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Here are all the current foot fetish positions in the Footsutra. The positions below show artwork, illustrations, and discuss humiliation factors, dominance factors, settings, guidelines, best sexual practices, transitions, and more.

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The Sole Cradle foot fetish position is where the girl is on her hands and knees, and the boy on top of her, with her head between his legs and her feet in his face

Sole Cradle

The Sole Cradle is an interesting position due to the girl being on all fours, and the boy flung over her back and his face in her feet while her head is between his legs.
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The Sidewinder Position, ©2019-2020 THE FOOTSUTRA, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Foot Sidewinder

The Footsutra by Rhea Hayworth & Vanesa Perez Learn the Sidewinder foot fetish sex position In a more intimate foot fetish and intercourse position, the Sidewinder places both boy and girl on their sides during intercourse and foot worship. “One…

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The Kingdom's Arch foot fetish position, with the boy on his back, and the girl arched over him with her soles in his face

Foot Kingdom’s Arch

“Make sure breathplay and breathing rules are agreed before entering position.” — The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder “This puts insane sole pressure on his face. And gives him a view of all the goodies.” — The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa…

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The Sole Buster Position, ©THE FOOTSUTRA, All Rights Reserved

Sole Buster

Learn the Sole Buster… This foot fetish position mimics a well-known wrestling maneuver called the Muscle Buster or sometimes called the Kinniku Buster. But in this foot fetish variation of that wrestling move, the boy is upside-down between the girl’s…

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Another rear view of the Baseline foot fetish position with the girl on top similar to the 69 but with her feet in his face


“Intense pressure on chest and stomach, but feet in the face takes the pain away.” — The Footsutra Journals. Rhea Hayworth, Founder “Pretty intense position for the boy; full weight on chest and stomach.” — The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez,…

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A side view of a naked girl piggyback riding a naked boy with her feet ready to give a footjob while having the boy in a headlock

Foot Jetpack

Learn the Jetpack… The Jetpack foot fetish position is a kinky and erotic take on the classic piggyback ride. This article discusses the entire Jetpack foot fetish position found in the Footsutra. Original creators: Rhea Hayworth & Vanesa Perez Learn…

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A girl stands with a boy on her shoulders, both nude, and the girl barefoot on one of her tip toes with their fingers laced to show power

Fuckboy Ascension

Learn the Fuckboy Ascension… The Fuckboy Ascension reverse engineers the Princess Ascension. The Fuckboy Ascension position gets its name from the humiliation of a naked boy being on the shoulders of a girl while stroking his penis and making him…

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A side-view of the Hydra foot fetish intercourse position where the girl rides the boy with a sole in his face


“Worship feet during intercourse… Perhaps the ultimate goal.” — The Footsutra Journals, Rhea Hayworth, Founder “Such power comes from forcing worship during sex. Enjoy it.” — The Footsutra Journals, Vanesa Perez, Co-Founder Section I Position Description II Setup Techniques III…

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A close-up view of the Footbar Submission position where the girl holds the boy in an armbar with her feet in his face

Footbar Submission

Learn the Footbar Submission foot fetish position… This Footbar Submission resembles the armbar submission technique from mixed martial arts where the girl’s feet cover the boy’s face. “MMA be damned, this position has a little bit of everything.” — The…

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An aerial view of the Sand Trap foot fetish position with the girl planting her soles in the boy's face and ready to stroke and tease him with her mouth

Foot Sand Trap

The Footsutra by Rhea Hayworth & Vanesa Perez The Sand Trap Foot Fetish Position The Sand Trap is a flipped, rotated position of the Guillotine foot fetish position. “Face full of feet… Being stroked. Ringed.. Man, this position has it…

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Another front view of the Guillotine position, with the boy on his hands and knees, and the girl on top of him with her feet in his face.

Foot Guillotine

The Footsutra by Rhea Hayworth & Vanesa Perez The Guillotine Foot Fetish Position The Guillotine foot fetish position places the boy on his hands and knees. The girl then reverse mounts his back, and slips her legs underneath, and moves…

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