves the leg closest to her head up and over, planting one of his legs on each shoulder. This puts her head between his legs and subject to being squeezed. During this time, he uses his hands to balance by planting them on the ground next to the girl’s legs.

The boy can choose to squeeze the girl’s head in a headscissor while he performs the final setup. He moves the girl’s feet and cups them together, and then plants his face into her soles in worship. This setup technique can be followed by the maledom erotic technique Reverse Thrust, described below.

A front view of the Detonator foot fetish position

The Detonator – Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques are specific actions (e.g., stroking, oral sex, rough-riding or penetration), movements (e.g., forced position changes, jerking), taunts or commands (e.g., dirty talk), and situations (e.g., humiliation) that force a boy to orgasm in the Detonator position.

Typically, the girl forces the boy to orgasm using these techniques. However, the boy can force himself to orgasm depending on the position. These techniques are classified into femdom and maledom.

Femdom: The girl forces the boy to orgasm in the position.
Maledom: The boy forces himself to orgasm in the position.

The girl is also free to finger herself and other pleasurable activities in the positions as well.

Erotic techniques serve one purpose: orgasm. Either the girl forces the boy to stream and shoots cum, or the boy forces himself. Either way, these erotic techniques are considered the finishing touch to the position due to orgasm.

Femdom: Erotic Technique Wellspring

The first erotic technique in the Detonator foot fetish position is called Wellspring.

Once in the position, the girl grabs the boy’s penis. If the boy is still dressed, then the girl removes his pants and/or boxers if required. Using one hand, the girl keeps the boy balanced, and uses her other hand to stroke his penis. The boy should be hard and erect, especially since he is forced to suck, lick, and worship her feet in this position.

The girl essentially strokes him to orgasm. It is important that the girl times her feet with the stroking of his penis. For example, when she strokes his penis down, maybe she slaps him hard with her feet. And when she strokes back up his penis, maybe she presses her soles firmly to his face and commands him to inhale.

Femdom: Erotic Technique Sarcophagus

The second erotic technique is called Sarcophagus.

Taken from the ancient Egyptians, this erotic technique pins the boy’s arms behind him with his face in her feet, and the girl sucking the boy’s cock. Pinning the arms with cuffs, rope, or some other form of binding is recommended to free the girl’s own hands for other purposes.

The girl uses her own hands to maintain balance and the position, while she slides her mouth up and down the length of his shaft. She may tease him, and kick and slap his face with her feet while she slides her mouth down his cock in a deep throat.

Maledom: Erotic Technique Reverse Thrust

The Reverse Thrust erotic technique is a maledom technique specific to this position.

First, the boy regains control by using his legs to squeeze the girl’s head, creating a headscissor. This causes the girl to lose control. Once the boy has regained some momentum, he uses his hands and pushes back until the girl lies flat on her back and he is on top of her.

Next, the boy inserts his hard penis into her mouth and locking his penis into her mouth. He starts sliding it in and out of her mouth and at the same time his face is still deep into her feet and soles, worshipping while using her mouth for a blow-job. The boy makes himself orgasm into her mouth in this position.

Furthermore, the boy can tie the girl’s wrists behind her back, or pin them down with his own hands while he worships her feet and she is forced to suck on his penis.

Humiliation & Dominance Discussion

This section explores the best humiliation and dominance practices for the Detonator foot fetish position. Here we also rank the level of humiliation and dominance in this position.

Humiliation rank and discussion

An image displaying five stars with all five stars filled in
Humiliation rank for the Detonator foot fetish position: Five out of five stars

The Detonator foot fetish position receives the highest humiliation rank due to the girl having much access and control. For example, the girl may also play with the boy’s ass and hole to further his humiliation. The use of sex toys in this regard has been noted.

In contrast, the boy could reverse the humiliation if he is able to squeeze the girl’s head between his legs. This creates a tight headscissor here the girl loses control. For more on this, see the maledom techniques described above.

Foot fetish traits and virtues

The five-foot fetish virtues as they relate to the Detonator foot fetish position are discussed below: Smell, type, texture, toes & nails, and cleanliness.

Foot fetish virtue: Smell

Smell is perhaps the most powerful foot fetish virtue out of the five. This virtue does play an important role in this foot fetish position because the boy is face-first into her feet. Typically, many foot fetishists prefer dirty and foul-smelling feet. Or sweaty feet are also pretty popular. Regardless of the smell enjoyed, it is imperative to make sure the feet smell the way desired; especially if performing femdom techniques.

Foot Type

The type of foot in this position is not as important; as all types of feet can fit this foot fetish position. Long and skinny feet and wide feet are still easily worshipped in this position. Perhaps wide feet hold an advantage in this position due to the increased surface area.

Foot Texture

The boy is up close and personal into her feet in this position. Therefore, the texture does play a vital role here. Whether the girl has rough feet, scaly, wrinkled, smooth, or any combination of the latter will help with worship. However, from experience, most foot fetishists do not care about texture so long as they are feet he or they can worship.

Toes & Nails

The boy will be looking down to the tops of her feet on occasion in this position. Therefore, the nails should be taken care of or at least pedicured. Regardless, the boy will be able to see all ten nails in their entirety. That includes color, pedicure, nail length, and more. Likewise, her toe-length comes into play as longer toes are generally better and easier to worship and suck.


Clean or dirty soles will be visible in this position; including the tops of her feet which may also be dirty or clean. Therefore, if the boy enjoys dirty feet, walk around outside before performing the position. If the boy prefers clean feet, then attempt the position right out of the bath or shower.

Settings, best practice, guidelines, and more

This section explores additional guidelines and settings for the Detonator foot fetish position.

What are the best settings for the Detonator?

This position is not recommended for public use as it is pretty clear what is going on, unlike other Footsutra positions such as the Jetpack or Fuckboy Ascension.

In the home, this position can be performed in any location such as a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or living room. If you have a privacy fence and an enclosed backyard, this position can be performed outdoors if privacy allows it. Typically, Nessy and I both recommend trying some of the Footsutra positions outdoors, especially if the boy loves dirty feet.

General practice and guidelines

It is imperative to explore which setup and erotic techniques work for you. Believe it or not, we always recommend for couples explore and create their own setup and erotic techniques for each of the Footsutra positions. Alternatively, you can continue to use the above techniques.

Transitions into and out of the Detonator

The information below describes potential transitions to get into the Detonator.

Baseline into Detonator

The Baseline foot fetish position is a good transition and start point into the Detonator. Once in the Baseline position and her feet in his face, the girl wraps her arms around his legs and moves them to her shoulders. Next, the girl rolls 180 degrees to get the boy onto her. The girl pushes up on the boy’s waist to make him bend, and his legs extend over her shoulders. This completes the transition from the Baseline position into the Detonator position.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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