The Footsutra is filled with foot domination stories

The first foot domination story and erotica/smut content in the Footsutra.
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Foot Domination Stories – Story #1

After all, foot domination stories are how the Footsutra began those many years ago.

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
Vanesa “Nessy” Perez, the founder of the Footsutra.

“The Footsutra is meant to be shared, discussed, and experienced.”

— The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Founder

Domination Story #1 – Introduction

Nessy in the pose, a co-founder of the Footsutra
Nessy, the co-founder, is ready to dominate you.


Nessy heads into your house and relaxes on the couch. She takes off her shoes and socks after a long day. You cannot help but stare at her feet. They appear sweaty, having been stood on for most of the day where Nessy works. Her feet are smooth to the eye and her soles do not have a wrinkle in sight. Even better her toes are long, and easily worthy of being sucked.

Nessy quirks an eyebrow, “What are you looking at?” she asks.

You do not answer. All you can do is stare at her feet. Mesmerized just like the Admin was those many years ago. Her feet sway back and forth as she sits on the couch. Your eyes follow them. Back and forth without hesitation.

“Oh my God, are you watching my feet?!” Nessy asks.

You panic, but eventually respond, “W-what?! No! I’m not.”

“You totally are! I can see your eyes follow them… Wow, my feet make you look like a weakling,” Nessy smirks.

Part I

Nessy’s feet prop up on the coffee table in the middle of the room. She always has some form of dance music playing in her apartment, as she is considered the rave queen. Always on her feet, always barefoot, and always moving to the step of the music.

You watch her feet on the coffee table as she sways them back and forth. They are long in length with a visible arch. Her toes are nicely aligned and worthy of being sucked. Her soles are smooth and she curls her toes every now and then, maybe to get your attention. But you are already focused on her feet.

“Can’t you do anything else besides stare at my feet?” Nessy asks.

You shake your head.

She smirks. “Well, in that case, get over here.”

You quickly nod your head and start to talk to her.

“No,” Nessy starts.



A light blush covers your cheeks as you get down on your hands and knees and look up at Nessy, who still sits on the couch, feet on the table.

Part II

You start crawling towards the coffee table. Nessy slides her feet to the end, ready for you to reach her. The carpet feels clean and firm on your knees and hands. The music has picked up intensity, now dropping some beats to which Nessy starts tapping her feet.

“The drop… Music is so fascinating. As a raver, worship my feet to the beat of the music,” Nessy says. She stands up while you continue to crawl towards her.

“Yes… I will,” you manage to mutter.

“You know, I helped create the Footsutra. I know all techniques, and all positions.” Nessy suddenly runs towards you and jump straddles your back in mid-crawl.

“Oomph,” you say, as Nessy lands and straddles your back like a horse. You stop crawling.

“No. Continue to crawl. Crawl around the living room.” Nessy grabs your hair and lifts her legs. She extends them forward over your shoulders. Her feet dangle in front of your face, almost touching. Nessy then places her hand on your butt and her other on the top of your head. “A seat for a queen,” she whispers.

You take a deep breath of her feet, inhaling the scent. You crawl and sniff her feet, unaware of where you are even crawling towards.

“Mmm…” you moan. Her scent is overwhelming having been on her feet all day in shoes and socks. The top of her feet appear smooth. and her toes have red toe-nail polish and look professionally done. You lick the arch of her feet, loving how visible her arches are.

“Well, aren’t you just a little greedy…” Nessy taunts. She pulls your hair to the left to steer you towards two giant glass doors that lead outside. Nessy smirks and spanks your butt. “Why should I be the only one to see how badly you need my feet?”

Part III

You obey without question and crawl towards the two large glass doors. Outside of these doors is a busy street where many cars and pedestrians walk. As you crawl into view of the glass doors, Nessy presses the top of her feet to your face. “Inhale,” she commands.

You inhale and smell her feet deeply, enjoying every second of it. “Mmm…”

Outside, one woman walking past the windows turns and sees your face covered in Nessy’s feet. Nessy’s legs over your shoulders while sitting on your back; one of her hands on your head with a grip on your hair and her other on your butt, giving it a slap. Nessy turns and looks out the glass and meets eyes with the woman looking in. Nessy gives her a crooked smirk. The woman looks horrified, but cannot look away. Others stop to see what the woman is looking at.

You turn your head and look outside. The gathering crowd looks on in disbelief; some with shock and others with disgust. Your cheeks turn red and hot and you try to break free.

“No, no,” Nessy starts. “We are just getting started. Time to use my Guillotine technique.”

Your eyes go wide and your tongue sticks out to lick her feet. “G-Guillotine technique?!”

Clearly you do not know much about the Footsutra. Nessy spins around on your back until she faces the opposite direction. She moves her legs underneath of you, and moves her feet towards your face. Next, she reaches back and presses down on the back of your head with her hand. Your face plunges downward directly into the soles of her feet.

“Let me hear your moans!”

The Guillotine Foot Fetish Position, ©THE FOOTSUTRA, All Rights Reserved
Nessy put you in the Guillotine position!

You scream out in pleasure, licking and sucking Nessy’s soles all over. Her soles are smooth and sweaty. You take in deep breaths to smell and sniff her feet while your tongue worships them. Your spit drips down from her feet and falls onto the carpet.

The crowd outside looking into the window stares on in disbelief. They want to look away, but they cannot. They stare at you as you smash your face into Nessy’s soles. The crowd watches as your tongue runs all over her feet until they drip with your spit. Some pull out their phones, recording with the hope of going viral on some social media.

Nessy slaps you with her feet and reaches around your waist. She rubs your penis through your pants and boxers. Your face goes warm, your eyes squint and then go wide as she strokes your cock through your clothes. “Mmmm!” you moan, louder and louder.

“Such a little foot slut… Now, follow my instructions.”

Nessy slaps you with her foot pressed on the left side of your face. “When I slap you with this foot, you turn left.” You let out a moan.

Nessy slaps you with her foot pressed on the right side of your face. “When I slap you with my other foot, you turn right.” You moan louder.

Nessy slaps both of her soles onto your face at the same time. “When I slap both of my feet onto your face, that means crawl forward. Do you understand?”

You lightly scream Nessy’s name. “Yes!” you yell immediately.

Nessy turns the music up, now playing a big room beat like you hear at a rave. She smirks and slaps you with her sole on the left side of your face.

You turn left, still on your hands and knees, Nessy drops your pants to your knees, leaving you in your boxers. The crowd outside gasps while some cover their mouth with their hand. The beat plays louder and louder. Nessy moves her soles back, inches from your face and let’s you stare at them.

Part IV – Foot Domination Stories

The glass door opens. The way outside is clear. Nessy presses both of her feet onto your face. You recall this means move forward.

“Forward… As in crawl outside?!” you shout in disbelief.

“Yes,” Nessy confirms.

“Towards the crowd?!” you ask into the soles of her feet.

“Yes!” Nessy moves her soles away and then re-slams them both into your face hard.

The crowd cheers and fist pumps into the air at the music. Your cheeks burn with red as your eyes water from pleasure. You crawl carefully through the glass door towards the crowd on the sidewalk. Nessy drops your boxers.

You gasp and your eyes go wide. You crawl until Nessy stops pressing her soles into your face about ten feet from the crowd. Your cock is pulsing, hard, and exposed with Nessy’s hand tightly around it.

To be continued…

Rhea Hayworth (41)

Founder and creator of the Footsutra, the ultimate guide and lifestyle for enhancing the sexual experience with foot fetishes.

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