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Reserved for bad boys is the Execution Sentence foot fetish position.

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The “Execution Sentence” foot fetish position uses many foot fetish games and is used by foot fetish girls to ensure dominance and femdom sex positions.

This foot fetish and femdom sex position use a girl’s sexy feet to initiate foot fetish sessions and enhance a boy’s foot fetish experience. Ultimately reserved for the bad boys who do not obey, the Execution Sentence provides foot domination to the boy, her slave. Such a position leads to foot fetish sex and other femdom sex positions for foot fetishes.

The Execution Sentence utilizes more control over a disobedient boy and allows the technique called The Gallows.

The boy is down on all fours, like some of the other positions seen in the Footsutra. Once he is down on all fours, the girl stands over him, facing down his body in the opposite direction. The front of her legs pressed into his shoulders. The girl then gets down onto her knees. Next, she traps his head or neck (possibly both) between her thighs while barefoot. Once trapped inside her thighs, the girl elects to squeeze or flex her thighs, restricting breathing. Furthermore, the girl reaches back and pulls on the boy’s hair or other mechanisms to lift his head. Therefore, forced to stare at her feet.

A full color version of the Execution foot fetish position. They are clothed in this artist rendition, but can easily be performed with both the boy and girl naked.
An artist rendition of the Execution Sentence foot fetish position.

Foot Fetish Setup Techniques help a girl force a boy into the Execution Sentence foot fetish sex position.

The first setup technique is called Grand Jury.

The Grand Jury set up technique for the Execution Sentence is all about restriction, which leads to a verdict. This setup requires some form of binding, including but not limited to handcuffs, rope, chains, links, or anything that can be used to bind the boy’s wrists together behind his back. Also, ankles should be restricted through binding or some other technique. The boy’s wrists are bound, either in front of him or in back of him, and his ankles are bound together while he stands. The boy can either be clothed or naked or half-naked in terms of clothing, for example, with his shirts/boxers around his knees or ankles.

<p>The barefoot girl circles him, slowly, and begins to discuss what the boy is charged against. To build suspense and thus increase pleasure, it may be beneficial for the girl to prepare an area where her footprints are visible. This would be especially useful if the boy enjoys dirty or smelly feet. The girl discusses “fake” charges against him. For example, the girl states comments such as “You have been found wanting of my feet,” or “You have been found staring at my feet without my permission.” The girl utilizes many different statements as she circles the boy who is restrained in cuffs, rope, or chains. The best comments come from uniqueness to the boy, and the girl uses facts that she knows pertains to that specific boy. This setup technique preludes into the second tech, known as the Verdict. Each Grand Jury results in either a Guilty Verdict or a Non-Guilty Verdict.

The second setup technique is called the Guilty Verdict and helps a girl use a boy’s foot fetish to control him.

The Guilty Verdict setup technique for the Execution Sentence is one of two results from the Grand Jury and is also the most aggressive option. This technique is a surprise attack to initiate the Execution Sentence position against a boy once found Guilty by the Grand Jury (the girl). With this setup technique, the girl approaches the boy or already stands in front of the boy. Next, the girl kicks the boy in the stomach or upper kicks him in the chest. This makes him buckle over if enough force is used. Next, when the kick succeeds, and the boy bends over all the way or slightly, the girl grabs the back of his head and forces his head down and in between her legs. She starts a standing version of the Execution Sentence. Now, with the boy bent over, the girl standing, and the boy’s head between her legs, the boy stares straight down to the ground. The girl may get on and off her tiptoes and flash her soles by moving her feet around. Furthermore, the girl may elect to execute more control by squeezing his head and/or neck with her thighs. Once standing in this setup technique, the boy’s head between her legs, she may jump and force him very roughly to the ground; alternatively, she may slowly move him towards the ground. Lastly, the girl may reach around the boy while he stands and grabs his penis should he be naked. Based on experience, one of the best ways to utilize this setup technique is right when the boy exits a shower, as he already presents as naked and vulnerable. Finally, the girl strokes his penis, with the boy bent over and his head between her legs and either slowly force him down to the ground or roughly jumps up and slams him down into the ground. Lastly, the girl elects to kick the boy’s legs out from under him, relying on the girl’s legs to cushion his neck and her arms to prevent leg damage during the fall.

The third setup technique is called the Non-Guilty Verdict and is a less severe and less intense foot fetish experience. The Non-Guilty Verdict is the less aggressive setup maneuver identified in the Execution Sentence.

The Non-Guilty Verdict setup technique for the Execution Sentence is the second result that comes from the Grand Jury sentencing setup technique. The Non-Guilty verdict is the less aggressive option and does not always lead to the Execution Sentence. In the Non-Guilty Verdict, the girl possesses many different options and still can perform the Execution Sentence. Alternatively, the girl performs the Execution Sentence but transitions into the position easier than being harsh like the Guilty Verdict.

