An overhead view of the Curtain Call foot fetish position

Foot Curtain Call

Learn the Curtain Call foot fetish position and techniques in the latest position release from the Footsutra Journals.

Learn the Curtain Call foot fetish position.

The Curtain Call is the latest addition to be made public, straight from the Footsutra Journals.

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A boy with a orange beanie and his feet up in the air while he lies on his stomach in a selfie-style picture
A quote from the Admin.

“If the girl is strong, this is a pretty fun position to be in.”

— Rhea Hayworth, The Footsutra Journals, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
A quote from Nessy.

“A very controlling position to submit.”

— Vanesa Perez, The Footsutra Journals, Co-founder

Section IPosition Description
IISetup Techniques
IIIErotic Techniques
IVHumiliation and Dominance
VFoot Fetish Virtues
VISettings, Guidelines, and More
Table of Contents

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The Curtain Call foot fetish position falls into the Foreplay category

Not all Footsutra positions are intercourse positions. In most cases foreplay positions are enough to get a boy to orgasm. But for the Curtain Call foot fetish position, this is more of a control position designed to submit and control a boy who may be unruly and disruptive. Or, a boy who may not be following instructions.

Curtain Call Position Description

The Curtain Call foot fetish position begins with something in the foot fetish world called “The Pose.” The pose is a position where a girl (or boy) lies down on her stomach with her legs and feet in the air.

The boy approaches the girl, who lies down in the pose. He moves between her legs and lies his head down, using her ass as a pillow. The boy also lies down on his back with his body extended. His arms move up, or the girl grabs his arms when he worships her feet (such as rubbing them). The girl grabs and pins his arms while keeping her soles as close to his face as possible.

Curtain Call Position History

The backstory behind the Curtain Call foot fetish position is when I saw Nessy in the pose while we were hanging out all those years ago. This position occurred after high school in the winter season. It was cold outside, and Nessy was relaxing by the fireplace. I went to the upper floor to get drinks, and came back to Nessy in the pose. The pose is a very common occurrence in the foot fetish world; with countless pages and profiles across social media dedicated to it.

Needless to say, when I saw her in the pose, I got down on my hands and knees and started worshipping her feet in the air. Rather than put me in the Guillotine position, she elected not to move out of the pose to see what I would do. I got the idea to use her butt for a pillow so I could stare up into her soles and toes. Thus, the Curtain Call position was born. Nessy was the one who added the arm restraining to the position for more control. As Nessy always strived to be in control and to dominate.

An overhead view of the Curtain Call foot fetish position

Curtain Call
The Setup Techniques

Foot fetish setup techniques are specific movements, postures, commands, and more that forces the position. In other words, the girl uses various maneuvers to force the boy into the position. Or, alternatively, the boy uses methods to enter the position.

Nessy and I always recommend experimentation to create your own setup techniques. Use the setup techniques below as guidelines to start with, but then, as you and your partner experience the position, create your own setup techniques. After all, only you know what your partner likes and dislikes when it comes to feet. Therefore, use that knowledge and create your own setup techniques. Let’s get you started with the technique(s) below.

“The Pose” Setup Technique

The Pose position does not require much of an explanation. However, the pose is a position where a girl lies down on her stomach and kicks her legs and feet up in the air. If a boy sees a girl in this position, then the Curtain Call is easy to achieve without much effort. The boy lies down in the position, much like how the position was originally discovered.

Maledom: The Rack

The Rack is a technique where the boy can take control if he so wishes. This position builds off of “The Pose” technique described above. When the girl is in “The Pose” position, the boy lies down in the Curtain Call position, but instead of the girl taking over, the boy takes control. Let’s look at the two pictures below.

As we can see, the boy grabs the girls hands and uses her hands to control the rest of her body. Ultimately, if the girl responds by removing her feet from his face, the boy can use both his and her hands to keep her feet firmly on his face. The girl may resist in this position, and it is the will of the boy to ensure her feet remain in his face for the duration of the technique. To ensure no bodily injury occurs, please have an all-stop safe word in place prior to attempting.

From The Rack, the boy can choose to enter an erotic technique (described below) with the boy taking the lead to achieve orgasm.

