Praying Mantis

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Worship her feet in the Praying Mantis foot fetish sex position.

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In the “Praying Mantis” foot fetish sex position, the boy worships her feet while on his knees.

In this foot fetish position, the boy engages in foot fetish sex by receiving hand jobs and stroking from the girl. Furthermore, the Praying Mantis is a worship type of foot fetish session with foot fetish games and foot fetish toys. This is a great foot fetish experience that involves femdom sex positions and leads to foot fetish cum and orgasm.

The Praying Mantis is a unique position that is part of the Guillotine Arc. The Praying Mantis is a precursor to Eden and utilizes the Church of Feet erotic technique.

The Praying Mantis forces the boy on his knees, worshiping feet. The Praying Mantis transitions easily from the Guillotine, as otherwise, getting into this position cold proves difficult. The overall position remains the same as the Guillotine; however, the Praying Mantis has the boy on his knees. With her feet in his face or at least within his line-of-sight. Furthermore, the reverse riding position remains the same as if the boy was down on his hands and knees. As a reminder, the girl starts in a horse-riding position, but in reverse, she faces the opposite direction. Using momentum, the girl can help the boy up onto his knees. For example, the girl can push up, both with her feet and legs. Both of her soles should cover the boy’s face even during the transition.

Praying Mantis
A color artist rendition of the Praying Mantis foot fetish position, where the boy is on his knees and the girl is upside down while he worships her feet.

Foot Fetish Setup Techniques help a girl force a boy into the Praying Mantis foot fetish sex position.

Setup Techniques for the Praying Mantis proves difficult because of the position itself. It is nearly impossible to enter the position cold or enter the position without transitioning from another position (such as the Guillotine). If some of you happen to come up with a setup technique for this position, I would be interested in hearing or witnessing it. More information on Setup Techniques will be included when they are discovered.

One possible method to enter this foot fetish sex position is the girl using a handstand. Once in the handstand, the girl may be able to angle and adjust herself to sort of “lock” into the boy’s position were on his knees nearby.

Foot Fetish Erotic Techniques are designed to make a boy orgasm (usually against his will) or comply with another femdom command in the Praying Mantis foot fetish sex position.

The first erotic technique in the Praying Mantis position is called Church of Feet.

The Praying Mantis, named by Nessy, because of someone being on their knees in prayer, usually praising someone else or during worship or religious services. Overall, it is this position that the boy is closest to the Eden, where the girl drives control of the boy using her feet. The Praying Mantis’s purpose is to make the boy indulge in her feet, without question and thinking. The girl’s feet become his place of worship with her soles crushing, slapping, and rubbing all over his face. Once the transition occurs, the boy has a full erection, and the girl either drops his pants (if clothed) and strokes. When the girl begins to stroke, the boy decides and can start in any transition period.

For those with a foot fetish, the girlfriend’s, wife’s, one-night-stands feet are the object of worship and should be treated as such. Arguably, feet are a religious icon themselves for those of us with a foot fetish. We think about girls’ feet all the time—usually the feet of someone, like a girlfriend, wife, or even an ex-lover. Thus, the Praying Mantis is a great position to begin worshipping the object of our affection, which are girls’ feet.

There are important traits and factors, such as humiliation and dominance to consider int he Praying Mantis foot fetish sex position.

Trait – Strength

If attempting to transition from Nessy’s Guillotine into the Praying Mantis, the girl needs to possess a certain degree of strength to lift the boy. However, the boy elects to help the girl by pushing off with his hands and up onto his knees; simultaneously, the girl lifts with her legs. The girl supports herself using her hands and arms when the boy lands on his knees.

Trait – Confidence

Confidence remains a crucial factor in all Footsutra positions. However, with the Praying Mantis, this position’s purpose is for the boy to worship the girl’s feet. Her feet become his prayer and savior. To establish and feel this, the girl must hold and execute the position without falter or hesitation.

Trait – Trust

Trust remains essential due to the girl (potential danger due to her being upside-down) and the boy due to the girl potentially squeezing the boy’s chest or diaphragm too hard with her legs. Both situations create danger in that the girl may drop and injure herself if not supported. The boy may struggle to have adequate oxygen to maintain the strength necessary to hold the girl in the Praying Mantis.

