Huntress Trap

Huntress Trap

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The Huntress Trap is a foot fetish position via surprise attack.

The “Huntress Trap” is a foot fetish position that utilizes foot fetish foreplay and enhances the foot fetish experience.

The Huntress Trap is a unique Footsutra position that suppresses the five senses by utilizing a technique called Total Shroud and Mechanism.

The Huntress Trap mimics an ancient device dating back to the 16th century. This position is a play on the device and method used to silence, humiliate, and torture witches back during the 16th century. The focus of the Huntress Trap is to disable the senses and make the girl’s feet the only sensation that matters. The position starts with the boy lying down on his stomach (or, alternatively, forced down onto his stomach). Next, the girl then sits on his upper back and grabs his arms. She pins his arms behind him and either hold them down with her hands or binds them. However, a more appropriate method to start this position is to bind his ankles first, and then push him down to the ground.

Once his wrists pinned and/or controlled, ankle binding optional, she then binds her knees and arcs her feet forward, extending them around his face. Once her feet successfully connect with his face, and her soles are in his face, the position has been achieved. Now, let us get more specific about this position in the images and the description below. While not seen in the picture, if his hands bound by material, this frees the girl’s hands to do other things. The ideal position for idle hands should they not be used for pinning would be to move them forward. The girl places her hands like how the feet are positioned below. In other words, her feet will cover his mouth and nose area, while her hands will cover his eyes.

Huntress Trap
Huntress Trap

Foot Fetish Setup Techniques are used to help a girl force a boy into the Huntress Trap foot fetish sex position.

One setup technique in the Huntress Trap position is called Under-Arrest.

The Under-Arrest setup technique begins with a sort of roleplay. The girl pushes the boy against the wall, grabs his wrists, and places them behind his back. This starts the position. The girl may choose to bind his wrists together using rope, cuffs, or some other form of restriction. Doing so enables her hands to be free. The girl chooses to either be very rough with the boy, or gentle. This is up to the foot fetish girl’s personality. The cuffs and binds will also enhance the girl’s femdom personality and build her character as a femdom. Such is how foot domination stories generally begin is with some form of restriction.

Once the boy is cuffed and facing a wall, the girl has a couple of different options. For one, she forces the boy down onto his stomach by either tripping him, wrestling with him, or by kicking him in the gut to force him to bend over, and then force him down the rest of the way. With the boy cuffed, this makes it easy to fight and wrestle him to his stomach to finish him off in the Huntress Trap.

If the girl chooses not to cuff or bind his wrists, she will more than likely need to rely on seducing him with her feet. She could run her feet up his leg, whisper or use dirty talk to make her feet irresistible to him.

The Huntress Trap Foot Fetish Sex Position

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques are used to make a boy orgasm against his will or to comply with commands, demands, and instruction in the Huntress Trap foot fetish sex position.

The Total Shroud erotic technique is a Huntress Trap attack on the boy’s senses.

The complete Huntress Trap is something I like to call a Total Shroud. The Total Shroud activates when all five senses have been successfully suppressed or restricted under the girl’s control.  This includes smell, taste, vision, touch, and sound; all senses utilized. Furthermore, this includes the wrists and ankles bound by either rope, panties, clothes, cuffs, or some other material. Below describes the Total Shroud on the senses:

Smell: Clearly one of the more important senses in terms of foot fetishism, her feet will be placed near his nose. Regardless if her feet or sweaty, gross, or smell pleasant, the boy will inhale the scent of her feet. This scent is something foot fetishists hold dear and can be highly erotic, enticing, and euphoric.

Taste: This leads to tasting. Again, regardless of the girl’s feet are dirty or clean, the boy will no doubt slip his tongue out and start licking, sucking, and most likely kissing her feet, as much as he can, for as long as he can. The smell of her feet will make him act with his tongue and the scent will automatically elicit a response.

Vision: Now, with the girl’s hands-free due to the boy’s wrists cuffed or tied behind his back, the girl extends her hands forward. Next, she covers his eyes, forcing the boy into darkness, with the only smell, taste, and mouthful of her feet. Her feet become the sole (no pun intended) focus.

Touch: This sense does not really need much explaining because touch is everywhere in this case. The girl’s hands are covering the boy’s eyes, and her feet are enticing his nose and mouth. Furthermore, her soles, toes, and the spreading of her toes will run across and cover his face, leaving behind a trail of pleasure.

Sound: The last sense, hearing, utilizes and simulates taunts, humiliation, verbal commands, and more. In other words, it is the girl’s job to taunt him, command that he sucks on her feet, command that he takes a deep breath of her soles, command that he describes the scent her smells, and more. In addition, she can also lean down, and whisper taunts among other things into his ears.

The second erotic technique in the foot fetish position Huntress Trap is called Mechanism.