Another side view of the Curtain Call foot fetish position found in the Footsutra

Curtain Call
The Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques are specific actions, movements, dirty talk, and other methods to force a boy to orgasm. In order to qualify for an erotic techniques, the boy must orgasm while in the position, or a variation of the position. Sometimes, erotic techniques alter the position slightly to make orgasm possible.

As always, Nessy and I recommend that you search for and find your own erotic techniques to implement. Use the erotic techniques listed here as guidelines, and then perfect your own erotic techniques later on as you and your partner experiment more with the position.

The Intermission Erotic Techniques

The Intermission erotic techniques contain multiple different techniques that vary in intensity and difficulty. We will start with the easiest erotic technique, known as the Partial Intermission. Next, we will discuss the Full Intermission. And then finally the Complex Intermission.

Erotic Technique: Partial Intermission

The Partial Intermission erotic technique starts the process of the footjob from within the Curtain Call position. This technique starts with the girl lowering her legs, so her soles are in position around the boy’s penis. Once her soles wrap around his penis, she begins to stroke his penis up and down as fast as she can. See the images below for more information.

Furthermore, until the girl gains expertise in this technique, the boy can assist the girl providing a footjob. The boy uses his hands and places them on her feet or ankles to assist in the stroking. With the boy’s assistance, her feet and soles stroke his penis much quicker and may lead to orgasm much sooner than if the girl attempted the footjob alone. After many successful attempts, the girl should be able to stroke the boy’s penis in a footjob without assistance. This then opens the door to the Full Intermission and Complex Intermission erotic techniques.


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Josephine shows her breasts and stares into the camera.

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Josephine on her knees, showing you her butt, feet, soles, and toes and an oily body
Her we see the private secretary spin around and show her butt and soles while looking at you over her shoulder.

Setup Technique for Josephine
Bend and Deliver
Category: MALEDOM

Strip off her shoes and make Josephine bend over and take your dick in her mouth. Pull her onto her tip toes and then spin her around and bend her over the bed or desk. Spank her ass and play with her breasts dangling in the air and prepare for the upcoming erotic technique.

The sex doll Josephine lies down on her stomach in the nude showing her feet, soles, toes, and butt.
Josephine shows off her butt and soles while lying down on the bed.

Erotic Technique for Josephine
Paper Pusher
Category: MALEDOM

After you bend Josephine over on the bed, reach down and grab her oily and smooth feet and soles. Stick your penis straight into your secretary and then push your penis all the way in. And then out. She will take your penis like she pushes papers while you squeeze and play with her feet. Squirt your whiteout and liquid paper straight inside of her using this erotic technique.

Josephine, the sex doll faces the camera, showing her breasts while on her knees staring into the camera
Josephine the private secretary is ready to play while on her knees.

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Erotic Technique: Full Intermission

With the distraction of the footjob, comes the next technique in the intermission sequence: the Full Intermission. The Full Intermission continues to use the footjob, but now the girl moves to straddle and mount the boy’s face. This is demonstrated in the pictures below.

The girl rides the boy’s face and makes him perform oral pleasures while receiving the footjob. This is highly pleasurable for both the boy and the girl and ensures equal pleasure of both parties. The boy performs oral sex on the girl while his penis is stroked constantly via the footjob. If the girl struggles to stroke to the best of her ability, the boy may elect to use his hands to help guide her feet up and down the length of his shaft. However, if the girl can stroke with her soles on his penis without difficulty, then the boy can grab and squeeze her breasts, ass, or other parts of her body as he sees fit.

Erotic Technique: Complex Intermission

Finally, the Complex Intermission is the final erotic technique in the Intermission sequence. In this technique, the girl uses forms of restraints, whether that be through simply pinning the boy’s arms above his head (as demonstrated in the images below), or by using cuffs, ropes, or some other form of bondage.

The Complex Intermission erotic technique is a method that may require a safe word if the pins and bondage become unbearable or too tight. The girl may also choose to bind the boy’s ankles or even cuff his wrists behind his back. This would free her hands for more domination and bondage should she choose to do so. All the while, the girl rides the boy’s face and continues to pleasure him with the footjob. If successful, the boy should come into the air against his will.

A rear view of the Curtain Call foot fetish position in the Footsutra

Humiliation & Dominance Factors

Humiliation and dominance are both key factors across all positions in the Footsutra. In this section, humiliation and dominance as it applies to the Curtain Call foot fetish position is discussed.