Humiliation Level:

Humiliation Factors: The humiliation level of four is due to the Praying Mantis being a prelude to the Eden. In other words, the Praying Mantis most commonly occurs before the Eden position. As individuals progress through the Guillotine positions, the boy’s humiliation rises as the dominance level rises in the girl. The Praying Mantis position gives a prelude to the Eden position and represents the Guillotine arc’s midway point. Once in the Praying Mantis, the girl possesses universal control over his feet, and no matter what the boy decides next, her feet never leave his face or his direct line-of-sight. Regardless, feet in the boy’s face presents itself as humiliating, because generally, feet are dirty and smell, but yet creates arousal in the boy.

Dominance Level:

Dominance Factors: Dominant level four comes from the act of getting the boy onto his knees. Generally, resting on one’s knees creates an act of worship or when someone else praises another individual. If the girl gets him on his knees, the Praying Mantis has been achieved. Feet continue to caress and rub all over his face. The dominance factor enhances if the girl reaches around and starts to stroke him. Though this may seem difficult, it is possible—also, the Praying Mantis preludes into Eden (discussed more in the Transition section below).

There are many different settings, guidelines, best sexual practices, and transitions to make the Praying Mantis pleasurable for both the girl and the boy.

What are some of the best sexual practices for the Praying Mantis foot fetish position?

The Praying Mantis succeeds best via the transition from the Guillotine. Starting with this position proves difficult unless the boy is on his knees already. It would still take some acrobatic skills on the girl’s part to achieve this position cold. If the boy starts this position cuffed, bound, or tied via rope, the girl chooses to remove these items when transitioning into Eden as part of Eden in the following commands and movement.

Also, tying the boy’s hands behind his back may present as challenging for him to support her and risks her falling. As a result, exercise caution when using bondage and restriction in this position. Our recommendation includes bondage, binding, and restraint only utilized when you and your partner successfully transition into and out of this position multiple times. The Praying Mantis exposes the boy’s penis, as with Nessy’s Guillotine, his penis remains hidden because his penis faces the ground while on all fours. When both boy and girl transition into Eden, his penis becomes visible and shown to anyone.

What are some of the best settings to perform this unique foot fetish position?

The setting for the Praying Mantis can be utilized almost anywhere. However, if used in a public environment, clothing must remain on. Outdoor or in-public play may be a turn-on for the boy or the girl. In terms of a household, this position can occur within any room, such as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, patio, deck, etc. It is also vital for the girl to know beforehand how she wants Eden to start in. As a reminder, the Eden is mobile and does not necessarily have a settings requirement due to ease of movement. Prior, the girl should know which room she wants to transition into the Eden from (such as starting the boy in the bedroom and then moving by issuing commands and the boy walking).

Guidelines to remember in the Praying Mantis foot fetish stroke position

The Praying Mantis starts to utilize strength warnings. Before proceeding into the Praying Mantis via transition or back into the Praying Mantis, the boy needs to support the girl’s weight. However, the Praying Mantis may still be possible since the girl can help herself with her hands on the ground or with her hands on the boy’s ankles or legs. Furthermore, Eden cannot achieve success if the boy cannot support her weight.

Transitions play a key role in this position most of the time, and they are used to enter the Praying Mantis foot fetish position.

Guillotine to Praying Mantis

The most common transition for the Praying Mantis is a transition from the Guillotine. In this case, a change occurs when the boy rises off all fours and onto his knees. To facilitate this transition, the girl can taunt while starting the process of applying more pressure with her feet into his face. Likewise, the girl can also use more upward pressure with her legs. Next, the girl falls forward, and the momentum added with the demand from her legs and feet can help the boy get upright, onto his knees. During this transition, the girl starts stroking him to show both him and anyone watching that she maintains rule; her feet slammed into his face and her hand around his penis.

Praying Mantis to Eden

Praying Mantis to the Eden is the most important transition in the Guillotine series. Eden is the transition that the girl wants to achieve due to Eden’s level of control. Transition into the Eden comes with a strength and versatility warning. Should not be attempted of the boy struggling to support her weight or fears that she will be dropped. The best transition method starts with the boy going from on his knees to one knee. Utilizing this position, the girl will ask a question. This question is asked when the boy is on one knee. Before he rises into the Eden, the girl will ask:

“Do you take my feet, to be your command, your influence, and your indulgence?”

“Do you agree, to follow my feet’s every command, without question?”

“If you agree to these terms, kiss both of my soles now, and rise into your new position. My obedient foot slave.”

“Will you rise and answer my feet’s call?”

The quotes above are examples and can be changed to whatever the girl wants to say. However, the questions and/or statements should pertain to the transition: worship, control, and obeying every command. Furthermore, the girl can grab and stroke the boy’s penis either when she asks the questions before the transition or begin stroking when the Eden has been achieved.

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