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The Sole Buster is an Advanced and Humiliating Foot Fetish Position

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The Sole Buster uses femdom and foot domination to enslave foot boys.

The Sole Buster mimics a well-known wrestling maneuver called the Muscle Buster or sometimes called the Kinniku Buster. But in this foot fetish variation of that wrestling move, the boy is upside-down between the girl’s legs so that the girl can slam her feet and soles into his face. Thus, where the Sole Buster foot fetish sex position gets its name.

This is considered to be more of an advanced position as opposed to a beginner. As a boy, achieving orgasm in this position requires training, effort, and believe it or not, strength. It is exhausting to orgasm as a boy in this position. The humiliation of spraying an orgasm in your own face is also humiliating (more on that specific technique is described below). The boy may have his legs spread like in the images or may have his legs together with his own feet next to his head (much like how a person changes a baby’s diaper).

This position relies on humiliation, and it is recommended that the girl have experience in humiliation or dominance before attempting this position. Humiliation is a powerful motivating and pleasure factor in any Footsutra position. If the girl questions herself, does not believe in herself (or her feet) and struggles with the position, her control is lost. Her dominance is lost. The girl’s goal is to make the boy feel helpless and trapped and that licking, smelling, and sucking on the girl’s feet is the only way forward.

The girl can issue verbal taunts and cruel jokes to enhance her dominance and humiliation further. The girl should have thoughts of showing off her footboy and toy to the world. Show the room his penis (even if there is no one with you). Show the room the boy’s asshole and expose him. As the girl, getting into this mindset that the boy is powerless under your control will greatly increase your humiliation skill.

The Sole Buster is a complex foot fetish sex position where the boy hold upside-down between the girl's legs so her feet smack and plant onto his face.
An artist rendition of the Sole Buster.

Erotic Techniques are used by the girl (or sometimes the boy) to force the boy orgasm, usually against his will.

The first erotic technique in the Sole Buster position is called Hang Glider.

The Hang Glider erotic technique has the girl taunt the boy with her feet. The girl moves her feet just out of reach while the boy yearns to have her feet in his face. While struggling to reach her feet, the boy becomes vulnerable to excessive and hard stroking by the girl.

To achieve the Hang Glider erotic technique, the girl pushes the boy’s legs closer together, but not all the way. The girl pushes the boy’s feet further in front of her and wraps her legs around and above her own. This places the girl’s feet hovering above the boy’s face. The boy stares at her feet. The boy is forced to stare at her feet. Her feet do not touch his face, and from experience, the boy will beg to have them in his face as opposed to further away.

The second erotic technique in the Sole Buster Foot Fetish position is called Golden Orgasm.

The Golden Orgasm foot fetish erotic technique forces the boy to orgasm on his own chest or face. In this erotic technique, the boy is so lost in the girl’s feet that he ignores where his cum will shoot. When the boy is receiving pleasure from licking, smelling, and sucking on her feet in his face, the girl focuses on learning the moment when his orgasm will release. The girl continues to stroke and stroke. The girl will feel his cock throbbing in her hand. Pulsing uncontrollably. The boy will be moaning, being in such a humiliated and forced orgasm position. Once the boy is about to release his orgasm, the girl moves her feet away from his face so his cum showers all over his own face in the ultimate humiliation.

Foot Fetish Setup Techniques are used by the girl to force a boy into a given position.

The first setup technique in the Sole Buster foot fetish position is called Sunrise.

This is a setup technique to use if the boy is down on his hands and knees for some reason. In fact, many of the positions and setup techniques start or begin with the boy down on his hands and knees. Therefore, as a girl, you should teach and make the boy learn that being down on his hands and knees is a humiliating position for him.

Once the boy is down on his hands and knees (either forced or tricked), the girl stands over him, like she is about to mount his back. However, the girl faces in the opposite direction (towards his butt) rather than facing forward. Next, she leans down and wraps her arms around his waist, and slips her feet underneath of him. She still stands, but now her feet are on the ground underneath him. She is bent over, with her arms wrapped around his waist.

The second-foot fetish setup technique in the Sole Buster foot fetish position is called Barefoot Suplex. This is an interesting setup technique due to the steps involved in teasing and worshiping her feet.

For some girls, this setup technique may be difficult to perform. If the girl lacks the strength needed to suplex, she can roll the boy into the Sole Buster position. Let’s explore this setup technique more in-depth.

First, the girl stands in front of the boy and uses some method to bend the boy over. Traditionally, if you are familiar with other Footsutra setup techniques, a barefoot kick to the boy’s stomach will bend him over. If a kick to the stomach does not bend him over enough, the girl grabs the back of his head and pushes him the rest of the way over.