Humiliation level and factors

An image showing three out of five stars
Three out of five stars.

The Curtain Call foot fetish position garners a score of three out of five stars for humiliation. However, if the girl manages to get the boy into the Complex Intermission erotic technique, complete with binds, cuffs, and/or restrictions, the level of humiliation will increase.

It is fun to think of this like a game in which the girl’s main objective is to make the boy orgasm against his will. As the girl moves from Partial, Full, and finally to Complex Intermissions, the boy’s humiliation increases while also increasing the girl’s dominance.

Dominance level and factors

An image showing three out of five stars
Three out of Five stars.

A dominance level of three is given as the basic rating for the position itself. This score does not take into account any of the setup or erotic techniques. Using such techniques will more than likely increase the domination score (an the boy’s domination score if he uses the maledom technique described above).

Foot Fetish Virtues and Traits

The five-foot fetish virtues as they relate to the Curtain Call foot fetish position are discussed below: Smell, type, texture, toes & nails, and cleanliness.

Foot Fetish Smell

The smell virtue of foot fetishism relates to the Curtain Call foot fetish position since her feet are near, on, and around the boy’s face. Even if the Full or Complex Intermission erotic technique is performed, smell still applies as her feet were in his face prior to the technique being performed.

Different foot fetishists enjoy different smells. But the most common is dirty and stinky feet (I am the opposite).

Foot Fetish Type

The type of foot does not really hold much weight in this position. Regardless of whether the girl’s feet are longer, smaller, wider, or bigger, they will still be in the face of the boy and/or around the boy’s penis in a footjob.

Foot Fetish Texture

The texture of the girl’s feet (smooth soles, wrinkled soles, rough, wet, dry, etc.) is important when performing the Full or Complex Intermission erotic techniques due to the footjob. Texture plays important roles here as some textures of soles make it easier to perform a footjob than others. If necessary, the girl can oil or wet her soles prior to entering the position in anticipation of performing the erotic footjob techniques. Even better, the girl can make the boy lick or wet her soles to the point that they are dripping with his spit. This will also make a foot job easier.

Foot Fetish Toes & Nails

Usually this virtue applies of the girl’s feet enter the mouth of the boy. In that case, the length of the toes and size of her toes matters. However, in this position, it would be rather difficult to get her feet into the boy’s mouth.

Foot Fetish Cleanliness

Cleanliness ties into the smell virtue, but cleanliness also discusses the visual appearance of the girl’s soles. Are her soles dirty? Clean? Covered in paint? There are countless options here. While cleanliness will not effect the power of the position, it still plays a role to make sure the boy is distracted with pleasure.

Settings, best practice, guidelines, and more for the Curtain Call foot fetish position

This section explores additional guidelines and settings for the Curtain Call foot fetish position.

What are the optimal settings to perform a Curtain Call?

The Curtain Call foot fetish position can be performed in any setting, even in public should clothes be on and it is not completely evident it is a foot fetish position. Therefore, while the position can be performed in public, techniques should not be performed and the position should not be held for long periods of time in public view. The position really serves as a tease if performed in public; to give the boy a taste of what is to come later (at home, for example).

I am always fond of performing this position in the living room, in front of a fireplace during the winter. But this is nostalgic and only applicable to me. Needless to say, this position can be performed in any portion of the home.

What are some best practices of the Curtain Call position?

Like many of the other positions in the Footsutra, there are some flexibility requirements in order for the position to be successful. However, flexibility is not required, but it does help make techniques possible.

Transitions into and out of the Curtain Call position

Which other Footsutra positions pair and transition well with the Curtain Call?

Guillotine into the Curtain Call

The Guillotine position is a good transition into the Curtain Call. Once in the Guillotine, the girl keeps her legs firm and squeezes while using her hands to crawl forward. This would require some strength, but if she crawls and compels the boy to move with her, the boy moves onto his back, and the girl moves onto her stomach. Thus, completing the position transition.

Praying Mantis into Curtain Call

Similar to the above, the Praying Mantis position also transitions into the Curtain Call. The girl moves forward, and keeps her legs hooked and locked to make sure the boy moves with her.

Rhea Hayworth (40)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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