These setup techniques allow for a better femdom sex position experience and help the girl enhance her own femdom skills and foot fetish control.

While utilizing the above setup techniques, it is always important for the girl to have her feet within the boy’s line-of-sight. In other words, her feet should always be within his visual field. Getting feet into his face in this position requires some serious flexibility. Thus, not recommended. Also, Execution Sentence puts breathing control in the girl’s power, or whoever does not have the foot fetish. Rather than riding on his back, the girl now rides on the back of his neck, facing the same direction. This gives the girl power over his neck and the ability to have her feet in his direct line-of-sight. This position is good for teasing or for initiating foreplay.

A second example of the Execution Sentence, but the boy's face should not be facing down. The girl should grab his hair, or back of his head and force his head up to look at her feet.
A full color illustration of the Execution Sentence foot fetish position.

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques are used to make a boy orgasm against his will or to comply with another femdom command in the Execution Sentence foot fetish sex position.

The first erotic technique in the Execution Sentence foot fetish position is called The Gallows.

The Gallows technique is reserved for those boys who still fight and resist. For example, the girl can cross her ankles together, which alone increases pressure and pleasure. Next, once her ankles are crossed, she can lean forward and lift his head higher into the air. Finally, she reaches around the boy’s waist, with her ankles crossed and his head elevated, to grab his penis, or unzip and begin to undress him should he be clothed. Also, neck power comes with the power to restrict and control the breathing of the boy. For example, let us say the boy is fighting or struggling. The girl can squeeze with her legs and/or thighs to put pressure on his neck. This pressure restricts breathing and makes him weaker and more susceptible to her influence. Furthermore, this position also gives her the power to control his head. In other words, she can grip the back of his head or his hair and pull his head up. Doing so makes the boy look at her feet and her soles.

Furthermore, this position can also be rotated. For example, the girl can fall to one side, putting both the boy and girl on their sides. Furthermore, this position can be rotated again, like the Sand Trap, but instead, her legs collapse around his neck, and her legs and feet would extend vertically straight up.

The second erotic technique to help enhance domination and femdom is the Twin Towers. The Twin Towers provides increased control and femdom.

The Twin Towers erotic technique is a flipped 180-rotated version of the Execution Sentence. This erotic technique gets the name from the girl’s legs, which extend straight up into the air and resemble towers. This erotic technique is more pleasurable for the boy and makes him feel more humiliated and helpless. Start in the classic position (as in the color image shown below). Depending on clothing, best practices have discovered that the girl should maintain a firm grip and continuous stimulation (e.g., stroking, ball cupping, etc.) on the boy’s penis.

Therefore, once in the classic Execution Sentence position, with her hand wrapped around the boy’s penis (and stroking, if she so desires), the girl rolls to her side. Rolling to her side, she flips the position over and takes some pressure off of the girl because this gives her the ability to extend her legs straight rather than have her knees at or near a 90-degree angle. This gives her more power. While in rotation, and after the rotation once on the side, the girl continues to stroke his penis. Should the boy choose and enjoy such acts, the girl may also pleasure his asshole and spank him.

Finally, once the girl and boy are on their side, the girl rotates again onto her back and extends her legs to the heavens. This is the essence of the Twin Towers erotic technique, with the girl’s smooth legs up into the heavens. The girl continues to stroke him, with the boy’s penis facing the ceiling or sky (depending on location). However, the girl should more than likely bend her knees to get the soles of her feet into the boy’s vision. Being forced to stare at her feet while she strokes his penis and squeezes his neck with her legs is sure to entice and potentially create an orgasm.

This particular technique also transitions into the Sand Trap position quite nicely.

Humiliation Level:

Humiliation Factors: The Execution Sentence is strictly a position for control. If the boy tries to continue to escape or get out of any position, this position elicits more control to make the boy return to submission and your obedience. The girl’s thighs place intense pressure on the boy’s neck and carotid arteries with the threat of fainting. If the boy faints, he cannot enjoy the girl’s feet in his direct line-of-sight.

Dominance Level:

Dominance Factors: The Execution Sentence elicits the highest dominance factor due to the ability to cut off breathing completely. As a result, to make the boy faint, the highest dominance level is achieved. If the boy does not submit or continues to resist, perhaps making him pass out and lost consciousness while staring at her feet is the best option to show who is in charge.

There are three important traits to consider for the Execution Sentence foot fetish position.

Trait I: Strength

The Execution Sentence position relies on strength for both the boy and the girl. The boy needs to maintain or possess upper body strength to support the girl in the desired fashion. Also, the girl may elect to lean forward and make her back parallel to the boy. In other words, the girl may lie flat on her chest and stomach on the back of the boy. Doing so enables the girl to have more control and freedom of her feet and legs, including their muscles. If the boy possesses the strength to stand or rise onto his knees, the position can be continued and maintained from an upright position, just like in a horse position. However, the girl needs to possess the muscular prowess to make sure her feet within his field of vision, regardless of which portion of the feet show.