Once the boy is bent over, the girl jumps onto the back of his neck and straddles it almost in a head-scissor. If the girl’s feet do not touch the ground due to the height differences, the boy will still be looking down at her feet. The girl reaches forward and wraps her arms around the boy’s waist. This next part is where the strength comes into play. If the girl possesses the strength necessary, the girl lifts the boy until he is upside down. Then, the girl sits and plumps down straight into the Sole Buster position. Once the boy is inside down inside of her lap, she moves her legs and feet accordingly to get them into his face while forcing his legs spread apart to begin the humiliation process.

The humiliation level for the Sole Buster foot fetish position: Five out of five stars

Humiliation Factors: The Sole Buster is one of the most humiliating positions in the Footsutra. Should the boy attempt to move or get out of the position, the girl tightens her hold. The girl can also further humiliate the boy by spreading his legs wide and revealing his penis, balls, and asshole. The girl can also play with all three of these inside the position.

The dominance level for the Sole Buster foot fetish position: Five out of five stars

Dominance Level: This should come with no surprise for a five-star rating. But the girl exerts and should show high levels of dominance in this position. The girl is in control. The girl controls the boy’s penis, asshole, balls, face, and humiliation, all in one position. This dominance level is unheard of if the girl can successfully enter, perform, and exit the position.

The foot fetish virtues as they apply to the Sole Buster foot fetish foreplay position.

The first foot fetish virtue is smell.

In the Sole Buster, the smell virtue does play a role here since the girl will have her feet on the boy’s face. The girl may also be able to force one of her feet into the boy’s mouth, pending flexibility. Therefore, before attempting a setup technique or the position, the girl wants to make sure her feet will smell the way the boy likes. For example, if the girl knows the boy likes sweaty or dirty feet, then she should make sure her feet are that way (for example, right after a workout or run). If the boy prefers her feet to be clean, maybe the girl attempts the Sole Buster right after a shower.

The second foot fetish virtue is foot type.

Both skinny and wider width feet work well in this position. A woman with wider feet would be able to cover the surface of the boy’s face. However, a girl with skinnier feet may slip her feet into the boy’s mouth easier than wider feet.

The third foot fetish virtue is foot texture.

Foot texture in this position matters since her soles will be covering and all over the boy’s face. Both wrinkled, smooth, or rough soles all equally pleasure this position. Regardless, most footboys do not care what type of feet are in their faces so long as the feet are on a woman.

The fourth foot fetish virtue is toes and nails.

Toes are important in this position since toes will be in the boy’s face. Longer toes generally are favored more than webbed or stubby toes. In my opinion, webbed or stubby toes are pretty gross and not sexually appealing in any way. However, some footboys prefer them, and that is their preference. Longer toes provide something more to suck on and can tease the boy easier than shorter toes.

Nails do not play much of a role in this position. If the girl were to curl her toes, and her toes are longer, it would be possible for the boy to see the color of her nails or the pedicure job she received. Doing so may increase the pleasure of the boy should nails be a turn-on.

The fifth and final foot fetish virtue is cleanliness.

Visually dirty soles or clean feet does not really play much of a role in this position. If the girl has dirty feet, some of this dirt will get all over the boy’s face. This would increase humiliation, and if humiliation is something that pleasures the boy, it is recovered that the girl covers the boy’s face in the dirt. Alternatively, make the boy lick her toes clean while in the humiliation Foot Buster position.

The Sole Buster foot fetish sex position.
Another artist drawing of the Sole Buster foot fetish sex position.
Transitions are powerful keys to pleasure and are used by the girl to force and maneuver the boy into other Footsutra positions.

The Guillotine foot fetish position translates well into the Sole Buster foot fetish foreplay position.

Visit the Guillotine link above to learn more about the Guillotine position. Once the girl has the boy in the Guillotine position, she shifts her arms around his waist and in between the boy’s legs. Next, she moves her feet from his face back to the ground. She stands and lifts the boy between his legs while stepping backward. This moves the boy upside-down and aligns the boy’s head with her feet.

Next, while holding the boy upside-down, the girl sits and places the boy in the Sole Buster position. Once she has the boy upside-down and his legs spread, she moves and adjusts her legs and feet so that her feet are in his face, and his penis is in her hands.

The Sand Trap foot fetish position translates well into the Sole Buster foot fetish position.

The Sand Trap foot fetish position is another great transition into the Sole Buster. It is arguably the easiest position transition to make. Learn more about the Sand Trap by clicking on the link in the above paragraph. Once the girl has the boy in the Sand Trap position, she leans and sits up. She keeps her butt on the ground and moves her upper body upwards.

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