Pricing & Service

Ars Footsutra uses a unique payment method with the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR). Monero (XMR) is the only accepted payment. We do not accept credit cards, PayPal, checks or gift cards. We only accept Monero. Learn more about Monero (XMR) here:

Accessing any service and content offered by Ars Footsutra requires registration. Please register here:

After registration, the Administrator places a unique subaddress in your biographical info on your profile. Furthermore, additional instructions are provided at the top of the page after login.

Unlock Lifetime Access to the Private Blog for 0.50 XMR

The Private Blog is where all content is posted and updated. Content in Ars Footsutra consists of positions, techniques, and origins. Sending 0.50 XMR to your unique wallet address in your profile unlocks LIFETIME access to the Private Blog. Once payment is sent, the Administrator will upgrade your user rank that makes all content become visible. Therefore, you gain access to all current content in the Private Blog. Furthermore, you also gain immediate access to any future content, posts, and images.

What is the Private Blog?

Content consists of positions, techniques, and origins. Furthermore, the Private Blog discusses never-before seen positions, techniques, and experiments on foot fetishism. You will read about positions, erotic techniques, setup techniques, humiliation and dominance methods and protocols, settings, guidelines, virtues, discussions and so much more. Also, you will view artwork and administrative, handwritten notes to enhance understanding.

Lastly, sending XMR to your unique wallet address means you comply with our Terms and Conditions.

Questions about Ars Footsutra?

Ars Footsutra admin is always available via email. Click on “Email us” to shoot us an email and ask us a question, give us a comment, or to submit feedback.