Trait II: Confidence

The Execution Sentence position relies on confidence to execute effectively, more so confidence in the girl than confidence in the boy. One of the main keywords in this virtue is the element of “surprise.” The Execution Sentence applies in almost any position and does not require all fours position, though that is the easiest way to start the position. The girl needs to be confident in her ability to execute (no pun intended) the position flawlessly. Do not stutter. Do not hesitate. Act. Let us discuss an example where the Execution Sentence applies without the boy on all fours.

Let us imagine that the boy is sitting on the couch watching television. The girl sees him from the other room and begins to plot her Execution Sentence against him. If the girl can approach the coach from behind without the boy seeing her (or from another angle), the girl gains the element of surprise. Acting quickly with a swift motion, the girl jumps onto the couch and stands directly over him, facing the opposite direction. Using the back of the couch for support, she can slip his head between her legs using the same mounting method as if he were on all fours. Once his head locked inside her legs, and her legs extended out over his shoulders in front of him so he can see her feet, she may push off the back of the couch with her hands to lock in the Execution Sentence.

Trait III: Trust

The Execution Sentence position relies on Trust due to the restriction of breathing. At any time in this position, the girl may squeeze the boy’s neck with her legs and completely cut off breathing and circulation. If not released, this may lead to serious injury or with the boy passing out. This is a critical note. If the boy passes out from the squeezing of her thighs around his neck, he cannot experience pleasure if unconscious. Therefore, the girl making him pass out goes against the trust virtue, and thus not recommended.

However, the girl may elect to get the boy close to passing out before releasing the squeeze her grip. Making the boy stare at her feet while at the same time providing some pressure to restrict breathing and bringing him to the edge of consciousness can invoke powerful, pleasurable responses, especially if repeated. Also, if performed while the girl stimulates his penis, ejaculation may occur quicker rather than later.

Above we see a full color version of the Execution foot fetish position. They are clothed in this artist rendition, but can easily be performed with both the boy and girl naked.
A color version of the first artist rendition of the Execution Sentence foot fetish position.
There are many settings, guidelines, best sexual practices, and transitions to make the Execution Sentence pleasurable for both the boy and girl.

In this position, it is essential to understand the tapping out rule or to have a safe word due to breathing restriction. Someone cannot enjoy feet if unconscious, not that needs to be said. This position can translate into many other Guillotine positions. Should pants and/or underwear be removed before or during this position, the girl can continue to stroke and play with his penis, testicles, and asshole while trapping him in this position. This position can also be playful. For example, the girl can “accidentally” spill something on the floor and ask her boy to clean it up. Once the boy is down on the floor, hands, and knees, it is easy to trap him in the Execution Sentence position.

If the girl feels extra naughty, she presses his face into what she spilled while covering her feet in it. Next, she demands that he licks the substance she spilled off her feet. It can be chocolate, coconut, juice; use your imagination. Since this position utilizes control via breathing restriction, that control does not have to stop there. The girl can still demand that he crawl around, even stand, to continue the foreplay with her feet in his line-of-sight. If the boy does stand, she can issue orders, telling him to walk while staring at her feet in front of him.

Execution Sentence Administrator Notes - handwritten guide
Administrator Notes for the Execution Sentence foot fetish position

Where can the Execution Sentence be performed?

Contrary to popular belief, the best foreplay, the best sex, is not always in the bedroom. There are many rooms, locations inside a home, or even a hotel room where foreplay and sexual play begin. For example, since the Execution Sentence positions utilize airway restriction and control, some of the best locations are not in the bedroom.

Some of the best sexual guidelines to ensure sexual satisfaction and foot fetish cum.

Due to the restricted nature of this position, this position is best utilized via surprise. While the position itself does not require the boy to be on all fours, the boy can still sit on a couch, for example. It is rather easy for the girl to shove the boy’s head and neck between her legs, even whilst she stands. Furthermore, the girl may also spin the boy around if she approaches him from behind. Next, she places her hands on the back of the boy’s head and forces him to bend over. Finally, she mounts the boy’s neck and lifts her feet off the ground, so the boy supports her. Some may fall, some may not. If he does not fall, the girl squeezes or trips him to send the boy plummeting to his hands and knees.

Which positions make it easy to transition into the Execution Sentence and into some of the other Footsutra positions?

The Execution Sentence position can be achieved in a multitude of ways. The most common, however, refers to previous worship. In other words, if the boy is on his hands and knees, worshiping her feet as she stands there. The Execution Sentence, and possibly other variants of the Guillotine, can easily be achieved because the boy is already in position. As foot fetishists, worshiping is something that is done already.

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