Foot Lever

The Foot Lever is the latest public release that has the potential for both foreplay and intercourse. Learn the position and techniques for mastery now.
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The Footsutra by Rhea Hayworth & Vanesa Perez

The Foot Lever Foot Fetish Position

The Lever is one of the best foot fetish foreplay positions prior to entering any sexual intercourse position. This position was discovered during a pep rally at the high school we attended. A lot happens at a pep rally, so much so that couples and students alike can get away with many things if the high school is big enough. The Lever was incredible foreplay for what happened after the pep rally was over.

A boy on his back with the girl sitting in his lap, hands laced with his, and her feet rubbing on the boy's face
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A boy with a orange beanie and his feet up in the air while he lies on his stomach in a selfie-style picture
A quote from the Admin.

“How this position was discovered is perhaps the most pleasurable thing about it: Public.”

— Rhea Hayworth, The Footsutra Journals, Founder

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
A quote from Nessy.

“Powerful position that leads to so many possibilities.”

— Vanesa Perez, The Footsutra Journals, Co-Founder

The Footsutra

Foot Lever Basics

Position Description, History, and Background

The Foot Lever has a more interesting history than some of the other positions. This foot fetish position was discovered during our junior year high school pep rally. There were so many students in such a large gymnasium, music, loud volumes, and chaos that it was easy to experiment.

Foot Lever Additional Information

Clearly, this position was discovered with both mine and Nessy’s clothes on. Nevertheless, the position itself has the boy lying down on his back and the girl sitting down on his lap. The girl then extends her legs forward until her feet and soles cover his face. Also, the girl has the option to lace hands with the boy if she chooses, or be more dominant and pin his wrists to the ground while he is forced to lick her feet. The Foot Lever is both a dominant and submissive position with a countless number of techniques and transitions into other positions. Let’s learn more.

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Foot Fetish Setup Techniques

Foot fetish setup techniques are specific movements, actions, commands, gestures, and more that force a boy into the foot fetish position unknowingly. The below setup techniques apply to the Foot Lever position. A girl may use these specific setup techniques to force the Foot Lever position.

Three Setup Techniques for the Foot Lever position: The Classic, Takedown, and Niente

The Classic

The Classic setup technique involves the girl jumping up and wrapping her legs around the boy while they both stand. When they make-out and eventually lie down, the girl quickly transitions into the Foot Lever and plants her feet into his face when the boy is down on his back.


The Takedown setup technique requires a bit of karate knowledge. The girl approaches the boy and places her ankle behind his leg and pushes him, causing him to trip and fall on his back. With the boy on the ground, the girl sits on his lap and swings her legs forward and plants her feet in his face.


The Niente setup technique is not really a technique at all. The Foot Lever does not require anything special, if the girl sees the boy on his back sleeping, reading, minding his own business, etc., the girl plants herself on his lap and slams her soles into his face.

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques

Foot fetish erotic techniques are specific movements, sexual activity, dirty talk, humiliation, and more that forces a boy to orgasm in the position. The erotic techniques below apply to the Foot Lever position. A girl may use these erotic techniques in an attempt to force the boy to orgasm in the Foot Lever.

Furthermore, the erotic techniques below were tried and tested. The Admin (myself) achieved orgasm when Nessy applied the below techniques. However, both Nessy and I encourage everyone to come up with and use their own erotic techniques. But these should get you started.

Two Erotic Techniques for the Foot Lever position: Paradise Gained & Crank

Paradise Gained

The Paradise Gained erotic technique is the Foot Lever position, but this time with intercourse. With the girl’s feet both pressing into the boy’s face, the girl inserts the boy’s hard penis into herself. However, this requires a bit of practice to get the correct angle and technique for repeated penetration. But once successful, this technique is mind-blowing for both the boy and girl. The boy gets to have feet in his face, and the girl gets sexual intercourse as well as the boy.


The Crank erotic technique has the girl use her feet in a way that forces the boy to suck on them. To achieve a successful Crank, the girl places her big toe, or multiple toes pending flexibility, near the boy’s lips. The girl then moves her other foot behind his head, and forces his mouth down her foot by pressing into the back of his head. This is a forced sucking of her foot. Making him suck on feet at the same rate and synchronous stroking achieves orgasm.

Transitions into other Footsutra positions

The Foot Lever position is a great gateway into other Footsutra positions. Be sure to try these specific transitions below. As always, experiment and explore to find new and exciting transitions sure to get the blood pumping.

Foot Lever into the Hydra

In the Foot Lever, the girl can swing her leg back, keep her foot planted in the boy’s face, and enter the Hydra position. However, this would require both the boy and girl to be naked; or at least with enough clothes off to make penetration possible. After all, the Hydra position is a sexual intercourse position designed to have the girl’s feet in the boy’s face during penetration. This greatly increases pleasure.

Foot Lever into the Sidewinder

The Sidewinder is a powerful foot fetish intercourse position that is worth checking out. Even better, the Foot Lever can easily transition into the Sidewinder, but may require a bit of practice to master the technique. The girl may even try to fall onto her side once in the Foot Lever and then insert his hard penis into her for penetration. Regardless, the Sidewinder or a side-variation of the Foot Lever is achieved.

Rhea Hayworth (41)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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