While not depicted in the artist renditions of this position, a second technique for the Huntress Trap is something called Mechanism. In the image below, we see the traditional style of the Huntress Trap. However, this traditional style can be taken further. For example, the girl may slip her legs up and underneath his arms; therefore, placing her legs between the boy’s arm and body, essentially hooked underneath his armpits. This still provides the girl access to his face and the potential for the girl to inflict pain on the boy by crossing her ankles together. As such, this exerts intense pressure on the boy’s face should he decide not to worship or follow instructions. While these are not the only possible techniques in this position, these are the ones most common. There is always the possibility of more techniques as couples begin to experiment.

There are humiliation, dominance, and other important traits to consider for the Huntress Trap foot fetish position.

Humiliation Level

Humiliation Factors: Humiliation level four indicates a higher than average level of humiliation. This position enhances embarrassment, especially when the senses render unusable. Described in further detail below, this position hooks the girl’s feet around the man’s face to cover his nose, mouth, or eyes. Her feet get full control of his face and potentially, his throat.

Dominance Level

Dominance Factors: Dominance level four indicates a higher than average level of restriction. However, this rating fluctuates up and down depending on various types of restrictions. For example, this position utilizes pinning the man’s hands and/or wrists to his lower back. Further control occurs if the man’s ankles bound together either by rope, cuffs, clothes, panties, or something else. In addition, the girl can utilize these same things to bind his wrists to his back, instead of pinning them there with her hands. This frees her hands to complete the full version of the Huntress Trap.

Trait I: Strength

Strength is considered an important trait in the Huntress Trap due to the restrictions potentially required by the girl. While it is possible to use the Huntress Trap without pinning the boy’s hands to his back. this takes away from the purpose of the position itself. Furthermore, strength is necessary to maintain the position once inside of it. Using the artwork above as a guide, the Huntress Trap utilizes the arm and leg strength of the girl to maintain the accuracy or the position. Should the boy continue to struggle, the girl may wrap her legs around the boy’s neck to choke and restrict breathing. However, if this is utilized by the girl to force compliance, make sure that her feet remain in the boy’s line-of-sight. If cuffs, rope, or other forms of binding are used to make sure the boy’s hands stay bound, this allows the girl to use her hands for other purposes.

Trait II: Confidence

Confidence plays an important role in the Huntress Trap because of both the control and power required by the girl. Many girls are stronger than they think, and when worked up and utilizing that strength, may even surprise themselves. Determination, skill, and confidence builds overtime, but it is important to not question oneself, or think if what you are doing is correct wrong. It does not matter so long as the essence of the position is captured. For some couples, the accuracy of the position may not be the position in the artwork, but another variation. Self-esteem, determination, and confidence all play similar roles with one another.

Trait III: Trust

Trust in the Huntress Trap plays a role due to potential breathing and neck restriction should the girl elect to headscissor the boy and wrap her legs around his head and neck, or if she elects to choke with a headlock or uses her hands. Trust is something that is built over time between couples and requires some degree of practice and relationship-building to utilize this effectively. As always, safewords are recommended in any high-risk-high-reward sexual practice such as Footsutra positions and techniques.

There are multiple different discussions on settings, guidelines, best sexual practices, and transitions to ensure success in the Huntress Trap foot fetish sex position.

Guidance on best sexual practices.

To gain access to the boy’s penis, the girl rolls to one side or the other. In other words, the girl falls left or right and brings the boy locked in the current position with her. When falling, it remains vital to maintain the purpose of this position, to render the senses unusable. However, the boy’s ass and/or asshole is easily accessible in this position should the boy like that being played with. Furthermore, the girl can also bind his ankles together, or wrap rope or some other material around his legs entirely.

The best settings for the Huntress Trap foot fetish position.

Since this position can be performed with clothes on, the settings are potentially limitless. For example, the Total Shroud can be utilized in parks and/or other public places. Sometimes, the best pleasure is utilized from the humiliation of others, or the boy feeling the humiliation of her feet. Furthermore, if naked, this position is best utilized in the home environment for obvious law-related reasons. In the home, the Total Shroud can be used in any room, such as the kitchen, bedroom, or even the bathroom or bathtub, pending space.

How to best utilize transition into and out of the Huntress Trap with other Footsutra positions

Huntress Trap into Pyramid

The Huntress Trap position transitions easily into the Pyramid. Once in the position pictured above, the girl can easily spin around and uses her legs to hike the boy up onto all fours. However, it may be easier to hike the boy’s knees up, so that he is on his knees with his face still connecting with the floor. Once there, she places her legs underneath and places her soles into his face. Essentially, this position has the boy’s butt in the air, while his face rests into the soles of her feet. This is the Pyramid. For further information about the Pyramid, visit the page detailing it in the Footsutra blog.

Huntress Trap into Execution Sentence

Also, the Huntress Trap position transitions easily into the Execution Sentence. Simply, all the girl needs to do is swing her body around and wrap her legs around his head in the traditional Execution Sentence style. Furthermore, the girl can reach forward, and keep the boy’s wrists cross and pinned to his back. Doing so elicits a combined attack using the Execution Sentence and the Pyramid and further enhances the control of the girl and the dominance of the boy.

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